So You Think You Can Dance 2013 Live Recap: Top 14 Perform

Tonight on So You Think You Can Dance 2013 the Top 14 will perform, and two more will be sent home. In last week’s episode, the judges sent home BluPrint and Mariah, choosing from the bottom six that also included Curtis, Alan, Mackenzie and Jenna. Who will America vote into the bottom six this week, and who will the judges decide to send home? Judges Nigel Lythgoe and Mary Murphy, along with host Cat Deeley, are joined by guest judge Anna Kendrick in tonight’s all new episode of SYTYCD Season 10. One thing is for certain and that is that the competition is heating up on SYTYCD 2013!


Last week, fans were shocked when the judges decided to send BluPrint home. Personally, I felt that it should have been Curtis to go due to him having a few missteps during his performances. Jenna was the only contestant in the bottom six that did not have to dance for her life, and the judges ultimately decided to send Mariah (who was BluPrint’s partner) home as well.

Amy and Fik-Shun, as well as Jasmine and Aaron are proving to be front-runners in the show and are bringing the talent every single week. They should definitely be safe this week if America keeps voting the way that they have. Also probably safe based on their performance last week would be Jenna and Tucker who received some very nice comments from Murphy in regards to how memorable their performance was.

The Top 14 start the show off with a very eery and gothic number by Sonya Tayeh and Dmitry Chaplin.

We learn that Curtis will be unable to perform this week due to an injured shoulder that he incurred during rehearsals this week. The bottom six were revealed to be Jasmine, Alan, Alexis, Curtis, Mackenzie and Nico. The judges were able to send two immediately to safety. They chose to not have any of the guys dance for their life because they already knew how the danced. They also chose to save Mackenzie so that means Alexis and Jasmine will dance for their lives in their solos.

Jenna and Tucker

The evening starts off with a hip-hop performance. While neither seemed to be completely comfortable with this style of dance, Tucker did come off as a little awkward in some parts. Jenna definitely attempted to have “swag” but it came off a bit cheesy at times.

Lythgoe started off the comments stating that it was very unconvincing. He said that Tucker was too upright and that Jenna was too sweet and meek. Murphy’s comments were slightly more positive, but even she agreed that it was not as good as last week’s performance. She said that it was apparent that they both tried really hard.

To vote for Jenna, text JENNA to 83676 or call 1-855-Go Her 01

To vote for Tucker, text TUCKER to 83767 or call 1-855-Go Him 01

You can also vote online or via the FOX NOW app.

Alexis and Nico

These two are performing a contemporary piece, and both of their positions are on the line since they were both i n the bottom six this week. Contemporary is right up Nico’s alley, and you could tell. Alexis put a lot of emotion into her performance and you can definitely see how much she has improved this season in styles that she is not familiar with.

Murphy commented on how she could feel the emotion that they duo were putting out on stage. She also mentioned how the little things speak volume. Kendrick spoke about how they both showed range and complexity in their piece and also touched on how she could feel the emotion from the stage.

To vote for Alexis, text ALEXIS to 83676 or call 1-855-Go Her 02

To vote for Nico, text NICO to 83767 or call 1-855-Go Him 02

You can also vote online or via the FOX NOW app.

Hayley and Curtis

Even though Curtis is unable to perform tonight, the show must still go on. Luckily for Hayley she had Leonardo to step in his place and perform with her. Hayley seemed very fierce in her performance, but it seemed like something was missing even though she seemed to technically be on step with what she needed to do.

Kendrick talked about how compelling Hayley is as a dancer. Lythgoe said that she nailed everything, and that she did a very wonderful job. Murphy was also impressed with her and said how breathtaking she was.

To vote for Hayley, text HAYLEY to 83676 or call 1-855-Go Her 03

To vote for Curtis, text CURTIS to 83767 or call 1-855-Go Him 03

You can also vote online or via the FOX NOW app.

Mackenzie and Paul

This performance was a very sultry jazz number. Both dancers were very strong in their performance and probably one of the best so far of the evening in my performance. They paired really well with one another and you could feel the chemistry on stage.

Lythgoe said that they were both brilliant. He also mentioned how he doesn’t understand what America can’t see in her. Murphy reiterated his feelings and went further to go on about how the piece brought out another side of Paul that we haven’t seen before tonight.

To vote for Mackenzie, text MACKENZIE to 83676 or call 1-855-Go Her 04

To vote for Paul, text PAUL to 83767 or call 1-855-Go Him 04

You can also vote online or via the FOX NOW app.

Jasmine and Aaron

In this contemporary piece, Jasmine is portraying a tree. These two do such a fantastic job together each week and are such strong performers and this performance was no exception. There was a lot of emotion and various movements on the stage and they both did such a great job together.

Murphy talked about how great they did with their exchanges and transitions, especially working with a prop such as the apple. She also talked about Aaron’s tenderness and how much she loved seeing them together. Kendrick commented on how impressive they were and how well they portrayed their emotion.

To vote for Jasmine, text JASMINE to 83676 or call 1-855-Go Her 05

To vote for Aaron, text AARON to 83767 or call 1-855-Go Him 05

You can also vote online or via the FOX NOW app.

Amy and Fik-Shun

These two are no stranger to hip-hop and in this slowed down version, they proved yet again why they are the pair to beat. The way that these two move together, you would think that they have been dancing as a pair for years rather than just weeks. Even though Amy had a bit of a stumble, she played it off and moved forward so gracefully.

Kendrick spoke on how cute they are together and how much she enjoys watching them. Lythgoe talked about how if the show was based on accumulative points over weeks, they would be so far ahead of the pack. He also said that he is excited to see them branch out into new characters as the season moves on.

To vote for Amy, text AMY to 83676 or call 1-855-Go Her 06

To vote for Fik-Shun, text FIK-SHUN to 83767 or call 1-855-Go Him 06

You can also vote online or via the FOX NOW app.

Malece and Alan

The final pair of the evening is bringing a salsa dance to the competition. The flips and lifts in this performance definitely elevate the duo to a new level. The both put a lot of attitude and energy into the piece and truly look like they are having a blast on stage together.

The judges were very entertained by the piece. Lythgoe comments on how much energy they had and how much he loved the lifts in this piece. He said that Alan was very strong and was very supportive of Malece (who was nervous due to a neck injury during auditions where she was dropped on her head). Murphy talked about how fast the salsa was and also commented on the number of lifts in the piece and how admirable they were.

To vote for Malece, text MALECE to 83676 or call 1-855-Go Her 07

To vote for Alan, text ALAN to 83767 or call 1-855-Go Him 07

You can also vote online or via the FOX NOW app.

Tonight also marked the start of the small group performances.

With the competition getting tougher as the weeks go by on SYTYCD Season 10, the judges are faced with a challenging decision. This week the judges have decided to send Alexis and Curtis home.

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