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  • Dee

    Kris Jenner, has another rediculous plan to try and put her bad choices in life under the rug.
    This DNA test was just as fake as Kim’s 72 day wedding, Kris’s pulled face and the house they pretend to live in. People wise up this women is living off insulting your intelligence. She has no moral fiber in her body, she will sell photos of herself in a toilet if it would bring her a few $$.

    This women cares about no one, not Bruce, not her kids they are a tools (garden variety) to her. Kim is exactly like her. She brought men in the home where she was raising kids, she also encouraged Kim at a young age to be sexually active.

  • CookieMom

    Entertainment galore and well written synopsis.

  • teshai

    and why are they bad role models, making their own money, being hard ass business women. if you dont like the show then you dont watch, period. What is so different about their lives that thousands of other women are not doing it, its just on televison, obviously they have nothing to hide. Stong family unit, none of them depending on a man to make them money..beautiful. just hating cause you cant and probably never amount to what they have become.

  • Carol

    What about the scene where the family is all together for a nice dinner and everyone is dressed appropriately – except for – Scott Disick. He is sitting there in a white v-neck undershirt. In the next scene, he covers it with an orange hoodie. Much better Scott!!!

    Great job on this blog! You had me laughing about the DNA doctor!!!

  • Mboomer

    Finally the ratings for their scripted garbage are down to 2.3mil the lowest ever. Hopefully it will continue until this show goes the way Kate 8 went. The kartrashians are a danger to young women very bad role models. Get rid of them. Mb

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