Amazing Race 2013 Spoilers: Sneak Peek At Season 23 Premiere (VIDEO)

We have the return of Phil Keoghan and The Amazing Race 2013 tonight on CBS, which means our Sunday nights are now complete…that is, until Celebrity Apprentice comes back on in the winter! We have 11 new teams trying to make their way around the world in hopes of being the winner of The Amazing Race Season 23 and take home that $1 million prize. Tensions always run high, as the teams are competing in difficult challenges and their relationships are put to the test! Check out a sneak peek at The Amazing Race 23 premiere below in our Amazing Race 2013 spoilers video!

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Amazing Race 2013 Season 23 - Premiere Preview

For the Season 23 premiere, it looks like the 11 new teams on Amazing Race 2013 will be heading to Chile to kick off the first leg of the race. A Road Block has the contestants having to do some flying in the sky and one of the contestants must face their fear of heights!

This is one thing that bothers me about The Amazing Race 2013. Now, I love the show and think it is great. However, why do they always seem to find the people that have some kind of fear and they must face it every season: fear of heights, fear of swimming, fear of some kind of animal. Man up or get off the show!

We will have our Live Recap during the premiere tonight, but check out a sneak peek from tonight’s episode of The Amazing Race Season 23 here:

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