Who Went Home On The X Factor USA Season 3 Last Night? Boys

The third night of the Four Chair Challenge on The X Factor Season 3 brought even more excitement and some decision changes from mentor Paulina Rubio before her final four boys were determined for the live shows on The X Factor 2013, so who went home on The X Factor USA Season 3 last night? Find out what Paulina decided to do in our The X Factor USA Season 3 spoilers below!

The X Factor USA Season 3 Spoilers - Al Calderon

We started the night with ten boys and made it down to four last night on The X Factor USA 2013. Paulina found herself with some tough decisions that seemed to upset the judges and the audience. She has the final say, which is why she went back and changed her mind on one of the guys and brought him back and he actually made he final four! She switched him out and then put him back in a chair. Those final four boys are:

  • Carlos Guevara
  • Tim Olstad
  • Carlito Olivero
  • Josh Levi

These are the six guys she sent home on The X Factor USA Season 3 last night:

  • Stone Martin
  • Isaac Tauaefa
  • Chase Goehring
  • Al Calderon
  • Isaiah Alston
  • Timmy Thames

The first four group sang last night for Simon Cowell and all received a chair, but the other six groups take the stage tonight on The X Factor 2013 Season 3 to fight for one of the seats to the live show! When all is said and done tonight, we will have a Top 16 on The X Factor USA Season 3!

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