MasterChef 2013 Season 4 Finale: Live Recap – The Winner Is…

Last week on MasterChef season 4 we learned who will be competing tonight in the season finale for the grand prize of $250,000, a published cookbook and the title of MasterChef! Last week we watched as the final four on MasterChef 2013 was cut to the two finalists. Who are the finalists you ask? Check out my MasterChef season 4 live recap right here to find out and make sure you stick around to find out who won MasterChef Season 4!MasterChef 2013 Season 4 FinaleTonight we watch as the final two home cooks battle it out to win the grand prize on MasterChef season 4 and as excited as I am to find out, I am a little sad that the season had gone by so quickly! Who will the winner be this season on MasterChef 2013? Will it be Luca, who went into his audition with something to prove after not making it past his audition for season 3? Or will it be Natasha, the stay at home mom who has been a front runner this entire competition? I guess you will have to stick around and find out!

Are you ready to find out who will win MasterChef Season 4? I know I am, tonight’s finale starts off with some introductions and some back stories on out final two. We also get to see all of the past competitors in the gallery, their loved ones are there as well but the biggest surprise is to Luca, they flew in his father and sister from Italy to cheer him on!

What is tonight’s challenge? The two home cooks will have to cook a three course meal, they will be cooking an appetizer, entrée and dessert to be served to the judges in the MasterChef season 4 restaurant. They get ten minutes in the pantry to pick out everything they need for their appetizers! Natasha is making pan-seared scallops and Luca is doing pan-seared duck liver with a toasted French bread!

There is some back and forth between Natasha and Krissi when Krissi is asked how Natasha’s dish looks. Natasha had a very simple comeback, “I’m in the thunder dome and you’re not!” Natasha’s appetizer looks more like an appetizer, its light and the portions are right. Luca’s looks a little heavy and the portions are a bit big for an appetizer.

Natasha is first to present her dish to the judges, Joe Bastianich said that this is a dish that an experienced chef would never attempt, but it works. Gordon Ramsay and Graham Elliot think that the scallops are cooked perfectly and the flavors of the purees work really well together. She set the bar really high for Luca!

Luca’s dish looks amazing and according to Ramsay it smells great and it is a very bold effort but it needed another 90 seconds in the oven. Graham says that the flavors all go really well together but it is really rich. Joe thinks that it does really well at riding between savory and sweet and it is a masterpiece!

Now the chefs need to clear their stations and get ready for the entrees, what will they be making? Natasha is doing a monkfish with a curry sauce and jasmine infused rice. Luca is doing short ribs in the pressure cooker, this is a challenge in its own because you can’t look at what’s in the pot because you will release the pressure.

The entrée round is over and presentation wise, I think that Natasha’s is cleaner but I would rather eat Luca’s dish. Ramsay think that the color of Natasha’s fish is amazing, Elliot thinks that the sear on it is nice, but it is too spicey. Joe thinks that the heat is balanced well and Gordon says that this is a difficult dish to get right.

Luca’s braised short ribs look amazing, we just hope that they are cooked perfectly or are they are too tough to eat? I guess we will find out after the commercial break! They are cooked perfectly, they are falling apart at the touch of a fork! Ramsay said that this is a dish he would request for his last supper, Joe says when he is done with this he isn’t thinking about dessert, he’s thinking about making his next reservation at Luca’s restaurant!

Now time for dessert, what will these cooks have to offer for a finishing dish? Luca is making a panna cotta, Natasha is making two panna cottas. In the words of Joe Bastianich, this is a panna cotta showdown! Luca should not be using tomatoes in his panna cotta, he also shouldn’t have forgotten to strain it! Could this send him home?

Luca rushes to make a new one, Natasha has her panna cottas in the chiller. Luca finally gets his into the chiller, but will they have time to set? When Natasha takes hers out of the chiller, only the coconut one set, the lime one did not come out right, so she scraped it. Natasha’s is the first up in front of the judges.

Gordon ended up taking some off of Graham’s plate, there wasn’t enough for him apparently. Joe thinks that it may have been too simple, Gordon and Graham thought it was great and it came together very well with the passion fruit. Luca is up and Gordon thinks that the texture is amazing and the flavors shouldn’t work, but they do!

The panna cotta is more savory, but the tomato jam made it come together and balanced off really well. Joe thinks that it is more intellectually stimulating then palate stimulating, but that isn’t always a bad thing either. Gordon even mentions that this may be too close to call and they may have to consider a draw! They can’t do that to us! Who won MasterChef Season 4?

We are about to find out who won MasterChef season 4! I’m so excited to find out who will be crowned MasterChef, who will be $250,000 richer and who will have their own cookbook! The winner is Luca Manfe! After failing to make it past the auditions in season 3, he came back and won it all on MasterChef season 4!

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