Big Brother 2013 Spoilers: Will Someone Make A Big Game Move In Week 6?

On Big Brother 2013, after four strong players were evicted  in a row,  we  didn’t know what to expect for the remainder of the season.  We commended the houseguests for executing something that has never happened in Big Brother history: the elimination of four strong players this early in the game.  However, we were clueless to the fact that these moves basically sealed which players would make it to the Big Brother 2013 final four.  Big Brother 2013 is only about half-way through the series, but we can already predict how it will end  if something doesn’t change soon.

Big Brother 15-Day 16 Wall

It seems fairly obvious to us that the final four will be McCrae Olson, Amanda Zuckerman, Helen Kim and Elissa Slater. Unless someone makes a big Big Brother 2013 game move, these four will skate on to the final. And this seems highly likely because no one is even considering the idea of voting out Amanda this week. They are all accept Candice Stewart as the target. We find this annoying on a game level and a social justice one. Candice is not a real threat to anyone’s game. She hasn’t won competitions, and she has no real alliance. Anyway you look at this, Candice is being targeted for racial reasons, and it’s sickening that the Big Brother 2013 house is just letting this happen.

The only person attempting to make a smart  game move this week  is Jessie Kowalski. Nevertheless, her plan is failing, because everyone seems too afraid to go against bully Amanda.  In the fifteen Big Brother seasons, there has never been an entire house this far in the game so scared to go against the pack.  Sadly, it looking like the Big Brother 2013 plan to become the year of no-floaters has backfired. 

For now, we can only hope a hero emerges this Big Brother 2013 season and rocks the game. Because currently, we actually miss people like Jeremy McGuire, who would have not been scared to change the  Big Brother 2013 game. We want a do-over.

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