Project Runway 2013 Live Recap: Episode 12 – Final Challenge

The final challenge on Project Runway 2013 is upon us and the five remaining designers will be creating avant-garde looks inspired by none other than butterflies! Tim Gunn also delivers some news to the designers and something will take place on Project Runway Season 12 which has never taken place in the history of Project Runway! What news is he about to drop on everyone? The judges realized they screwed up and they bring Kate back? I’m pretty sure that has been done before, so won’t be happening! Find out what it is during our Project Runway 2013 Live Recap and see who got eliminated on Project Runway 2013 tonight with us!

Project Runway 2013 Spoilers - Week 12

Last week on Project Runway Season 12, the designers were put to the task of creating their own textiles for the challenge. While most of the designers were loving the challenge, Helen was hating it because she doesn’t work with fabrics and Alexander lost all his sense of being creative after his fight with Ken a couple weeks ago. It showed and Alexander was eliminated with his horrific look he came up with. Kate had a terrible look as well, but she has been in the top most of the season, so she would be fin, right?

Um, no! She was eliminated as well during a double elimination episode on Project Runway 2013. The final five take on the final challenge of Project Runway Season 12 before the runway show at New York Fashion Week. See it all go down in our Live Recap that follows!


Don’t want to know what happened tonight on Project Runway 2013 Live Recap or find out who was eliminated on Project Runway Season 12 tonight? Then don’t read ahead!


Justin thought he would be the designer eliminated last week, as did we, and he is an underdog having never won a challenge. They head out and meet Tim Gunn and Heidi Klum and tell them this challenge determines who is going to Fashion Week! They will head out to a nature center for the next challenge, where they will meet Tim.

The designers meet Tim Gunn at the Butterfly House and he is with Billy B. from L’Oreal. It is the L’Oreal Makeup Challenge and they will create an avant-garde look that is inspired by these butterflies. The designers are excited to get wild with the avant-garde look and they have two days for this challenge.

Justin finds an albino butterfly and he is inspired because it stands as an outsider, which he has dealt with most of his life. Bradon spends the time enjoying the butterflies and not really sketching. The sketching time is done and they head to Mood to shop with a $500 suggested budget. Since this is the last challenge, the designers go crazy with their fabrics and spending since they may have saved early on and every one of them goes over the suggested budget big time on Project Runway 2013!

The designers are back in the workroom and Bradon is spending most of the day making these noodles and he has no idea what his silhouette is even going to be! Is he hurting himself in this competition as Day 1 ends????

Day 2 of the challenge arrives and Tim Gunn comes in with Billy B. and it is time for their makeup consultation for this final challenge on Project Runway Season 12.

Tim now comes in for his critique: he tells Dom as long as it doesn’t look like a crazy, insane costume than it is not too much. He tells Helen she is going to have an exquisite dress covered by this thing and we have yet another breakdown from her and I am sick of all the crying! He likes what Alexandria is doing and it is on the goth side and he is a fan. He thinks the back of Bradon’s look is a thing of sculpture. Tim doesn’t think any of the noodles can be used and it would have been a waste of a day for Bradon, but then he sees it at the waist and he is not a believer. He tells Justin that the textile looks inexpensive, so he switches it up and he likes it much better.

The models come in for their fitting and it seems like all love from the designers for the other looks. Helen is not sure since her critique from Tim and she is going back to what she does best and hope it works. Day 2 ends and Helen thinks she is just giving them a practical evening gown.

It is the day of the runway show and the designers come into the workroom and something is going on, but we can’t see it! Here comes the twist! They walk in and on the wall is all the losing looks from this season! It is not runway day and they have a second challenge to add to it and a “Make It Work” Challenge and they must redo one of the losing looks and make it a winner. They choose their looks and Justin picks the look that eliminated him first before Tim saved him! Good or bad choice?

They now have another day to work on their new looks and their first looks, so here we go. Bradon’s new look is made from placemats, so he is struggling and no clue why he chose this one! Alexandria is having some issues and losing confidence and gets to Skype with some kids from Camp Couture, which help kids learn to sew….how cute!

Runway day again, but for real this time on Project Runway 2013! The designers will each have two models now and they all seem confident with their looks as time runs out and they head to the runway.

It is now time for the runway show on Project Runway 2013 and the judges tonight are Heidi Klum, Zac Posen, Nina Garcia and guest judge tonight is actress Emmy Rossum, here we go:

  • Dom – the avant-garde is crazy, but that is the point. The top is amazing.
  • Alexandria – it is nice, but nothing too crazy for avant-garde
  • Helen – nice dress and again, does not look avant-garde to me
  • Justin – I really like the dress and the coat is nice, but the reveal did it for me
  • Bradon – this is avant-garde to me and it looks really cool
  • Dom – I like the improvements and the jacket pops
  • Alexandria – I like the new jacket, but nothing different with the pants
  • Helen – too plain and nothing big changed with it
  • Justin – he did a good job changing it and getting rid of the foaming vagina
  • Bradon – really liking this change and the leather is there

Heidi said this was one of the best final runway shows they have ever had and they will have some tough decisions to make tonight on Project Runway 2013. For Justin, Heidi said he has done well and he made his old dress sophisticated. Zac said the rework piece is incredibly improved. Emmy said it is a dress she would wear. Nina said the avant-garde dress is the best she has seen from him all season.

For Helen, Heidi is more of a fan of the avant-garde look. Zac likes the rework piece, but the avant-garde look looks like a carrot in a grader. Nina like the rework look and it looks very sleek and polished and the avant-garde is like a pumpkin fest. Emmy loves the rework look and it looks sophisticated.

For Alexandria, Heidi loves the avant-garde look and it is goth and sexy and she could sell so many of those dresses, but does not like the rework look. Emmy does not like the styling on the rework look, but loves the avant-gardge look. Nina loves the rework look and the avant-garde look is like the spider that got stuck in the spiderweb. Zac said he does not find it beautiful and she is very talented, but the looks are not that successful to him.

For Bradon, Nina said they are two spectacular looks and every angle is an interesting angle. Heidi said this makes her so happy and he has created art. She thinks the rework looks very chic today. Zac said he is proud of him today and Lady Gaga would wear is avant-garde look.

For Dom, Nina loves the color and prints of her avant-garde look and she is blown away. Zac said he sees a brand and she knows how to break up prints in a very modern, hip way. Heidi said she loves when they play with volume and she did and it is stunning. Emmy said she wants to wear the coat from the avant-garde look, but Heidi said they may have to fight over it.

Heidi asks the designers why they should go to Fashion Week and who should go with them. Justin would take Bradon and Dom. Dom would take Helen and Justin. Alexandria would take Dom and Justin. Bradon would take Justin and Dom. Helen would take Bradon and Dom. Who do you think deserves to go? No one picks Alexandria and she is upset backstage, but what can they do?

The judges get a closer look at the designs tonight on Project Runway Season 12 and I am not sure where they are headed with this elimination. If it is one designer eliminated, I think it will be Alexandria. If they send home two, then maybe add in Helen?

The designers are back on the runway and here are the results on Project Runway 2013 tonight:

  • Winning Designer: Bradon
  • Safe: Dom

As far as the other three designers, they will all create collections and battle it out to show at Fashion Week with Dom and Bradon! They always do this, but with five designers? That is a new one! They loved the runway show so well tonight, so I guess no one deserved to go home, right?

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