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  • play

    What show were they voted off? I watch it e very week and didn’t see it. I can’t find it on demand either. Which show was it?

  • play

    Maybe they got a contract or something. They were awesome. It seems like the judges sometimes keeps the worst.

  • Bertha

    AKNU was awesome… Is it possible to find out why these guys didn’t make it through… I have watched their audition about 20x the crowd is roaring & the remarks from the judges & they didn’t make it through… If anyone knows why please let me know!

  • michael

    I can’t believe AKNU was cut from x-factor. OMG. What a mistake. These guys have WAAYYY more talent than half the groups that got through. What happened? SOmething behind the scenes I’ll bet.

    • You always forget about singers throughout the auditions and these guys were great! They always form their own groups and I hate that. They should have sent these guys through.

  • joanne

    I love them AKNU reminds me of Bruno Mars as the VMAs when he did this rendition of Valerie.

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