Project Runway 2013 Recap: Episode 6 – Let’s Go Glamping!

This should be a fun episode of Project Runway 2013 tonight, as Heidi Klum and Tim Gunn send the 11 remaining designers out into the woods for a night of glamping (luxury camping) and they will use their surroundings to help inspire them for their creations this week on Project Runway Season 12. Can some of these queens survive a night out in the woods??? This will be entertaining, so come watch with us during our Project Runway 2013 Recap and see who got eliminated on Project Runway 2013 tonight!

Project Runway 2013 - Episode 6

Last week on Project Runway Season 12, it was another unconventional challenge and the designers were split into teams of three. Ken was not excited to be paired with Alexandria and Sue and that showed with their final mini-collection. It was a disaster and they ended up being the losing team. Sue has been a hot mess all season long and it was time for her to go, especially since she can’t use a sewing machine!

We now leave the workroom tonight on Project Runway 2013 and find ourselves in the woods and it looks like it is going to be quite an emotional episode. Everyone is crying, including Tim Gunn! Will he be using that save this week??? Our recap is below!


Don’t want to know what happened tonight on Project Runway 2013 Recap or find out who was eliminated on Project Runway Season 12 tonight? Then don’t read ahead!


Jeremy is waking up a winner, so he is ready for the next challenge. Ken puts Alexandria’s face as the face of Judas in the Bible. He must be confused about himself then, huh?

They head to the runway and meet Heidi Klum and Tim Gunn, who are dressed to be outdoors. Tim is wearing a camouflage suit! They will be heading out to the woods for a glamping trip and Ken is already complaining! They have 30 minutes to pack before heading out on the road. Miranda is hoping to get to play paintball so she can shoot some people!

They arrive at their glamping site on Project Runway 2013 and they find out their challenge: they will create a high-end look that is inspired by nature. It is not something they would wear in nature, but inspired. They have a day/night full of activities to help inspire them. They spend the night and will leave the next day to shop at Mood and work on their looks in one day!

Ken hates being outdoors and the mosquitos are getting on his nerves, but he is really getting on our nerves. The designers are relaxing and taking things in and Justin is excited to finally get to know the designers a little more. Meanwhile, Alexandria is worried about being on the bottom and she is out sketching.

The designers get out and do some zip-lining and canoeing and having a blast. Ken zip lines and wants to kiss the ground when he gets down, but too many shoes have been on it for his lips….ugh!

The fun is done and the designers are now working on their sketches. Ken feels a spiritual connection now and Jeremy is writing a letter to his partner, so he will use that letter in his design. Alexander feels glamping is his favorite thing to do now!

The next morning arrives and the designers must leave their glamp site. None of them want to leave, but they are refreshed and ready to take on their designs. They meet Tim at Mood and they have 30 minutes to shop and suggested budget of $300. Karen is feeling inspired by the white from the tents. Bradon is running around trying to find a material and picks a bunch of chiffon and will put something together.

Back in the workroom on Project Runway 2013. Jeremy starts working on getting the love letter written on the fabric. Everyone is loving the idea and is jealous of him. Ken wants to use the waves from the water, so he is doing some draping with the fabric and letting it speak to him. Justin is making “lace” using glue.

Six hours until the end of the day and Helen feels like she has done nothing. Alexander is doing a gown and feels it is simple, but the fit will be the key. Bradon is doing this fabric painting and sewing thread into the fabric and he is not happy with it.

Tim Gunn comes into for his critique: he feels Karen has not gone far enough with her look; he thinks Justin’s “lace” is amazing; he thinks Alexander’s dress will be bottom-heavy and too much color separated; he thinks Bradon’s design looks like a kids drawing, but Bradon likes the concept and is going to take the risk; he hates the drop-crotch pants from Alexandria; he thinks Ken’s look needs to fit like a glove; he thinks Jeremy’s challenge is in the execution and Helen’s piece is going to be a work of art.

