Project Runway 2013 Recap: Episode 9 – Belk Challenge

We don’t have Lord & Taylor on Project Runway 2013, but the new partnership is with Belk and we have the Belk accessory wall and tonight the designers will be creating looks for the Belk woman and the winning designer tonight on Project Runway Season 12 will have their look sold at Belk stores and online! This should be an interesting challenge, with so much on the line for winning. Come watch it with us during our Project Runway 2013 Recap and see who got eliminated on Project Runway 2013 tonight!

Project Runway 2013 - Episode 9

We saw the designers work with Heidi Klum last week on Project Runway Season 12, as they created looks for her line with New Balance. Activewear is always difficult because most of the designers don’t work with it normally and now they are forced to. It was a tough week for Karen, who had to create a whole new look after her critique from Heidi and Tim Gunn. She put a look down the runway, but not good enough and she was sent home.

Tonight we get to see the designers work with Belk and create a look for the Southern woman/Belk shopper and then those same Belk shoppers get to buy the winning look on Project Runway 2013! See it all go down in our recap below!


Don’t want to know what happened tonight on Project Runway 2013 Recap or find out who was eliminated on Project Runway Season 12 tonight? Then don’t read ahead!


Ken knows he has been in the bottom more than the top, so he has his guard up and watching who he speaks with! The designers head to the runway and meet Heidi Klum. She tells them they are getting the morning off and will enjoy a Southern-style brunch, but the designers know something is going to happen with this and no one gets a morning off on Project Runway 2013.

The designers are enjoying their brunch and keep wondering about some kind of twist. Tim Gunn comes in and tells them they will be designing for the modern, Southern woman and she is a Belk customer! Ken feels good about this since he is from the South. Tim gives them details on what the women want to wear. Helen feels this is completely out of her comfort zone. They can create a day or evening look and have one day for the challenge and suggested budget of $200-250.

The designers do some sketching and Alexander never dresses like a Southern woman, so not sure! Dom wants to use blue like the water. Jeremy is trying to figure out how to make his look not so much mother of the bride! Okay, so Ken is from the south and won’t give any details, yet he went off on Helen for not revealing info she got from Tim last week??? Karma is a bitch, Ken! Watch yourself.

They head to Mood and Bradon is looking for the perfect plaid. Everyone is getting the fabric that Ken wants, so he goes with a purple to fit all skin tones. Alexander goes with the plaid as well. Bradon finds his plaid, but it seems like everyone is using plaid and the same colors. Alexander and Bradon have similar plaid and will we have the pants fiasco again???

We are back in the workroom on Project Runway Season 12 and Tim comes in with John Thomas from Belk to inform them the winning look is going to be sold in Belk stores and online! The designers are very excited about this new twist!

Alexandria is not sure what she is doing and this is not her clientele. Dom and Ken talk and think this plaid is so stereotypical and not how Southern women dress!

Tim comes in for his critique: he tells Alexander his look is a cocktail dress and go with it; he loves Bradon’s look, but Bradon is worried about what the judges will think; he is worried about the color combination for Justin and it is very Halloween; he loves the color for Ken; he tells Jeremy to be fresh and inventive with the dress like he is with the jacket; he questions is Dom’s dress may be under-designed; he tells Alexandria that it is reading very Bohemian and not good for a Southern woman and tells her it is hideous and she could go home! She is a hot mess and goes all over the place!

The models come in for their fitting and do any of them have anything done for them to try on??? Ken then chats with his Mom and knows he has to work on his attitude, but he is trying….ugh. The night comes to an end and most of them have way too much to do. This is going to be an interesting morning!

It is runway day and the designers are in the workroom to finish up their looks. Ken is feeling very confident with this challenge on Project Runway 2013. Dom is just trying to finish her dress and Kate loves the dress on her model. Alexandria is going to accessorize the heck out of her model and Belk her out! Bradon feels like Jeremy’s look is too old. Dom is sewing up her dress and the hem as time runs out! All the designers are rushing and dressing models as they walk out the door!

Time for the runway show on Project Runway Season 12 and the judges tonight are Heidi Klum, Zac Posen, Nina Garcia and guest judges tonight are Stacy Keibler and John Thomas. Let’s get it started:

  • Ken – the color is very nice, but it is nothing special and not fitted very well, but he feels he is in the top
  • Helen – the pattern is not very flattering, but the dress is nice
  • Justin – nice color and the dress is nice and I like the bottom of it
  • Alexander – lots of plaid and it is just hanging there
  • Alexandria – dress is so plain and looks like a tablecloth, yet again
  • Bradon – more plaid and another tablecloth, but I like the top
  • Dom – I like the colors and it is a nice dress, but it needs a belt or something in the middle
  • Jeremy – the pattern is weird and it does look like an old lady walking down the runway
  • Kate – this is a Kate dress and it is cute and short

Heidi asks Helen, Alexandria and Justin to step forward and they are safe tonight on Project Runway 2013. Helen is not happy she is only safe, but at least you are safe! The other designers have the high and low scores tonight! For Bradon, Heidi thinks it is beautiful and would love to rock this dress. Zac said it felt fresh and modern and very Southern. Nina said he chose a very expected fabric and made it unexpected. Stacy loves the dress and how it moved. For Jeremy, Heidi said we all agree it does not look very modern. Zac said it looks like a casino jacket. Stacy said it does not seem very hip and the length is bad. Nina said she can’t get past the print. John said this look missed the mark.

