Survivor 2013 Predictions: Episode 2 – Who Goes Home Tonight?

We have another new episode of Survivor 2013 tonight and we get to see the first castaway leave the island on Survivor 2013 Blood vs Water! Yes, we had a Tribal Council last week on Survivor Season 27, but host Jeff Probst announced the return of Redemption Island and we will see the three castaways battle it out to stay on Survivor 2013 Season 27! So, who goes home tonight on Survivor 2013? Check out our thoughts in our Survivor 2013 predictions that follow!

Survivor 2013 Season 27 Spoilers - Episode 2

It was an interesting start to the show last week on Survivor 27, as the ten returning castaways arrived with their loved ones by their side. Quickly each tribe had to vote off one of their members, who would be headed to Redemption Island. Rupert’s wife was voted off, but he chose to save her and went to Redemption Island in her place. Smart move? Not sure, but we will see. Candice was voted off for the returning tribe.

In the game, the newbies (Galang Tribe) lost and went to Tribal Council, who voted off Marissa because her uncle Gervase did a little too much celebrating and gloating at the Immunity Challenge.

Tonight on Survivor 2013 Blood vs Water, we will see Marissa join Rupert and Candice on Redemption Island. They will play their first competition to see who goes home on Survivor 2013. Two of them will survive and one goes home for good. To be honest, I think it is a tough one to call, since we never know what competition the producers will throw at them.

I think Marissa will lose the challenge, based on lack of experience in these challenges, and head home. Candice is strong and Rupert has been saving himself on Redemption Island and not doing much in order to be at full strength during the challenges. I think we will see a Galang Tribe member leave tonight, but what do you think?

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