Big Brother 2013 Spoilers: Week 6 Eviction Predictions, And A Major Game Twist?

Tonight on Big Brother 2013 there will be a live double eviction. This means two people are going home, instead of just one person. Except they won’t be returning home, because they are going to the jury house. For Big Brother 2013, the jury consists of nine members instead of the usual seven. And like retro-Big Brother, there is speculation that only seven of these votes will count. If this is true then the final two Big Brother 2013 players will void one vote each. This leaves only seven eligible votes. This has the potential to really change the outcome of Big Brother 2013, because the final two could eliminate a vote cast in their favor to win the Big Brother  title. But wait, there is more: this may not be the only twist revealed on tonight’s Big Brother 2013.

Big Brother 15 Reset Button

As host Julie Chen is becoming the queen of cryptic tweets on Big Brother 2013, she continued this trend yesterday by tweeting a picture that showed the reset  button (find tweet below). This button was used last year to allow Big Brother 14 coaches to become players in the game.


Of course, Chen could be toying with our Big Brother 2013 obsessed minds. Nevertheless, could the reset button be used tonight?  If it is, this may result in the elimination of the MVP twist.   We personally hope that if the reset button is used tonight, it introduces an even better twist, like  whoever left because of the MVP twist can now reenter the game, or whoever was the last person eliminated before or after jury returns. Guess we shall see tonight if there is a reset button twist (keeping our fingers crossed there is one).

As for elimination predictions, unfortunately, we think Candice Stewart will be the first member of the Big Brother 2013 jury. From a game perspective we would like to see Amanda Zuckerman as the second jury member, but on a personal level we don’t want Candice alone in a house with Amanda for a week. The second person eliminated tonight really depends on who wins   HOH, but Amanda, Spencer Clawson, Aaryn Gries and Judd Daughtery are all likely candidates for eviction tonight on Big Brother 2013.

CBS Interactive Inc.

Join us  again tonight for the Big Brother 15 spoilers double live eviction recap.  Meanwhile, stay tuned here for all the latest news and gossip on the upcoming season of Big Brother 15. You can also tune in to all things Big Brother with our sister site, on Twitter at @Big_BigBrother and on the Big Big Brother Facebook page.

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