Project Runway 2013 Recap: Episode 7 – Shocking Elimination!

Lifetime is giving this episode of Project Runway 2013 tonight a lot of hype and is telling us to prepare ourselves for a shocking elimination on Project Runway Season 12, but will it actually happen? I am not sure, but I think it will be a double elimination on Project Runway 2013 tonight, especially after no designers went home last week. What do you think? Come watch with us and see who went home on Project Runway 2013 tonight during our Project Runway 2013 Recap!

Project Runway 2013 - Episode 7

Last week on Project Runway Season 12, the designers were sent out to the woods to get some inspiration for their next looks. While it seemed like it would be dramatic, the designers were glamping (luxury camping) and were happy to get some time away to relax. The looks turned out very well from the nature inspiration. However, Justin struggled with the design and trying to step out of his comfort zone. He was sent home by the judges, but Tim Gunn used his save and Justin remains on the show!

Since the save was used, should we expect a double elimination tonight on Project Runway 2013? It could happen, but only after the designers use shoes to help inspire them for their looks tonight. See it go down in our recap that follows!


Don’t want to know what happened tonight on Project Runway 2013 Recap or find out who was eliminated on Project Runway Season 12 tonight? Then don’t read ahead!


Justin is thrilled to be here and has the passion. The other designers are all happy for him, but when will that be gone when they want Tim to save them? This is the seventh challenge and that was when Kate was eliminated on her season, so she is nervous tonight on Project Runway 2013.

The designers head to the runway and meet Heidi Klum. Halfway through the competition and the pressure is on. Heidi will be sending them off to the Marie Claire fashion closet, where Tim Gunn will meet them. They walk in and meet Tim and the wall is filled with shoes! Anne Fulenwider, Editor-in-Chief at Marie Claire, is with Tim and tell the designers they will be creating a look inspired by the shoes. The model will also be wearing the shoes on the runway.

The designers will be participating in a quiz to see who gets to pick shoes first. Since Alexandria won last week, she gets to pick first and not participate in the quiz. The quiz takes place and the designers answer and get their shoes. Miranda is struggling and doesn’t know any of the answers. It is down to Miranda and Dom and Dom gets the final question, so Miranda gets the choice last.

The designers get to sketch and we have to hear Ken rip on the other designers some more. He is not an educated designer and is surprised none of them knew the answers and thinks it is embarrassing. Every time I see him I just want to slap him! He is switching up the silhouette this week and Miranda is feeling tired and wants to do well this week.

They go shopping at Mood and have a suggested budget of $250 on Project Runway 2013. Bradon has flats, so he is trying to match a fabric with the sparkle of them. Miranda has purchased the red plaid already and Alexander is looking at the same plaid. Will he buy it? Yup and we will have two plaid designs!

Back in the workroom and not only do Alexander and Miranda have similar plaid, but they are both making plaid pants! Clearly they will be compared with each other, so a bad move for Alexander to get what Miranda already had!

Alexandria has some very high shoes that go up to the thighs, so she is making a short dress to show them all off. Alexander feels Jeremy is competition this week. Bradon is using a boiling technique, which looks super cute.

Tim comes in for his critique and is surprised with how quiet it is: he thinks Alexandria’s shoes are very S&M; he thinks Justin’s fabrics are too matchy with the shoes; he thinks the polka dots look inexpensive for Miranda; Tim tells Alexander to not worry about using plaid as well; he thinks Ken’s look is looking dated and not over-design it; he thinks it is problematic for Bradon and he doesn’t know where the model is going. Since he has flats, they decide to drop the dress and make pants with the same top; he tells Kate to not let time get away from her and she needs to execute this; he tells Jeremy to put every ounce of energy into the top; he said the judges are either going to love or hate Dom’s look, but loves the fact that she is going to walk that line; he is concerned about the matchy aspect of her look as well; he said he sees Kate Middleton in Helen’s look, which is good, but then she wants to add stuff to it and he thinks it would be for her mother! He feels good about the looks on Project Runway 2013 though.

