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  • Shirl Wilson

    Very disturbing stuff to hear the head of his own charity refer to one of the Celebrity Appentice members as having a learning disability like no other he has seen in any of the children he has worked with. It should have been, “Your fired”, from The Donald right then and there. Not a very sensitive or appropriate remark to make to anyone for any reason. It demonstrated to me that he really doesn’t have “heart” for disabled children or adults.
    Also when asked why Clay should win it was the same old, “all about me comments and also always coming in second place. Dah-what about your charity? He lost me when he started acting like a catty little queen , bossing everyone around, the disability comment, and talking behind everyone’s back. His true colors surfaced by the middle of the show. And, hey, I have brother who I truly love who happens to be gay-so don’t blame it on being anti-gay. The guy couldn’t even sing as well as Arsenio. Glad Arsenio won and O Day WAS an abnoxious bitch on the show.

    • ROFL, whether or not I agree, I just have to give applause for telling it like it is!

  • john

    My point is about Donald Trump the misogynist.Trump never picks strong women.Annie duke beat Joan Rivers(QVC queen)at a jewelry challenge and Clint Black at a song writing contest,she raised triple the money Joan Rivers did but lost out to Trumps good friend and fellow NYer Joan Rivers.Marlee Matlin raised over one million dollars in a single challenge,which was a winner take all challenge,Trump made it seem that it was real close and asked Marlee and John Rich if they wanted to share,both agreed.John Rich had collected about 600k vs 1mil,Marlee Matlin would have amassed 1.6mil and been impossible to beat,but Trump don`t play that way.John Rich the Republican male goes on to win.This year we had two strong assertive women,Lisa Lampanelli and Aubrey O`day,I thought there was no way Trump could ignore both,first he has a 100k challenge that Aubrey wins,cuts the prize money in half and splits the rest among the other contestants.Then Lisa wins the final challenge before the final and gets cut for being emotional.Arsenio wasn`t emotional?Trump the sexist pig.Lisa and Aubrey should have been the final two.

  • V’s Mommy

    I like them both. I underestimated Clay. I think he is a lot cooler under pressure than I thought he’d be. I think Arsineal is much more passionate and wants it more. I really like them both, but I would like to see Arsineal take this one. Plus, it would be pretty funny to see Clay as “runner up” again! He may have jinxed himself by commenting on that in the last boardroom!!!!

  • My vote is for Arsenial. I think he was better than Clay but not by much.

  • sadie holly

    You are kidding here right?
    Arsenio is more creative – please give example., what unusual ideas? Clay does not want to win as much, contrary to everything he has said. This article is full of errors. As far as Clay coming off as a bully, editing elves, to others he seems to have the patience of Job.

    Clay and Arsenio are both very passionate about their charities – Arsenio because his was created by his friend and he was on the board, Clay because he CREATED his charity and has headed his charity for the entire existence. However in the promo interviews, Clay talks about his charity, Arsenio talks about how he is justified in not liking Aubrey.

    Arsenio is a nice guy, but he seems to have been beaten down a bit, when he disagrees with someone, he doe not look them in the eyes,he looks down, a sign of a people pleaser, not a leader. I like Arsenio a lot, but he is not a leader.

  • Aok

    I want Arsenio to win. Clay to weirdd and unorganized if u ask me!

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