Who Won Top Chef Masters 2013 Last Night?

The top three chefs of Top Chef Masters 2013 competed last night.  Who won Top Chef Masters Season 5?  Douglas Keane, Bryan Voltaggio, or Jennifer Jasinksi?  


For last night’s Top Chef Masters 2013 Season Finale, the three remaining chefs had to make a four course meal based around the concept: something old, something new, something borrowed, and something sous.  The first three are pretty self explainable, but the dessert course was a little more complicated.  Their sous chefs had their final challenge, determining what their chefs would be making in the finale of Top Chef Masters 2013.  On top of all that, Douglas” sous chef had the least favorite dish, leaving him without any help for the seven hours of prep!

After shopping and prepping for seven hours the chefs prepared for their final Top Chef Masters 2013 challenge and judging.  Picking which chef made the best dishes was clearly a challenge for the Top Chef Masters 2013 judges.  All the chefs dishes were superb so minor mistakes had to be considered.

For judging the only criticism for Douglas was his overcooked duck.  Jennifer’s made a gnocchi dish that was one of the judge’s favorite dishes.  Jennifer’s one misstep was her overly complex dessert.  Bryan’s dishes were almost flawless in the judges eyes.  His third course was a little bit of a meat overload.

After discussing the meals, the judges crowned Douglas Keane the winner of Top Chef Masters 2013.

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