The models come in for their fitting and Bradon has nothing to put on his model. Alexander is loving his fitting and how he doesn’t have much work to do. Ken must be having a softer side since that glamping trip because he is giving out compliments to both Justin and Miranda on Project Runway 2013.

Karen is dying her garment and is nervous, but excited to see how it comes out. Bradon has nothing going on and he can’t figure out anything as the night comes to an end!

Runway day has arrived and the designers head back into the workroom to finish their looks. Bradon is running all over the place and has nothing special going on right now. Kate had a big poof of white fabric and it is not looking too good, but it is totally Kate. Karen is not able to finish her dress like she wanted to, but she thinks it flows nicely and it is great. Tim Gunn comes in and they have ten minutes to finish up and hit the runway. Bradon is having a static mess, but gets it done.

Time for the runway show on Project Runway 2013 and the judges tonight are Heidi Klum, Zac Posen, Nina Garcia and guest judge tonight is actress Allison Williams. Here we go:

  • Helen – the dress is cool, but the top of it is a little boring for me
  • Bradon – it is very flowy, but there is nothing crazy special about it
  • Miranda – it fits very well and looks great on the model and I am liking this one
  • Ken – it is plain green and he has some weird thing going on on her breasts
  • Alexandria – the jacket is great, but those damn drop-crotch pants!
  • Alexander – is this a runway show or Miss USA pageant?
  • Justin – the “lace” is not good at all and it looks weird
  • Dom – cool fabric, but the top looks too overdone
  • Karen – it is just fabric with a belt holding it together on top
  • Kate – there is just too much poof for me
  • Jeremy – plain white fabric and some weird design in it and I am disappointed

Heidi asks Dom, Bradon, Kate, Helen and MIranda to step forward. They are all safe tonight and the other designers have the high and low scores tonight on Project Runway Season 12! The models are back on the runway and time to critique the looks!

For Karen, Heidi said she looks trashy to her and it is a big ol’ moo moo. Nina said it looks like you couldn’t decide if she is going to the rodeo or to the beach. Zac said it is a little bit of runny eggs. For Jeremy, Zac said chic and it is beautiful. Nina said it feels very personal and authentic. Allison said it was breath-taking when it turned the corner. Heidi said it was super elegant. For Ken, Nina said boring and she is not thrilled with the look and doesn’t like the styling. Zac said frog queen. Allison said the breasts area are usually uncrowded. Heidi said it heavy on top.

For Alexander, Heidi said the fit of the dress is ridiculous (in a good way). Allison loves the collar and the sleeves and is crazy about the dress. Zac said the dress moved very well, but he is not wowed by it. Nina said there is something very dramatic about it and it is impeccably made. For Justin, Heidi said that she is not a fan of his dress and it is borderline Halloween costume. Zac said he admires creativity. Nina said it almost looks like she has a foaming vagina! Allison said the execution of this inspiration was off. For Alexandria, Heidi said she took a huge risk and it worked. Nina said she loves that she chose denim for the high-end look and extremely editorial. Allison said it is out there and appreciated it. Zac said he doesn’t like poopy pants, but they sold him on the runway and he is so impressed.

The designers head backstage to wait for the results and we get tears all around! Back on the runway, Tim brings out the models for a closer look at the designs tonight on Project Runway 2013. The judges discuss the looks one more time and I think Alexandria will be the winner for doing something so different than the others. I think it will be Ken going home tonight, even though it could be Justin. What do you think?

We are back on the runway and here are the results:

  • Winning Designer – Alexandria (as Ken makes a disgusted face)
  • Safe – Jeremy, Alexander and Ken
  • Bottom Two – Justin and Karen
  • Eliminated Designer – Justin

Everyone is crying backstage and it is special. I think Justin is a super nice guy and that shows when everyone is sad to see him go home. However, Tim Gunn comes in and said he believes in Justin’s talents and he thinks he needs more time, so he uses his save on him and no one goes home tonight on Project Runway 2013! What do you think?

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