The Originals Season 1 Episode 5 Recap: The Harvest

Tonight’s episode of The Originals showed the story behind how the war between the witches and the vampires began.  We learn some curious things about what was going on 8 months ago in New Orleans.  The New Orleans of 8 months ago was very different from what we imagined. Unlikely people were allies, lovers and actually fun.

The Originals SEason 1 Episode 5-3

This episode of The Originals once again shocked us by adding depth to characters we once thought were one-note. Now in honor of family, the Originals and the witches will do whatever it takes to save and protect their own.

The Harvest

Every couple of centuries, the witches do a harvest  to honor their ancestors and preserve their powers. The Harvest involves offering young witches for the sake of their family. If the Harvest isn’t completed, the witches lose their power. However, during the Harvest, the young girls are slaughtered for their family.

This Harvest doesn’t complete because Marcel comes and stops the ritual. The only girl who manages to survive it is Davina, because he saves her just in time.

Marcel has a similar moment that Klaus had when he saw him. He felt a bond with Davina and therefore a need to protect her. Davina gets all the power of the other witches because of the sacrifice.

Sophie’s Choice

On this episode, we also learn that Sophie wasn’t a fan of being a witch. She was the main person trying to stop the Harvest. She even told Marcel about it, the two used to be lovers. Sophie also tried to stop it by going to the priest Kieran. To stop Kieran’s interference, one of the witches curses his nephew. His nephew was Cami’s twin brother. The one who slaughtered his felow trainees and himself.

Sophie’s true intentions with the Originals is to kill  Davina and bring back her niece.  Like it was supposed to happen during the Harvest.

Interview for a Vampire

Elijah manages to win Davina’s trust. So much so that she lies to Marcel in order to stay with him and learn to control her powers. Elijah is one smooth operation.

Later, when Marcel and Klaus are fighting, Elijah shows up and stops it. He wants to take on Klaus himself.

Elijah is reunited with his family and makes googly eyes at Hayley but she slaps him. You ship it? Because I so ship it.

Then Elijah informs them of Sophie’s real motivates.

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