RHONJ 2013 Episode 17 Recap-Hair We Go Again (Video)

The RHONJ 2013 are moving forward with their businesses and friendships.  At least they were until last week. RHNOJ Season 5 isn’t the season for things to go smoothly!



Last week on RHONJ 2013 Teresa Giudice, Melissa Gorga, and Kathy Wakile all had advances in their careers.  But just when things were looking up, Melissa went out for dinner with her husband Joe Gorga.  The dinner was going well, until they ran into Penny.

Penny has been spreading rumors about Melissa and claiming that she is merely doing what somebody has asked her to do.  When confronted in the past on RHONJ 2013, Penny has avoided telling Melissa who this “person” is and has claimed that she and Teresa are merely acquaintances.

Melissa and Joe asked Penny to cut the crap on last week RHONJ Season 5.  Penny admitted she is friends with Teresa, and Teresa asked her to spread information on Melissa.  Penny also told the Gorga’s that her husband is the one that has been bashing Melissa on Twitter.  Even though Teresa has since told Penny she can stop talking about Melissa, Penny was done taking the wrap for everything.

On tonight’s RHONJ 2013, Teresa will come face to face with Penny.  Let the denial begin!  Don’t miss the heated confrontation with Penny!



Before Melissa left to record her new song on the new RHONJ 2013, Melissa and Joe discussed what they found out about Teresa.  Melissa called Teresa and of course Teresa denied it.  Melissa doesn’t fully believe Penny, but does think Teresa has a part in it.  Melissa wants to let it go but Joe insisted on getting to the bottom of.  He decided he wanted to talk to Penny’s husband.

Teresa and Jacqueline Laurita are in a much better place on RHONJ Season 5.  They even went shopping together on tonight’s RHONJ 2013 episode!  They went to Kim D’s store.  While at the store, Kim D told them she is opening a new store and invited all the women to come, including Penny.  Teresa filled Kim D in on the most recent drama with Penny and claimed she was going to stay calm when she saw Penny at the party.  Yeah right!

Before the party, Jacqueline also had reason to confront Penny and her husband.  Penny’s husband went on Twitter and accused the Laurita’s of faking their son’s autism.  Jacqueline was determined to confront Penny at Kim D’s party and stop the lies.

Before the party, Joe Gorga encouraged Melissa to get to the bottom of rumors.  Penny’s husband knew some very personal information about Melissa so she wonders how he got it.  Melissa believes Teresa started it, but never expected it to get this out of control.

Teresa knew there was going to be a confrontation.  She just hoped her brother and Melissa would remember that they are supposed to do it as a team.

Penny showed up, but not her husband.  The RHONJ were a little disappointed they couldn’t talk to her husband, but they settled for confronting Penny.  Jacqueline stepped up first.  Penny denied that her husband did such a thing but then said she was put up to it.

Melissa and Teresa then asked Penny to speak with them.  They pulled her aside and asked her to clear things up in front of Teresa.  Melissa asked who told her she didn’t visit her father-in-law in the hospital.  Penny said it was Teresa and Teresa denied it.  Most of the RHONJ believe Teresa told Penny to do these things, but now she can’t stop her.  Penny then said at last year’s fashion show Teresa knew Melissa was being set up.  She wanted to destroy Melissa.  Now that cat’s out of the bag and all hell is going to break loose on next week’s RHONJ 2013 Season Finale.

Melissa has been trying to boost her music career on RHONJ 2013.  She went to Orlando to record a song.  Not only did she have to record a song, she had to sing live for a radio station.  Melissa was very nervous about performing live and the possibility that she could be included in a show of 150,000 people if she was successful.

When it was time to practice, Melissa got hit with a lot of information at once.  She has no professional training, so she didn’t know many of the things she needed to.  She knew her voice needed work and often stopped to laugh nervously.  She wasn’t feeling the song and became even more nervous about performing.

On top of the people who normally listen to the radio station the RHONJ also tuned into her performance.  They all seemed to like it; even Teresa had nice things to say!  The performance was hit and Melissa got the deal for the show.

Teresa went to lunch with a friend on tonight’s RHONJ 2013.  She wanted Teresa to talk about Joe’s possible jail time.  Teresa didn’t want to talk about it, but ended up doing it anyways.  Her friend Victoria has gone through it and told Teresa to talk to her kids about it if they are old enough and to stick by her man.

Earlier this season Kathy’s son took the Ferrari for a little spin without permission.  Despite not following the rules, Kathy and her husband decided to get him a new Jeep for his 17th birthday.  After fighting for a lot of the season, Kathy and Rich were able to agree on making their son happy.

It has been a season of new business ventures on RHONJ 2013.  Caroline Manzo’s sons have been working to open a restaurant.  They had a grand opening on tonight’s RHONJ 2013.  When Caroline and Lauren stopped by they criticized the food more than they were hoping.  At least they were honest right? The guys were the most nervous for their dad to try their food.  He had fewer criticisms than Caroline did.  They trust his opinion because he has been in the business for years.  Al told Caroline to stop worrying; her sons will be fine on their own.

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