The X Factor USA Season 3 Spoilers: AKNU Audition (VIDEO)

I love The X Factor USA Season 3 auditions and how they seem to be bringing us some very good talent and I am excited to see the show as it moves on from these audition rounds. I also love when Simon Cowell gets that smirk on his face when a group comes on the stage and he is pleasantly surprised by their audition on The X Factor USA 2013. That happened with AKNU on The X Factor Season 3 last night. Check out the AKNU audition on The X Factor 2013 below in our The X Factor USA Season 3 spoilers below!

The X Factor USA Season 3 Spoilers - AKNU

AKNU, which stands for A Kind Never Understood, is a group of brothers living in Los Angeles. They describe themselves as classic, but they don’t want Simon to think they are old fashioned. They have lived in shelters and in the ghetto while growing up and now they want this to work out and make it all worth it.

For their performance, they sing “Valerie” by Amy Wonehouse and Simon states he hates this song. Their mother’s name is Valerie, so figured this song choice would be good. By the end of their performance, which was beyond amazing and entertaining, Simon was in love with them and the song and found it refreshing!

Check out the AKNU audition on The X Factor 2013 below and make sure to come back tonight for our The X Factor USA Season 3 Live Recap:

AKNU, Los Angeles Auditions ~ The X Factor USA 2013 by HumanSlinky

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  1. What show were they voted off? I watch it e very week and didn’t see it. I can’t find it on demand either. Which show was it?

  2. Maybe they got a contract or something. They were awesome. It seems like the judges sometimes keeps the worst.

  3. AKNU was awesome… Is it possible to find out why these guys didn’t make it through… I have watched their audition about 20x the crowd is roaring & the remarks from the judges & they didn’t make it through… If anyone knows why please let me know!

  4. I can’t believe AKNU was cut from x-factor. OMG. What a mistake. These guys have WAAYYY more talent than half the groups that got through. What happened? SOmething behind the scenes I’ll bet.

  5. I love them AKNU reminds me of Bruno Mars as the VMAs when he did this rendition of Valerie.

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