True Blood Season 6 Episode 8 Spoilers: Will The Vampires Meet The Sun?

From this week’s True Blood  season 6 promo, it appears that the vampires are about to meet the sun.  True Blood season 6 is being ruthless with trimming some of the character fat by killing off people. In the first seven True Blood season 6 episodes, three characters have died.  Luna was killed off in the first True Blood episode of the season, then Terry on episode 6 and Nora on episode 7. So, it wouldn’t shock anyone if a couple more characters died before True Blood season 6 reaches its finale in two weeks.  But could the writers really kill off so many beloved vampires on  True Blood season 6?

True Blood Season 6 Pam

Some of the vampires about to face the sun tonight on True Blood season 6 are Pam, Jessica and Tara. All three women have been vital parts of the True Blood series. Therefore,  it would be the ultimate shock if they truly died.  Plus with Bill working on synthesizing blood, and Sookie attempting to mend  fences between Warlow and Bill,  it seems highly unlikely that the vampires will die from the sun.  On the other hand, even if Sookie does  help Warlow and Bill work together, it may not be enough to save the vampires. Sarah Newlin is proving to be a more badass villain than anyone expected. So, she may just do what others have failed to do: rid Bon Temps of the vampires forever.

We hope this is not the case, but tonight we’ll see if Sarah gets the upper hand on the vampires on True Blood season 6, or if the plan to save the vampires works in time to spare the vampires from becoming a pool of blood. Either way, we’re super excited to see the final three episodes of True Blood season 6.

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