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  • Gin D

    I am a modern southern woman and I would not wear any of that crap. I dress just like the “cool” people from the north. This was a stupid challenge. Almost discriminating. Can’t wait for the modern northern woman challenge. I have watched project runway for years and will probably not watch after this season. So disappointed with the whole season.

  • Richard Hunt

    Ken creates a hostile environment and a lot of tension among the contestants that should not be allowed. He’s a young punk with a big problem. His grandiosity attitude would never be tolerated in the real workplace. He needs to grow up and stop running to mommy every time things don’t go his way. At best his designs are mediocre and repetitious. Project Runway can do much better.

  • Eva Chrisner

    I totally agree with the rest of you. I have lived in the south my whole life and I wouldn’t be caught dead in that purple thing that Ken designed unless I was planning to spend some time on the corner trying to pick up some extra cash. On the other hand, Jeremy’s dress was perfect for the hot, steamy weather in the south. It was just a nice, loose little shift with a beautiful pattern running on the diagonal. It looked both beautiful and comfortable. I would have bought it. Jeremy should have been given another chance instead of Ken, who has been in the bottom two almost every week. I would think that would say something about his design skill and yet he continues to skate by. I hope he goes home next week. I’ll have to admit that I don’t care for his personality and think it will definetly hinder him in business.

  • Swissik

    Not being a regular viewer I watched last night because a neighbor called to say that they are designing for a specific woman rather than just designing from gum wrappers or yogurt cups. Since I personally know three women from the South born and raised and two still living in New Orleans and Atlanta I can say in all honesty, none of the three would be seen dead in that purple outfit that simply screamed super slut. However, they would wear the dress with jacket that was eliminated. Time spent watching this phony show is wasted, but it will not happen again in this house. Lastly, the black male designer is a petulant child with a huge chip on his shoulder. I predict no success in fashion for him.

  • Terry

    So ridiculous that Jeremy was send home when he has not been in the bottom nearly as much as Ken has !!! So unfair !!!

  • Millie

    What a wrong decision to send Jeremy home!!!!
    he is always positive, make better clothes .
    Wrong decision judges

    • Bobbi Lynne Coleman

      I totally agree. How many times is Ken going to scathe by. He so does not belong there anymore

      • I was watching Ken, (Mister Snipe) and he had the most nastiest look on his face. I think he is a spawn of the devil. His dress was dreadful, even after he “re-did” it. Why do they keep him, he is so bitter when he doesn’t win, and he never will, he has no talent in the first place. Wish Tim could bring Jeremy back, he was a very nice man and had talent.

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