Survivor 2013 Episode 2 Live Recap- The Real Colton

Survivor 2013 premiered last week.  With multiple twists and turns in the first episode, you can already tell Survivor Season 27 is going to be a season to remember!  Find out who will be eliminated on tonight’s Survivor 2013 Blood vs. Water Live Recap.


Last week on Survivor 2013, the past Survivor contestants and their loved ones arrived on the island and found out they would be competing on separate teams.  They also found out Redemption Island was back;  not only is it back, but contestants can choose to switch spots with their loved one!

As soon as the tribes (Galang for the past contestants and Tadhana for the new) were formed somebody had to be voted off.  The new contestants voted off Rupert’s wife Laura and the past contestants voted off Candice.  Before they were sent to Redemption Island, Rupert took his wife’s place which put her on the Tadhana tribe.

In the first Survivor 2013 immunity challenge the Galang tribe won immunity and flint.  Tadhana didn’t like Galang’s over celebration or that they were beating Galang until their puzzle solvers failed them.  In the end, Marissa (Gervase’s loved one) was voted off and sent to Redemption Island on last week’s Survivor Blood vs. Water 2013.

On tonight’s Survivor 2013, the first Survivor Season 27 Redemption Island battle will take place and the real Colton comes out.  Who will be eliminated on tonight’s Survivor 2013?



Marissa headed to Redemption Island and told Rupert and Candice what happened. Marissa was not happy to be voted off, but Rupert was relieved Laura wasn’t joining him on the island.

Now that the newness of the contest has worn off, Colton is ready to get back to his fiancé Caleb.  He wants to get to tribal council and get rid of people as fast as possible.  The real Colton is back on Survivor 2013.  It looks like a zebra can’t change its stripes!

Tadhana’s spirits have lifted since tribal council because they finally have fire.  They may be at ease about the fire, but they are not at ease about being the minority on the tribe.  Rachel knows she is a target so she tried to partner up with John.  Ciera noticed and warned the other women and hopes she can make Jon a target in the future.

Redemption Island:  Before the battle even started, tears started when the competitors saw their loved ones.  Marissa wasn’t happy to be there and let her uncle know he was the reason she was there.  Even though she blamed him, he didn’t take her place in the challenge.

Competitors had to use a pole to weave a spoon through a wire maze that would move if tapped.  The competitors had to stack ten spools.  The last person to finish goes home and the first person to finish can choose a person to get a clue to the immunity idol.

Rupert started off rushing which caused him to start over.  Candice quickly stacked two spools.  Candice and Rupert tied up at seven spools.  The wind picked up causing the maze to wiggle a little more.  Rupert’s eighth spool was a little crooked and didn’t’ hold.  He only had one left and had to start over.  Candice stacked all ten first.  Marissa had one left when Rupert was working on his fifth.  Marissa survived the challenge, sending Rupert home first on tonight’s Survivor 2013.

Candice then got to decide who the immunity idol would go to.  She gave it to her husband John.  Seeing Candice do so well in the challenge relieved John of all the guilt he felt for not taking her spot.  It probably helps that she won him a clue to the idol!

Back at the Tadhana tribe, John started planning who would go home next.  He only wants weak people to go to Redemption Island so Candice can beat them.  He wants to target Rachel, but knows that Tyson would probably switch with her.

Laura was sad to see Rupert gone, but she also felt a sense of relief and felt like a big target was off her back.  Colton was sick of the peaceful summer camp feel of the tribe, so he decided to stir things up. He wants to camp to be chaotic; looks like he is going to accomplish his goal!  He claimed he doesn’t want to come off like he did in his previous season, but he already had attitude with Tina and Kat.  What does he really want on Survivor 2013?

The Galang tribe didn’t want Colton in the game much longer so Tyson, Aras, Tina, Gervase, and Monica formed a new alliance.

Immunity Challenge:  Three members tied together had to push another contestant in a barrel to bags of balls.  Once untied the remaining contestants had to roll the balls up a plank and land them in holes.  The first tribe to complete the challenge would win immunity and fishing equipment.  Galang had an extra player so they chose to have Kat sit out.

Tadhana got to the knots first, but Galang was not far behind.  The tribes stayed even going to the second bag.  Laura helped Galang pull ahead.  Galang finished getting their bags first, but Tadhana pulled ahead in the final barrel leg.  Hayden went first at landing the balls in the holes.  Gervase went for Galang.  Hayden quickly got three balls in the holes, but Gervase caught up and tied the game.  With two left, Gervase pulled ahead and won immunity and fishing gear for Galang.

Back at Galang the girls were feeling a little weary about their lack of numbers.  The guys gathered to discuss which girl to vote off. All the guys wanted to send Rachel home because they wanted Tyson to switch with her and weaken their tribe.  They were all on board with it expect John.  John wants to keep Rachel in the game, which in his mind will keep Candice in the game.  John may have more allegiance to his wife then his tribe on Survivor 2013 Blood vs. Water.  John told Ciera the guys told Rachel to vote for her.  Ciera and Katie were concerned that John had the immunity idol and would save Rachel, in turn sending Ciera home.  They discussed whether or not they should switch their vote to John.  The guys also wondered if John could be trusted.  Will they all switch their votes?

Tribal Council:  Before voting started Jeff Probst asked the women if they were nervous.  They said they were and Hayden didn’t deny that the girls were a target.  The group then talked about how the Redemption Island twist affects their votes.  Will they stick to their plan?

Votes:  John did not play an idol before the votes were read.  John, John, Ciera, Rachel, Rachel, Rachel, Rachel.  The second person voted off Survivor 2013 is Rachel.  She will now have to battle Candice and Marissa at Redemption Island.

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