America’s Got Talent 2013 Spoilers: Finale Results – Winner Is . . .

We’re here for the finale of America’s Got Talent Season 8, but before we find out the winner of AGT 2013, we’ll have to sit through two hours of hopefully incredible performances and predictably painful eliminations on America’s Got Talent 2013. Who of the final six will be eliminated? And who will win $1,000,000 on AGT 2013 and their own show in Las Vegas? I’m sort of rooting for the quirky, geeky comic Taylor Williamson. Who is your pick to win it all on America’s Got Talent 2013? Stay right here as we watch it all unfold tonight during our AGT Season 8 finale live recap!

America's Got Talent - Season 8

Last night’s performances on AGT 2013 were pretty amazing and received mostly rave reviews from the judges. Magician Collins Key continued to blow the judges away with his unbelievable tricks. There’s no denying that Kenichi Ebina‘s creative performances show off his talent. Judge Howie Mandel claimed he should win it all! Of course, he said the same thing about other performances, too. The judges adored Taylor Williamson, while the audience hooted and hollered at his facial expressions. Cami Bradley wooed the judges with her ability to change up songs and make them her own. Country singer Jimmy Rose received positive reviews for his first performance but wasn’t as dynamic on the second one. Finally, Forte finished off the night with praises that they have great harmony and have even made an opera fan out of judge Mel. B on America’s Got Talent 2013.

So who of the final top six acts will win the grand prize on America’s Got Talent Season 8? We’ll soon find out!


 This post contains AGT Season 8 spoilers from our AGT 2013 Live Recap. Please stop reading here if you do not want to see the performances tonight on AGT 2013 Season 8 tonight!


We start the finale of America’s Got Talent 2013 seeing clips of last night’s spectacular performances.  Tonight’s first performance features The Rockettes. They’re lighting up the stage with their colorful garb.

Now we get to see the top six having fun in the Orville Lounge. Man, that looks fun! Give me some of that popcorn! Nice eyeglasses, everyone! Orville-style!

Icona Pop, a Swedish female duo, takes the AGT 2013 stage next with a song that seems to be called “We Could Do This All Night,” because that’s what they keep saying. Wow, they have a lot of dancers with them. Catchy tune!

Next we see behind the scenes with AGT Season 8 judges., including Howie Mandel‘s refusals to shower in “poop water.” Whaaaaat? Heidi Klum had no problem with it. Howard Stern says he has to be in the makeup chair longer than anyone–obviously (his words, not mine). In the Snapple Room, they all make fun of Mel B.’s inability to pronounce “ventriloquist.” Howard, of course, makes fun of Howie’s obsession with Twitter. Is he really losing followers every week? Then there’s the almost-kiss between the guys, and then the Titanic hug. They do all agree about one thing–how much fun they have had with each other this season.

Time for Cami Bradley to perform “Best I Ever Had” with star Gavin DeGraw. They sing beautifully together, both at the piano to start with before getting up and getting peppy! This girl is going to be a star whether she wins America’s Got Talent 2013 or not.

Kenichi then joins the group  Il Divo and Heather Headley  singing “Can You Feel the Love Tonight?” I’m confused, though. Where’s Kenichi? Did he orchestrate the whole thing–or do the lighting? I wanted to see some moves!

Taylor Williamson then joins with James Lipton from “Inside the Actor’s Studio” with some kind of talk show set-up. Taylor answers a bunch of questions, including his favorite curse word, “Dick Cheney.” It’s too late to vote, he says. When asked what he would like to hear when he gets to Heaven, Taylor answered congratulations from God on winning America’s Got Talent 2013. Think he will? We’ll find out in another hour or so!

James Lipton then praises host Nick Cannon for all he does for the show and how he supports the acts. He is the one made to do crazy things for the show. One of his favorite things is watching white people dancing. He loves his job and watching people reach for their dreams. Howard tells Nick that he deserves an Emmy, and he doesn’t like watching white people dance, either.

