Who Went Home On MasterChef 2013 Season 4 Last Night? Week 11

Wednesday night has come and gone for this week and that means another episode of MasterChef Season 4 is in the books, but who went home on MasterChef 2013 Season 4 last night? Check out the details below in our new MasterChef 2013 spoilers!

MasterChef 2013 Season 4 - Week 11 Results

While we are down to six home cooks on Master Chef 2013, the judges threw a twist at them last night and told them they would not be cooking! Instead, the judges each picked one eliminated contestant from the season to come back and cook for a chance back in the MasterChef Kitchen! The home cooks were Bri, Lynn and Bime!

First challenge: they had 15 minutes to cook as many sunny-side up eggs. Bri made 13 perfect eggs and Lynn made only eight. Bime was last up and he passed Lynn with nine perfect eggs and he moves to the next round with Bri!

Second challenge: the six remaining home cooks will be judges on this challenge, as the Bri and Bime had to make king salmon, but they had to break it down and make seven dishes out of it. The dish also included potatoes and asparagus as a side! Bri struggled with breaking down the fish seeming she is a vegetarian, but Bime seemed to get a little too cocky for the challenge and it hurt him in the end. In a 4-3 vote (the six home cooks and judge Joe Bastianich all got to vote), Bri was named the winner and will be rejoining the MasterChef 2013 Season 4 Kitchen!

Do you agree with the judges’ choice last night on Master Chef Season 4?

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