The Challenge: Rivals II Season 24: Episode 6 – Revenge Is A Dish Best Not Serve!

Last week on The Challenge: Rivals II we watched a lot of things happen, Zach had a meltdown and the girls voted Leroy and Ty into the jungle because Theresa threw her vote away and voted for them. Theresa wasn’t banking on any of the other girls to vote for Leroy and Ty and the fact that Diem and Aneesa knew that she used them to throw away her vote and then still voted for them, this has Theresa’s panties in a bunch. Check out my recap for last week’s The Challenge: Rivals II right here to find out who was sent home, there is a huge game changer!The Challenge Rivals II Season 24 Episode 6 Revenge Is A Dish Best Not ServeThis week on The Challenge: Rivals II, Theresa is obviously upset that Diem and Aneesa didn’t throw their vote when they knew that Theresa threw hers. So what will happen when Theresa talks Jasmine into not playing nice and actually playing to win, not to please anyone else? We will find out soon enough, I have a bad feeling that this type of game play might come back and bite them in the butt. What do you think? Make sure you stick around and find out with me and my The Challenge: Rivals II live recap, right here, right now!

Tonight’s episode of The Challenge: Rivals II starts off with Theresa talking to Aneesa about what happened last week with the voting, she is telling Jasmine that she can’t trust anyone except her. Jasmine gets the clip from TJ saying that they need to bring their swimsuits to the next challenge. Jonna and Jordan have been getting kind of close, they both say they aren’t looking for a relationship but they are having some fun.

The challenge today is a girls challenge, TJ calls for half of the girls to go stand near him and the other half are to go to the other side of a wall. They are told they are playing “Frenemies”, their partners will be suspended above the water and asked a series of questions. If they get the answers right they are good to go, if they get the answers wrong their team member will hit the water!

The first question is, what did your partner think is your best body part? Diem and Aneesa have a strike, so do Nany and Jonna, Theresa and Jasmine. One more strike and their partners hit the water! Diem and Aneesa get the next question right, the next question is who in the house is the biggest fake? Jemmye and Camila who also have a strike are the next team to answer, Jemmye doesn’t seem to have a clue! If she gets this wrong they will automatically go into the jungle!

Jemmye manages to answer the question wrong and they will be going into the jungle! Cara and Cooke now have a strike for thinking that Emily was the biggest fake, when Cooke clearly thinks that it is Diem. Theresa and Jasmine are the next with two strikes and they are out of the challenge. Who did Diem think needed the most attention in the house? Aneesa and Diem are now out with a wrong answer, but Paula and Emily, Cooke and Cara and Nany and Jonna are still in it.

Nany and Jonna are however out now with a wrong answer for who needs the most attention. The next question is who do you think will most likely be arrested for indecent exposure, well Paula and Emily are still strike free, how are they doing this? Will they win another challenge?

Cooke and Cara are the last team out, that leaves Paula and Emily to win another challenge and immunity from going into the challenge. Now it’s time for the guys! What did your partner say is your most annoying habit? CT and Wes already have a strike, Jordan and Marlon also have a strike, Preston and Knight also get a strike!

Who is the trashiest girl left in the house? CT sent Wes into the water with a refusal to answer the question. Preston and Knight end up with their second strike as well. Which girl in the house has the best body? Jordan and Marlon end up with the second strike, that leave Frank and Johnny and Leroy and Ty!

Frank and Johnny got their first strike with, who did you partner say is the sexiest person in the house? Frank and Johnny now ended up in the water with a wrong answer to the question, which team members in the house still have a lot of hate for each other! Leroy and Ty win the challenge which means they get to pick the order for the next challenge!

Who will face Jemmye and Camila in the jungle tonight? Stick around to find out! For now, there is a pretty good chance that it will be Theresa and Jasmine, so Theresa is trying to make friends and get Diem and Aneesa voted in! She really doesn’t like them huh? It is voting time! Ty and Leroy vote for Diem and Aneesa, Wes and CT go with Theresa and Jasime, Johnny and Frank go for Cooke and Cara.

Jordan and Marlon voted for Theresa and Jasmine and went against their word! Knight and Preston threw their vote away, but things have already playedout. Theresa and Jasmine and Camila and Jemmye will be going head to head in the jungle tonight! Jasmine is mad, she is talking to Jonna about her and Jordan and how she should not give Jordan the time of day!

Theresa us flipping out on Jordan because he lied to her about who he was voting for. Jordan doesn’t know when to just ignore people, she hasn’t seen the side of Jordan that we have from Real World Portland though! The house is really awkward the next morning, no one is talking to Jasmine and Theresa at all.

The jungle challenge is called “Catch 22″, there are 22 balls and a couple of treadmills one member will be throwing the balls are the other member who are running on the treadmills. They will then have to get the balls into a basket, the treadmills get faster as the time goes on. If they fall they will end up in a mud pit, its a best two out of three challenge.

Theresa and Jasmine were in the lead with the number of balls in the basket, just then, Jasmine loses her balance and falls in the water! One more fall and Jasmine and Theresa will be going home, but Jemmye is looking really tired running on that treadmill, will she make it? They get a quick break between the first and second rounds, but this isn’t enough to help Jasmine and Theresa.

Theresa ends up falling off her treadmill and that sends Theresa and Jasmine home! Join me next week to find out which of the guys teams will be eliminated!

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