The models come in for their fitting and all the designers are worried about time on this challenge. The designers are all doubting themselves, which is just beating themselves up and not a good thing. Bradon calls his partner and has a cry-fest and is a mess, but can he pull it together?

Runway day has arrived and the designers have some looks to finish on Project Runway Season 12. Tim comes in and tells them to be careful how they accessorize, since they already have the shoes. I guess Bradon is going with a skirt and he still has to hem it. Alexander’s pants are too tight at the ankles, so he has to cut them and stitch her into them. Jeremy feels his model is on the pulse of fashion and might even work at Marie Claire. Miranda is so happy with the fit of her pants. Bradon cannot get everything done, but he is happy with his look also. Time runs out and they head to the runway!

Time for the runway show on Project Runway 2013 tonight and the judges tonight will be Heidi Klum, Zac Posen, Nina Garcia and guest judges tonight are actress Kaley Cuoco and Anne Fulenwider.

  • Ken – it is a simple black dress, but good design
  • Alexander – like the top with the pants and goes well with the shoes
  • Miranda – the pants seem baggy and don’t go well with the shoes and the plaid pants are similar
  • Dom – the dress is horrendous and seems to just watch the shoes and too much to handle
  • Justin – I like the jacket and pants and it looks good
  • Alexandria – the dress goes well with the shoes, but is it too boring?
  • Karen – the jacket just hangs there with a tight skirt
  • Bradon – I love the top, but the skirt is too much and it might be too old-looking
  • Kate – love the bottom, but the top is not good with it
  • Jeremy – this shirt is too much and I am not a fan
  • Helen – simple dress and then a cape hanging there

Heidi asks Kate, Karen, Dom, Justin and Alexander to step forward and they are all safe tonight on Project Runway 2013! The remaining designers have the highest and lowest scores tonight. For Alexandria, Heidi loves the shoes and she did the perfect thing for those shoes and it is very feminine and super sexy. Nina said it looks very editorial. Zac said it doesn’t wow him and it looks pedestrian. Kaley loves it and it is so bold and shows confidence in herself. For Jeremy, Heidi said it does not look current or modern to her. Kaley said it feels like a lot going on and she could see them with jeans. Zac said it verges on trampy. Nina said he has these edgy boots and he should have went with something rocking.

For Helen, Nina said when it walked out she said she wanted that look and she looks fashionable. Kaley wrote she wants now. Zac said it is fantastic and it is chic and really good. Anne said it is stunning and would wear it in an instant. Heidi loves this look. For Miranda, Heidi said she did not like this look and she does not look like a cool girl. Zac likes that it is not a cool girl and maybe nerd alert. Nina asked where is the egg nog? Kaley is not digging it and it feels forced.

For Ken, Heidi said she was surprised when she found out he made this and it is sophisticated. Zac said he did a very good job and the fabric looks rich and effective. Nina said she is showing a lot of leg, but is covered up. Kaley loves it and it is a cool outfit. Anne thinks it is fabulous. For Bradon, Heidi thought of swing dancing and it went old school for her and she didn’t love it. Nina thinks the shoes are fabulous and wanted to see them with something simple. Zac said the silhouette and fabric look frumpy-drumpy. Anne said this is her least favorite look and the fabric looks really cheap.

Tim Gunn brings out the models in their looks and the judges get a closer look at the designs tonight on Project Runway 2013. I think Helen will be the winner, but then I have no clue what will happen with the bottom three. The judges seem to like none of them and all of them could go home! Who do you think it will be?

The designers are back on the runway and here are the results on Project Runway Season 12 tonight:

  • Winning Designer – Helen
  • Safe – Ken, Alexandria and Jeremy
  • Bottom Two – Miranda and Bradon
  • Eliminated Designer – Miranda

What do you think of the judges’ choices tonight on Project Runway 2013?

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