For Ken, Zac said he chose a great color, but he is not that interested in the dress. Heidi said it is very unflattering. Nina said it is a very safe design. Stacy said she is just not excited about the dress. John said he has seen this dress before. He gets angry, but holds it in! For Kate, Stacy loves the color. Nina said she picked a wonderful print and it would have hanger appeal. Heidi said she is not a fan and she looks pregnant. Zac said he would be happy seeing a woman wearing this. John thinks the execution is great and something they could sell.

For Dom, Heidi said it is not fashion-forward. Nina hates the color and there is so much she could have done and this was her challenge. Zac needs to see what umph she has as a designers. For Alexander, Zac said it is beautifully made. Heidi thinks she looks sexy and it is a fun dress. John thinks it is a beautiful pattern and something he hasn’t seen before. Nina said it has nice movement to it.

I thought we were going to have a blowup from Ken in the backroom, but nothing…I am disappointed. The judges get a closer look at the designs from tonight. It looks like Bradon may win, but for the bottom three it looks like Heidi wants to explain the customer and have them redo their looks?

The designers are back on the runway and yes, Bradon is the winner tonight on Project Runway 2013! Alexander and Kate are safe. They tell the bottom three didn’t understand the challenge and are giving them some more time. They have one more hour and can use one designer to help them and can use any fabric in the workroom!

Dom picks Helen, Jeremy picks Alexander and Ken picks Kate (a good pick by Ken). How come no one picks Bradon, the winner of the challenge? Jeremy and Alexander are completely changing it up and making a new look to make it look younger. Ken and Kate are making it shorter and giving her a waist and Dom is adding print to her look. The designers are rushing around to get their looks changed or redone completely! Ken has made a super short dress and that could hurt him. The other two made new dresses, so Ken feels he is safe because of that. I don’t think so Ken!

Runway time again:

  • Ken – better, but way too short and is she working a corner in the South?
  • Dom – good pattern and the dress flows nicely
  • Jeremy – he does come up with a different look, but is it too plain?

For Jeremy, Zac said it is not the most interesting, but it is pretty. Stacy said it is younger and hipper. John likes the mix of the prints. For Dom, Heidi said she loves this dress and she would buy it and it is modern. Zac said if this would have gone down the runway at first, it would have been in the top. Nina said it is edgy, yet easy. Stacy said it is classy. John said this is a great coming and going dress. For Ken, Nina said she looks sexier and cooler and 100% improvement. Joh said it is more modern. Heidi said he went a little short, but it looks forced on the top, but definitely better and more modern. Zac said it is so much improved.

The judges discuss the new looks and it is going to be a battle between Jeremy and Ken on who is going home. Jeremy was simple, but Ken still had issues with his look. Back on the runway and Dom is safe. John Thomas said that she was the comeback kid and they want to distribute and sell her dress at Belk stores! How fun for her! Jeremy is out (dang it) and Ken is safe….ugh!

What do you think of the judges’ choices tonight on Project Runway 2013?

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  1. I am a modern southern woman and I would not wear any of that crap. I dress just like the “cool” people from the north. This was a stupid challenge. Almost discriminating. Can’t wait for the modern northern woman challenge. I have watched project runway for years and will probably not watch after this season. So disappointed with the whole season.

  2. Richard Hunt says:

    Ken creates a hostile environment and a lot of tension among the contestants that should not be allowed. He’s a young punk with a big problem. His grandiosity attitude would never be tolerated in the real workplace. He needs to grow up and stop running to mommy every time things don’t go his way. At best his designs are mediocre and repetitious. Project Runway can do much better.

  3. Eva Chrisner says:

    I totally agree with the rest of you. I have lived in the south my whole life and I wouldn’t be caught dead in that purple thing that Ken designed unless I was planning to spend some time on the corner trying to pick up some extra cash. On the other hand, Jeremy’s dress was perfect for the hot, steamy weather in the south. It was just a nice, loose little shift with a beautiful pattern running on the diagonal. It looked both beautiful and comfortable. I would have bought it. Jeremy should have been given another chance instead of Ken, who has been in the bottom two almost every week. I would think that would say something about his design skill and yet he continues to skate by. I hope he goes home next week. I’ll have to admit that I don’t care for his personality and think it will definetly hinder him in business.

  4. Not being a regular viewer I watched last night because a neighbor called to say that they are designing for a specific woman rather than just designing from gum wrappers or yogurt cups. Since I personally know three women from the South born and raised and two still living in New Orleans and Atlanta I can say in all honesty, none of the three would be seen dead in that purple outfit that simply screamed super slut. However, they would wear the dress with jacket that was eliminated. Time spent watching this phony show is wasted, but it will not happen again in this house. Lastly, the black male designer is a petulant child with a huge chip on his shoulder. I predict no success in fashion for him.

  5. So ridiculous that Jeremy was send home when he has not been in the bottom nearly as much as Ken has !!! So unfair !!!

  6. What a wrong decision to send Jeremy home!!!!
    he is always positive, make better clothes .
    Wrong decision judges

    • Bobbi Lynne Coleman says:

      I totally agree. How many times is Ken going to scathe by. He so does not belong there anymore

      • I was watching Ken, (Mister Snipe) and he had the most nastiest look on his face. I think he is a spawn of the devil. His dress was dreadful, even after he “re-did” it. Why do they keep him, he is so bitter when he doesn’t win, and he never will, he has no talent in the first place. Wish Tim could bring Jeremy back, he was a very nice man and had talent.

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