Before we get to any final results, let’s watch another illusion from Collins Keys–with Kathie Lee and Hoda! Amazing once again! How does he do these things? Magic, he says.

Now for some shots of the judges hanging out with the top six acts. Funny stuff, including Taylor’s flirting with Heidi. We’re an hour in, and no results yet, but we are treated to a performance by Forte and the great Josh Groban! Okay, these guys are good, but I’m not sure they are the caliber of Groban. What do you think? Well, maybe in time. Their harmony is really good as they sing “Brave” with him.

Now it’s a country duo with Jimmy Rose and Dierks Bentley singing “I Hold On.” Dierks says Jimmy is a great guy and is representing country music well.

Now some flashbacks to how the show started this season. Don’t those clips always make America’s Got Talent look so fun? Well, it is a pretty fun show with all its variety. And AGT Season 8 has had some of the best talent ever. My humble opinion.

Still no results, but how about some Earth, Wind, and Fire singing their classic “September”! I’ll take that. They even have a new album coming out: “Now, Then, & Forever.”

Hey, it’s time for some results on AGT 2013! The first act to be eliminated is . . . Cami Bradley. Well, that really surprises me. I thought she might win it all. Oh, well. She will be a star. Great voice! I’ll buy her CD! Nick agrees with Howie that Cami’s dream is not over; he was just reading the teleprompter!

Fifth place now is . . . Collins Keys. He’s so talented, too, only seventeen, and has a great future ahead, don’t you think?

America has voted . . . . The next act to leave the competition is Forte. Hey, they’ll have a future, too, just not in Vegas.

Before we get onto more results, country music entertainer of the year Luke Bryan takes the Radio City stage singing “That’s My Kind of Night.”

Now on to some more results. Let’s do it! Third place goes to Jimmy Rose. He’s a nice guy, a good country singer, and we haven’t seen the last of him, I’ll bet.

Who will win? These are two amazing acts. Kenichi and Taylor. Will a comedian finally win it all on America’s Got Talent Season 8?

And the winter of America’s Got Talent 2013 is . . . Kenichi Ebina! The comedian comes in second place again. Kenichi deserves it, though, huh?

Taylor was funny again, saying that “number two” is a disgusting number.

What do you think about the final results?


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  1. OK, I have been watching this show from the beginning when we had 1 ascerbic Brit and everybody else was basically AMERICAN. Now we have a Japanese citizen (note: not Japanese-American) winning with the help of a British singer and a German model (maintains dual citizenship).

    Not sure how much more of Anybody in the Worlds Got Talent I will be supporting, but I will continue to drink snapple and eat orville redenbacher popcorn which were both created with AMERICAN TALENT.

  2. Thought my heart was going to come out of my chest when that no so funny GEEK Taylor made it to the final Two. My two pick were Forte & Kenichi and thank God Kenichi won even if he’s from Japan. The Howie & Howard ego maniacs need to get off the show and stop encourging the voting! And the watching audience are just plain stupid on the way they vote. MORANS ! I’m done with this show! P off! Maybe not if Hedi & B return. Yumee!
    Oh and 1 million dollars yeah over 40 years with annunity! What a joke !

  3. steve kearney says:

    The real problem with AGT is that the show’s name and its prize–a Vegas show, are at cross-purposes. Some of the acts that are great for TV viewing and ratings don’t translate into suitable Vegas-style shows. The audiences for a prime-time talent/variety program versus a Vegas show are completely different.

    That said, a big reason for Kenichi winning was his show came acrosas well on TV and will work great as a Vegas show. The voters in previous years had pretty much blown it almost every year–mostly voting for traditional solo singers who had next to no chance of delivering a successful Vegas show, competing with the likes of Madonna, Cher, Celine Dion, and coming soon Britney Spears..

    That’s why Howie, who knows Vegas well, was pushing so hard for Kenichi. He may have tipped the scales.
    but does anybody go to Vegas to hear a bare-footed coountry boy yippin away. Kenichi is modern, innovative, hi-tech, fun and has a big heart. It’s clever , magical, and good spectacle. It’s hip, it’s athl;etic.

