MasterChef 2013 Season 4 Live Recap: Week 10 – Top 7 Compete!

Last week on MasterChef season 4 we watched a pretty challenging team challenge where they were forced to make a restaurant quality dish in the middle of nowhere! After some pretty big challenges, like lack of proper cooking tools and the fact that they were cooking on a campfire probably had a big part in this too, the MasterChef 2013 contestants we all really shocked as to who the judges chose to be the winners. Find out who won the MasterChef season 4 team challenge last week right here and make sure you stick around for my MasterChef 2013 live recap!MasterChef 2013 Season 4 - Week 10Tonight’s MasterChef season 4 mystery box challenge has the contestants cooking meals inspired by their family members, this should be interesting to watch, nine times out of ten Gordon Ramsay has a surprise under his sleeve for these challenges. The second part of this episode of MasterChef 2013 has the remaining contestants working in tag teams, they are making sushi for this challenge. I remember seeing this challenge last season, I’m sure they will mix this up a bit too. Stick around to find out with me and my MasterChef season 4 Live Recap!

Tonight’s episode of MasterChef season 4 starts off with a mystery box challenge, the mystery box behind the judges is huge, what could possibly be inside? The contestants families! Natasha’s husband and son, Jordan’s father, Jessie’s parents, Luca’s wife, Eddie’s girlfriend, James’ fiancée and there is no one there for Krissi. Krissi’s son wanted to be there, but he couldn’t be so instead he recorded a message for her. Everyone is pretty devastated for Krissi because they all know how important it was to her for him to be there.

Back to the challenge, the contestants have 60 minutes to cook a dish inspired by their loved ones, they have a blank slate and can choose anything they want to cook with 15 ingredients. Jessie’s family is watching her and they are critiquing her the whole time, Jessie is feeling the pressure. The contestants are all working really quickly to make sure that they finish their dishes in time and they do! So what do the judges think?

The judges have been tasting as the contestants were cooking, they choose their top three choices and Natasha is the first one up, she makes a curry and rice dish with vegetables. Joe Bastianich liked the flavors and spices, Graham Elliot also likes it, he said it was one of her best and Chef Ramsay said that she did a fantastic job.

Jessie is the next one up, she made a seared duck breast with a berry salad, Graham loved the flavors and Ramsay said that the combination of the duck and the fruit was amazing and flavorful. Luca is the third one they call to the podium, he made a halibut risotto which Joe and Ramsay said was cooked beautifully.

Out of those three, Luca is the winner of the mystery box challenge and will have the advantage for the elimination challenge. For tonight’s elimination challenge, Luca will not be choosing what they will be cooking, the judges have done that already. The contestants will be making Japanese food, this includes sushi and tempura shrimp. Luca will be safe and picking the teams for tonight’s tag team challenge, who will he pair together?

The teams will be three teams of two and the teams will be James will be paired with Jordan, Natasha will be paired with Krissi and Jessie and Eddie will be a team. The team of James and Jordan is pretty much a free pass, Luca wants Natasha to be sent home so he paired her with someone who doesn’t know anything about sushi in hopes to get her out of the competition. Eddie and Jessie think they are a pretty strong team and so do I.

Natasha and Krissi are actually working together really well together, Krissi starts at the station with Natasha and they are starting by putting the rice in the steamer, so is everyone else. Then everyone moves on to their tempura batter because that has to sit for a few minutes before being used.

It is now time to switch, then the teams start cleaning their live sea urchins, this ends up being a disaster for Jordan and James because Jordan rinsed the sea urchin, you’re not supposed to rinse them because it takes the flavor out of it. They switch again, everyone is working on cooling the rice and cutting the fish for the sushi and they all seem to be doing really well with this and Natasha and Krissi are still working very well together.

The teams switch again and they are still working on slicing the fish and frying the tempura, the teams are starting to feel the pressure now that they are down to the last switch of the challenge. All of the teams are starting to fall apart really, Jessie and Eddie are in the best position in my opinion, they are still working really efficiently together.

The teams have switched for the last time and they are all rushing to get their platters finished, the ones standing at the end of the stations that were giving orders are now cheering on their teammates and urging them to finish. Does everyone get their dishes finished?

Natasha and Krissi are up first, Ramsay has nothing but good things to say about their plates, everything is done very well from the tempura batter and to the cut on the fish. Joe makes it a point to let Luca know that he didn’t succeed in sinking Natasha with Krissi.

James and Jordan are up next, their platter looks great other than the shrimp which are very over cooked. Joe and Ramsay mention that the rice and the tempura are very under seasoned and Jordan and James are making jokes and laughing about it.

Eddie and Jessie are last up, the fish butchery is not even close to cut correctly, it is falling apart. Graham asks them who did the majority of the work and who takes more credit for the dish and Eddie says that it was a 50-50 effort and Joe disagrees with him. The urchin isn’t cleaned properly, in fact, they left the inner track in the sushi, that’s really gross. Looks like Eddie and Jessie may be in trouble tonight when it comes to eliminations.

So which team loses the challenge tonight? The judges have called on Natasha and Krissi, they are safe tonight and will be moving on in the competition. The next safe team is James and Jordan, the way they cut the fish is what kept them in the competition. So Jessie and Eddie are up for elimination.

Joe said that the person leaving MasterChef failed at nailing the fundamentals in flavors and the cuisine in general. The person leaving MasterChef season 4 is Eddie! Make sure you join me next week to find out who will be able to win their way back into the MasterChef season 4 kitchen, yes, you heard me right. Previously eliminated contestants come back and are given a chance to win a spot back in the MasterChef 2013 kitchen!

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