X Factor USA Season 3 Spoilers: Restless Road – 4 Chair Challenge (VIDEO)

I am not always a fan of the groups the mentors form on The X Factor USA Season 3, but they proved me wrong with Fifth Harmony last season and they might prove me wrong again with Restless Road on The X Factor 2013. The group consists of three solo artists that Simon Cowell thought would work great together and not something seen in the country music world. It was all up to Andrew Scholz, Colton Pack and Zach Beeken to take the bait and try this group thing out on The X Factor USA 2013. They did and you can check out the Restless Road performance on The X Factor Season 3 last night in our The X Factor USA Season 3 spoilers video below!

The X Factor USA Season 3 Spoilers - Restless Road

First of all, look at those guys in that picture! Their looks alone with get them a ton of votes, especially since they are country singers. Country artists always do well on these shows, so Simon Cowell would be stupid if he sent them home tonight and put someone else in their seat!

The guys described themselves as a “country man band” and they knocked it out of the park with their performance of “Somebody Like You” by Keith Urban. They received a standing ovation from the judges and crowd and Simon said he thought this group was going to work, but in order to do that they needed talent and friendship and he saw both last night!

Check out the Restless Road performance and get ready to swoon girls:

Restless Road, The 4-Chair Challenge ~ The X Factor USA 2013 by HumanSlinky

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