    Kenichi is world-incclusive, not world-exclusiveVegas gets a lot of Asian tourists and is quite metropolitan ovrall in its clientele. Kenichi’ s show will be a huge success across thesspectrum of Vegas-goers both domestic and from abroad.
    Kenichi is an embodikment of the American Dream—a nation of imostly imigrants where anyone can come and rreach for their goals.

    Kenichi wasn’t the only act on AGT this season that would’ve made a good winner, but he was the best. Others that might translate well to Vegas include finalists Taylor Williamson (comedian) and Collins Key (magician); final !2’s Catapult and the acrobatic jump-roping team from Chicago whose name escapes me now…..

    • If the idea is to find Vegas acts, I think they need to re-think how acts get thru. Chicago rope jumpers and pre-teen ballroom dancers???? Really???? Who is going to pay to go see that for a 2 hour Vegas show???

      Can Kenichi do enough to keep you entertained for TWO HOURS??

      Can Jimmy Rose hold a Vegas show with one original song and a truck load of karaoke?? He doesn’t have any stage presence.

      Can Taylor Williamson hold a Vegas show with 90 seconds of material? Really, John Wing was a better performer, he just got put on the wrong night. He’s a polished performer and could carry a Vegas comedy show.

      There are many tenor acts like Forte that have proven they can fill a two hour show. They will soon be on the same level as Il Divo and The Tenors.

      Collins Key will become more mature and accomplished enough to have a Vegas style act in a few years.

      Cami Bradley is a very unique talent, but she’s still karaoke. If she ever gets her own material to blend with her reworked classics, she could be a Vegas act too.

  4. I was totally disappointed in the show last night and the night before when the finals did their acts. First, I couldn’t believe how the judges were trying to influence the results, especially Howie, and then he showed shock when Forte was eliminated. he went on and on on Tuesday how Kenichi and Taylor had more talent than the singers and what they did was harder. Really Howie? Cami took songs that we all knew and made them different with her arrangements … no one mentioned just how difficult that is and how much talent it takes to do that. Jimmy wrote a song about his coal mining town that is inspirational. How many of us can do that? I really believe that Howie did this for selfish reasons … he yelled that Kanichi would win and he did everything he could to influence the audience. My pick would have been Kami. I loved what she did with old songs and I loved her voice and her wholesome good looks. But the judges were just bad on Tuesday and it just spoiled the show for me

    • IF THE SHOW IS GOING TO BE LIKE THAT we wont be watching. They need to get rid of Howie-its not the Howie show and we were very disappointed with his behaviour. Also in the finals either stand up for all or none and say nothing to manipulate the outcome.

  5. Here’s the thing guys….

    Kenichi -is- American.

    He is what America is all about, talent, innovation, creation, making something from nothing. Does it matter that he’s from Japan? Nope. FYI: I am almost positive he LIVES in America..

    He won Apollo Amateur Night 7 times, and is a 2 time grand champion.

    Also.. guess what, AMERICA voted for him. If you don’t like it, blame yourself, your friends, the people who didn’t vote for the guy you liked. I voted for Taylor and Kenichi, so I’m glad they were the top two. Not to say i didn’t like the rest, but those were -my- two favorite. Forte was really good, and will definitely be big around the world soon enough. Collins Key is young, and will do well with more practice. Cami and that other guy will have careers as singers for several years to come i’m sure.

  6. Not to take anything away from Kenichi, but is the show “America’s Got Talent”, or “Japan’s Got Talent”? Also, what’s up with the judges? Only one is a natural-born American (Howie’s Canadian, Heidi’s German & Mel B is British); and no diversity: overloaded with old wise-guy bald-headed Jews (Howard is that a dead poodle glued to your head?) who just don’t get or like Country at all (and how did they become arbitrators of talent anyway? Howie’s biggest claim to fame was putting a plastic glove over his head & blowing it up so he looked like a chicken & Howard, besides being the quintessential talk show bore, was a big porn promoter). Sorry guys, just don’t like the way you treated my boy Jimmy – AGT needs more Country and less Glam!

