True Blood Season 6 Spoilers: Why Terry’s Death Matters

Throughout True Blood‘s 6 seasons, there has been lots of deaths. Some of them have been of fan favorites, and some of people we wished stayed longer.  And a few are of people we couldn’t wait to see gone.  However, last week’s True Blood death is one of the most game changing ones. Terry Bellefleur’s death was an easy one to predict on True Blood season 6, but the repercussions of it will be far from easy.  Not only will the fans miss Terry, but Bon Temps and True Blood will be changed forever.

True Blood Terry's Death

Some True Blood fans could argue that Terry’s death was the easiest, because compared to other True Blood season 6 characters, he was not as critical to the show. However, there is a lot of reasons why Terry’s death will have bigger implications for the future of True Blood than people think. Here are a few of those reasons why Terry’s death matters on True Blood season 6:

It Changes the Tone of the Show

True Blood has constantly blended comedy and drama effortlessly, but some of the characters and storylines were there for pure comedic purposes. Terry and Arlene’s storylines usually filled some of the gaps between comedy and drama. Without Terry, we predict Arlene’s storyline taking a more dramatic tone. Of course, over time, Arlene will go back to the character we all love. However, unlike with the death of Renee, we don’t see Arlene recovering from this one so fast. Therefore, eliminating some of the lighter tones of True Blood season 6.

It Changes the Future for many Characters

Terry’s death proves that the writers could kill off any character. It also leaves a big question mark on the future of other True Blood season 6 characters. Arlene losing another man she loves guarantees a major emotional change in her.Sam, after being warned by Alcide to not return to Bon Temps, now must do it. This puts Sam’s life in major jeopardy. After losing three of his daughters and his cousin in the same week, we can only expect a distraught Andy. All the Bon Temps residents  will feel the effects of Terry’s death one way or another. As will the True Blood season 6 fans.

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