The Vampire Diaries Season 5 Episode 6 Recap and Speculation: Who Is The Augustine Vampire?

Tonight’s episode of The Vampire Diaries included a couple of unexpected alliances. The first was the Silas, Jeremy and Damon one.  The second was the pairing of Elena and Katherine.  Both alliances included some funny but interesting moments that lead us to wonder why these people don’t pair up more often, especially Katherine and Caroline. Those two were giving us everything we ever wanted in  tough female vampires.

The Vampire Diaries Season 5 Episode 6-6

The “Handle With Care” episode of The Vampire Diaries season 5 also had some big revelations. It also started a big mystery that kind of makes us wonder how many twists this show can pull out of their hat. Our guess: infinity and more.


This post contains The Vampire Diaries season 5 episode 6 spoilers. Please stop here if you do not want to know what happened!


Caroline and Katherine

Katherine starts to see some effects of being the cure. Including her hair turning white and losing a tooth. She then goes to Elena’s dorm, where Caroline finds her. Katherine manages to convince Caroline to let help with Dr. Wes.  The two then go to his lab. They tie him up and start to drain his blood so that Care can compel him to get more details on what he knows. He tells them of a secret group.

This group is the one that suspected Caroline and Elena were vampires. Wes also tells them that Elena was being considered for the group. However, now that they know she’s a vampire, she’ll never be included.

Care and Kat look at each other with mischief. They now know Kat can get into the secret society’s party for more information.

Katherine goes to it and meets Aaron. She doesn’t find out much information from him. However, this interaction convinced us that Kat is probably the one in these pictures with him and Caroline.

Later. Caroline finds out that the secret society has their own vampire. The main vampire is the Augustine vampire. That’s the vampire that killed her ex-roommate, Megan.

At the end of the night, Katherine goes to Wes to learn more about the Augustine vampire. She’s hoping the vampire can save her from death.

So who is this Augustine vampire?

Well since we haven’t been introduced to any new vampires, our guess is it’s Aaron or Jesse. Jesse seems unlikely because he just became a vampire. Nevertheless, there could be a twist that reveals that Jesse has been a vampire this whole time.

We’re also not certain that if Aaron is the vampire, that he knows it. Our guess is that if Aaron is the Augustine vampire, he kills without knowledge. That’s why he keeps losing everyone around him. He’ll probably start falling for Katherine pretending to be Elena. Then something will happen to reveal his true identity.

 Damon, Silas and Jeremy

To get Bonnie back,Silas, Damon and Jeremy go to a warehouse in New Jersey. The anchor is hidden there. This plan lasts for about 10 seconds before a jealous Elena ruins it.  Tessa calls Damon and tells him to kill Silas or she’ll kill Elena. Before he can do that, some Travelers arrive and distract him.

Silas finally finds the anchor. Surprise! The anchor is Amara. Tessa never killed her but made her the anchor so Silas could never destroy the other side. Amara and Silas bond for about five seconds until Amara stabs him to drink the cure.  She becomes a human, but a really disorientated/kind of crazy one.

Damon just happens to find her. Now they all must keep her safe until they kill Silas.

Tessa, Elena and Stefan

Elena comes to check up on Stefan and Tessa. She foolishly enters a place she can not leave until sun-down. Silas cursed the cabin to bind them by the sun. Stefan and Tessa flirt in-front of Elena. Elena’s shocked her precious Stefan is being so cruel. But he’s not. Not really. He’s trying to help her escape Tessa, which he does.

Later Tessa arrives in Stefan’s room. She restores all his painful memories.

So in case you lost count. We now have three different versions of Amara running around,  and two of Silas. Now we also have an all powerful Augustine vampire, who is probably a super vampire  who cannot die. Then our precious Katherine now is slowly dying, while no one has found poor Jesse.

Our next theory is that Katherine, by the end of the season, will become the new Augustine vampire.

It’s getting way too complicated for us on The Vampire Diaries season 5.

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