  7. Forte would sing to sold-out concerts and be greatly appreciated in Japan. In a country of really good singers, there is no group like them at all. Also , Kenichi is unique and in a league of his own. I have recently returned to the U.S. after living in Japan for 25 years; in that time, I never saw any other similar talent that came even close. He was humble, and quite brilliant— must of had a U.S. work visa to compete in AGT. Lack of one is probably what happened to the original Korean member of Forte.

  8. I don’t think the comment’s racist but I do disagree. The American Dream is supposed to be pulling yourself up by your bootstraps, defying all the odds, and making a success of yourself. Kenichi is living the American Dream. He’s come over as an immigrant with dreams of making it big and despite all the competition, he won. I think he’s an absolutely deserving winner, was able to bring a different angle every night and did some amazing things.

  9. I love America’s Got Talent but when did Japan become America? KENICHIWA???? is from Japan and still has family there and now they will be living in Vegas on our dime? Is he even an “AMERICAN”????????? Can’t we make this show truly “AMERICA’S GOT TALENT”? So disappointed that “Forte” didn’t win.

  10. Agree with Pam, it”s called “America’s Got Talent”! Can’t speak the language, you’re NOT American! Don’t know what was so entertaining about the asian guy, anybody that could dance & had some computer knowledge can do what he did. His performances were a bit boring, I thought. Too much judges influence, like the show, but not sure anymore.

  11. The Fix Was In… Big Time.
    Howie and Howard Should not be allowed to Come Back Next Year because they were Telling The Audience Who To Vote Last Night…
    Taylor Should have Been The First One Sent Home…No Talent at all…
    It was Not The Best Show You Ever Had…The Fix was So Obvious.
    At Least the One With Talent Did Win…

  12. oneupsetfan says:

    I can’t believe that Taylor was a better act than Collins Keys!!! A performance that is entertaining and talented as Collins was, in no way can be considered less than a comedian! I am very disappointed in the way this ended.

  13. I’m a huge Forte fun. It’s unfortunate they lost but I predict they have a larger opportunity not only in USA but around the world. Good luck guys! Love you all. You are the best! Please stay together.

  14. I was very disappointed in this season of AMERICAS GOT TALENT….yeah, loaded with talent, but the judges were telling voters WHO to vote for…at least greatly influencing them ! Is that right? Also, I am beginning to question the name of the show……AMERICA’s Got talent……then why are there so many non-Americans entering and in this case (I could be wrong) winning. Also, seems like way too much time is spent spot lighting the judges and Nick….who cares ….they are NOT the talent most of us want to see. We want to see the unsung, the raw and the brand new ! Otherwise the hour is a waste of time. I probably will not watch the show at all next season…..HUGE disappointment and too much hallabaloo about nothing this year !

    • Pam- That’s a pretty racist thing to say Pam. All you care about is if the person is American (am you probably mean white) or not. Kenichi Ebina was the best of them all by far! On all of his performances he got a standing ovation by yhe audience! He did things which didn’t seem possible by a human and you would only see on movies like the Matrix! He put in alot of work making special effects on his presentation. You need to put your racism away and look at the talent!!!!!

      • I don’t think what she was saying was racist. I think what she was referring to is that as talented as Kenichi may have been…..the name of the show is “America’s Got Talent” not Japan’s Got Talent. I am sure that he could have competed in Japan. Could it be that compared to the other talent in his own country, Kenichi couldn’t win in Japan ? I think if this is supposed to be an American contest….the winner should be an American citizen….

    • Uncalled For Name says:

      ***This comment should have been deleted, but wanted to let you know we don’t call each other names on this site. Make fun of the show and the judges, but not each other with the names used in this comment.

    • In all honesty, American or not, Kenichi HAS a talent…as do Taylor and Collins. Not to put down the singers or dancers that performed but should they not audition for American Idol or So You Think You Can Dance? Personally, I think America’s Got Talent should be for just that….talent…something unique besides singing and dancing.

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