RHOC 2013 Reunion Part 1 Recap (VIDEO)

RHOC 2013 came to an end last week.  Vicki Gunvalson threw a drama filled winter-themed party that ended the season with a bang.  Will tensions boil over on tonight’s RHOC 2013 Reunion part 1?


The ending of RHOC Season 8 came with a lot of drama.  Everybody had a lot to get off their chests at Vicki’s party.  However, it wasn’t all bad.  Tamra Barney did a lot of apologizing on RHOC 2013 and she finished by apologizing to Alexis Bellino’s husband Jim.  Tamra said she misjudged him.  Her heartfelt apology brought tears to Jim’s eyes.

There were more tears on the Real Housewives of Orange County 2013 Season Finale, but they weren’t tears of gratitude.  Vicki’s son-in-law got very angry when he found Lydia McLaughlin’s mom with her feet up on Vicki’s couch.  He swore at her and threatened to kick her out.  The argument caused many of the RHOC to get upset.   Lydia was very upset that her mom got yelled at.  After a few tears she pulled herself together and told Slade how she really felt about him.

The Slade argument started when Vicki brought up Slade’s habit of commenting on women’s looks.  She showed him her new bacon vodka and jokingly said it was inspired by him.  Gretchen Rossi and Slade didn’t take it so lightly.  Slade insisted that he only dishes out what has been dished to him, but Lydia called his bluff.  Slade has commented on her looks and she has done nothing to him.

After the season the RHOC 2013 had, you can bet the reunion is going to good!  This year’s reunion will be three parts, so get ready for the yelling to begin!

Tonight on the RHOC 2013 Reunion part 1 recap Vicki and Gretchen get heated when their relationship with Tamra become the focus of the conversation.  Also on tonight’s RHOC 2013 reunion, Lydia gets accused of stirring the drama pot on RHOC Season 8 and Lauri Peterson starts a fight with Vicki that blows up.



The RHOC 2013 reunion part 1, hosted by Andy Cohen, started with talk of Vicki’s divorce.  Vicki and her ex still haven’t finalized their divorce.  Tamra wants them to get back together, but Vicki said they are just content and if she signs the papers she will probably have to pay spousal support.

The next topic of conversation was Tamra’s relationships with Gretchen and Vicki.  Andy asked Tamra is she trusts Gretchen and her answer was no.  Tamra said Gretchen has been inconsistent with her stories and has lied to her.  The two are not in a good place.

When Tamra’s bachelorette party came up, Vicki’s “plan” comment came up.  Vicki said she never made a plan to rip Tamra and Gretchen apart, but Lydia doesn’t doubt that it was Vicki’s real feelings coming out.

When a viewer called Tamra two-faced it started more drama between Tamra and Gretchen.  Gretchen has started this rumor recently on her blog because she thinks Tamra talks behind others backs and is fake on camera.  Gretchen said she always says what she thinks to people’s faces, but Vicki called her out on it.   Gretchen talked about Vicki’s past behind her back on RHOC 2013 and only spoke up about it when confronted.

Then, Gretchen’s past came up.  Tamra dug up stuff all the way from season 4!  Tamra and Gretchen got off on the wrong foot in RHOC Season 4 because Tamra saw Gretchen hanging out with and kissing a man who wasn’t her dying fiancé.  Gretchen insisted she never kissed the guy that night.  She did admit to kissing him on New Year’s in a friendly way.  When Lydia asked Alexis if she thinks Gretchen had a relationship with the guy, she didn’t want to speak up at first, but then admitted she did see relationship like behavior between Gretchen and the man, but she never saw them kiss.

At one point Tamra had swept the issue under the rug, but now that she and Gretchen are no longer in a good place, Tamra is all fired up about it again!

The conversation moved on to Vicki and Gretchen.  Vicki said Gretchen doesn’t own up to the truth.  Gretchen did apologize for saying mean things about Vicki’s plastic surgery but Vicki wanted Gretchen to admit to cheating on her ex-fiance.  Gretchen refused to admit to anything even though people saw them together.  The RHOC 2013 were spinning in circles getting nowhere with this topic.

Andy asked Lydia if she thinks her quirky personality makes people not take her seriously.  Lydia said she doesn’t mind if people don’t think she is smart because she knows she is very smart, maybe even a genius.  A viewer then said that Lydia stirred up a lot of drama on RHOC 2013.  Lydia said she doesn’t stir the pot she just acts authentic.

At the beginning of RHOC Season 8 Lydia downplayed her friendship with Alexis.  Alexis was really hurt by it but the two didn’t get into a heated argument over it.

Then, when Lydia’s magazine came up, Heather was upset that Lydia laughed at the fact that Heather wanted the front cover.  Heather still got into the magazine but was upset that it was such a big deal.  Andy pointed out that RHOBH star Lisa Vanderpump made the cover; this didn’t help matters because Lydia clearly thinks Lisa is a bigger star than Heather.

When the bachelorette party came up, Lydia said Heather posted some vicious things about her on her blog.  Heather apologized but Lydia was clearly still upset.  Lydia then called Heather a “princess” and said she probably shouldn’t hang out with her because apparently making jokes and comments isn’t allowed around Heather.  All this drama and the RHOC 2013 reunion part 1 was only half over!

To add more drama to the mix, Lauri joined the reunion!  Vicki was not happy to see her.  If you thought the first half of the RHOC 2013 reunion part 1 was intense, the Vicki-Lauri reunion made things explosive.

Lauri brought up Vicki’s past because of a letter Vicki received from Lauri’s husband’s ex-mother-in-law.  The letter contained slanderous information.  Vicki told one person who then passed on the information.  Vicki apologized for handling the letter wrong and never meant to hurt Lauri.  But Lauri said Vicki wanted to ruin her marriage.  When Vicki’s supposed threesome came up Lauri quickly back-peddled.  Lauri said she never said Vicki had a threesome, she simply said she saw her in bed with a man and women.  What they were doing, she doesn’t know.  Everybody knows what Lauri was implying.

To end the RHOC 2013 reunion part 1, the topic of Brooks’ young girlfriend came up.  Lauri said she just wanted Vicki to know what she heard about Brooks.  Vicki threw it out there that she also heard Lauri has cheated.  Nothing was resolved.

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