Who Won MasterChef 2013 Season 4 Last Night?

Things came to an end in the MasterChef Season 4 kitchen last night, as Luca and Natasha battled each other in the MasterChef 2013 finale and a chance at winning $250,000 and a cookbook deal, but who won MasterChef 2013 Season 4 last night? Get your MasterChef 2013 spoilers below!

MasterChef Season 4 Winner

Here is how it worked last night on Master Chef 2013: the two home cooks had to create a three-course meal for the judges. They would be judged after each course and then head back to start working on their new dish. Of course, after three dishes were completed, the judges were torn and even considered it to be a draw between Natasha and Luca. You know things can’t end that way though, so they had to make a decision.

Their decision: crowning Luca the winner of MasterChef Season 4! I was rooting for him, but I thought Natasha was going to take home the crown this season. Luca auditioned for MasterChef Season 3 and never made it past the audition rounds! He came back stronger the following season and now he is the winner of $250,000 and a cookbook deal on the way!

Do you agree with the judges’ choice last night on Master Chef Season 4?

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  1. Yay Luca.! Natasha was arrogant and I couldn’t be more pleased that she LOST. Luca cooked with his heart, had ups and downs throughout the series, but made it to the top like a true champ. PLUS, I just love his accent

  2. tiana robinsn says:

    why dont yall say the winner

    • How did we not?

      “Luca auditioned for MasterChef Season 3 and never made it past the audition rounds! He came back stronger the following season and now he is the winner of $250,000 and a cookbook deal on the way!”

  3. The whole series is so predictable…really not a very good cooking show at all, and more of a reality show based on personalities! BUT! If you want to see a terrific competition with REAL chefs and stunning dishes, check out BBC’s Master Chef Professionals. Not a lot of drawn out drama, just real talent.

  4. Very disappointed with the finale. Natasha should have won. She has always been a strong, consistent well rounded competitor. Her dishes looked better. Natasha had better reviews on her appetizer and dessert. 2 out of 3 should have seen her crowned the winner.

  5. You bet, I most def know judges made the right decision. Luca won with his food and not by playing mind games and putting other chefs down. I find it amusing how last year he totally missed the mark and came back to win it this year. His dishes looked much better than Natasha’s did. While she liked to bully other chefs, he shared ingredients with them. To me he truly deserved to win this. He’s not only a great chef but he is great person as well.

    • Karen Budak says:

      Master Chef has done it again! How can you eliminate a player and invite him or her back and ultimately let them win over someone that was never eliminated. I frickin don’t get it and wish they would either quit that part of the show or get off the air. It’s so unfair that Natasha did not get the grand prize because she made it to that point with no eliminations! That chick was so good at everything she did and here you guys just as well told her she was not better then Lucca….. WRONG! Ready to put you guys on the back burner!

      • How did they eliminate a player and bring them back and let them win? Luca auditioned for Season 3 and didn’t make it. He came back for Season 4 and made it through and won.

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