Survivor 2013 Blood vs. Water Premiere Live Recap

The anticipation is over!  Survivor Blood vs. Water premieres tonight.  Find out who can handle competing with and against their loved ones and who gets eliminated on tonight’s Survivor Blood vs. Water Live Recap.


Here is a list of returning Survivor contestants and loved ones you can expect to see on Survivor 2013:

Tyson Apostol- returning from Survivor Tocantins and Heroes vs. Villains with his girlfriend Rachel.

Tina Wesson- returning from Survivor Australian Outback and All-Stars with her daughter Katie.

Rupert Boneha- returning from Survivor Pearl Islands, All-Stars and Heroes Vs. Villains with his wife Laura.

Colton Cumbie- returning from Survivor One World with his fiancé Caleb.

Aras Baskauskas- returning from Survivor Panama–Exile Island with his brother Vytas.

Monica Culpepper- returning from Survivor One World with her husband Brad.

Gervase Peterson- returning from Survivor Borneo with his niece Marissa.

Laura Morett- returning from Survivor Samoa with her daughter Clera.

Kat Edorsson- returning from Survivor One World with her boyfriend/former Big Brother winner Hayden.

Candice Cody- returning from Survivor Cook Islands and Heroes vs. Villains with her husband John.



Survivor Blood vs Water started by dropping the contestants off in ten different locations all around the island.  The pairs consisted of one past Survivor contestant and their loved one.  What the pairs don’t know is that instead of competing together, they will be competing against each other!

Colton’s return was controversial because of his abrupt departure on his previous season; Rupert has played three times but never one; Gervase is from the original Survivor; and Tina plans on winning for a second time.  Everybody started out with high hopes on the Survivor Blood vs Water 2013 premiere, but how long will it last?

After being dropped off in the jungle, the contestants found out they were on their own for the night.  No food, no shelter; only each other.

The next morning Jeff Probst gathered the Survivor Season 27 contestants and announced that they would be competing against their loved ones.  Over half of the contestants confessed they were happy to be competing against their ones.  Brad admitted it would be hard for him to win necessities knowing his wife wouldn’t get them.  The confession earned him a lot of evil looks.  The others might be worried he will sabotage challenges to better his wife.

If that wasn’t enough, Jeff announced the tribes had to vote a member out right after handing out their buffs.  The new contestants (Galang Tribe) voted off Rupert’s loved one Laura.  She obviously posted a major threat to them just because she is Rupert’s wife.  The returning tribe (Tadhana tribe) voted off Candice.  After Laura and Candice were voted off Jeff revealed redemption island is back!

Before they headed to the island, Jeff asked if Rupert or John would like to take their spots on Redemption Island.  Rupert took his wife’s spot, putting her on his team.  Candice was confident she could win the challenge so John did not take her place on Redemption Island.

Back at the Galang tribe, the tribe was a little disappointed to have Laura on their team and not Rupert.  Being the rookie on a team of Survivor “experts” was a little intimidating for Laura and she felt the need to prove herself.  After struggling to open a coconut, she helped build a shelter.  The tribe immediately started a fire to boil water and rice.

Laura decided to have a heart to heart with Colton because she has played the game with him before and got stabbed in the back by him.  He was a very vindictive player on his past season.  Will he be any different on Survivor Blood vs. Water?

The Tadhana tribe may not have Survivor experience, but they did gain enough knowledge from their loved ones experiences to build a shelter.  Brad didn’t start off on a great foot, so he made sure to let his tribe know he will give it his all in the challenges.  After clearing things up with the tribe, Brad made a five person alliance with all the guys on the tribe.  Most of the guys seemed up for it, but Caleb seemed skeptical of the idea.  The alliance plans on weeding out the women on the tribe one at a time.  If only it were that easy!

The Tadhana tribe bonded further when Ciera opened up that she was a teen mom and Vytas was a drug addict and spent a year in prison.  Vytas hoped that opening up about his past would make it easier the others to trust him.

During the first night as a Galang tribe on Survivor Season 27, Colton also opened up.  He admitted his first time around he played the game was because of insecurities.  His insecurities come from his daily battles of acceptance.

On Redemption Island Rupert and Candice prepared for their upcoming challenge.  Rupert seemed to be enjoying his stay; probably because he let Candice take on all the work.  Rupert’s strategy was to preserve his energy like he has in the past.

On day three the Survivor 2013 Blood vs. Water tribes got their first tree mail announcing their challenge.  Both tribes strategy was to figure out which tribe member from the tribe would be doing each leg of the challenge.

Immunity Challenge: Tribes had to have six members swim out to an obstacle course to a boat, untie aa series of knot to get a boat, paddle the boat back, and solve a puzzle that would allow them to crank a flag to the top of a pole.  The tribe to finish first would win immunity and flint.  Tadhana needs that flint; they lied and said they have fire, but they really don’t!

Tadhana showed a lot of teamwork.  Galang had a quick lead but Gervase slowed them down.  Tadhana pulled into the lead while Galang fell farther and farther behind.  Aras helped Gervase as much as he could; they couldn’t move onto the next phase until all the contestants were present.  Tadhana started paddling first and Galang couldn’t paddle their boat in the right direction.  Do they really know what they are doing?

Tadhana got to the beach first and began working on their puzzle while the returning players paddled in every direction except the correct one.  Three members on each tribe worked on the puzzle.  Galang finally got it together; the women were able to catch up to the Tadhana during the puzzle portion and pull ahead.  Galang won immunity and fire.  Tadhana had to go back to camp without the much needed piece of flint.    The Galang win was bittersweet.  They won, but sent their ones to tribal council.

Back at the Tadhana camb the puzzle people were a little nervous about going home.  Marissa thought their loved ones went a little overboard with their celebrating and hoped her team didn’t associate her uncle Gervase’s weakness with her.

The guys quickly went to work making a plan for tribal council.  Brad contemplated targeting Marissa based on Gervase’s over celebration and Katie because of her poor puzzle skills.  Vytas decided to play both sides and told the women who the guys planned on targeting.

Tribal Council:  Jeff asked Hayden what was the toughest part of Survivor Season 27 so far.  Hayden said it was fire; now Jeff knows they lied about having fire.  The tribe is struggling without fire because it means no water and no food.  Jeff then asked John if he regrets not taking his wife’s place on Redemption Island.  He broke down because he feels like he might have let Candice down.  The group then admitted that their loved ones actions put them at risk.  This made Marissa very nervous about her uncle’s reaction to winning.

Votes:  Katie, Marissa, Marissa, Marissa, Marissa, Marissa.  Marissa was voted off on tonight’s Survivor Blood vs Water.  She will now go to Redemption Island for her chance to get back into the game.

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  1. Why is it that they insist on bringing back people that have already played before. Especially if they’ve won money before. I’m sure there’s no shortage of people wanting to be on Survivor.

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