Who Won Hell’s Kitchen 2013 Last Night?

Hell’s Kitchen 2013 came to a close last night.  Only two chefs went to the Hell’s Kitchen Season 11 finale and only one chef came out on top.  Who won Hell’s Kitchen 2013 last night?


To start last night’s Hell’s Kitchen 2013 Ramsay announced that Ja’Nel would be going to the finale and Jon would be going home.  Then, Ramsay flew Ja’Nel and Mary to Las Vegas where one of them will be working after they win Hell’s Kitchen 2013.  The women got to relax in a luxury suite and come up with their menus for the final dinner challenge.

After meeting the president of Caesars Palace and last seasons winner, the chefs returned to Hell’s Kitchen only to be rushed off to Union Station.  Once in Union Station the chefs were greeted by their families and told they would be competing in their last Hell’s Kitchen 2013 challenge in front of an audience.  After cooking five dishes in an hour Ja’Nel won the final Hell’s Kitchen Season 11 challenge.

Then, the chefs got to pick which of the eliminated chefs they wanted to work with in dinner service.  Mary chose Jon, Anthony, Nedra, Michael, and Dan; Ja’Nel chose Cyndi, Susan, Zach, Amanda, and Ray. Once the teams were established Ramsay gave Ja’Nel and Mary an envelope containing information that could impact dinner service.  The chefs had an opportunity to trade a member of their team with someone from the other team.  Mary wanted to trade off Dan but Ja’Nel decided she wanted to keep all her team members.

Before service started it was clear who the weak links were.  Ray and Zach were confused in the kitchen and Dan struggled to make compound butter.  Once dinner service started on Hell’s Kitchen 2013 Nedra held up Mary’s kitchen.  She was too slow, served hot appetizers cold, and didn’t taste the food before serving it.

Thing were going well for Mary on entrees until Dan repeatedly served cold steak.  Mary wasn’t about to let Dan cost her the win; she kicked him out of the kitchen!  On Ja’Nel’s side of things, her team didn’t communicate, causing her kitchen to come to a standstill.  Both teams were able to pull it together and finish their last dinner service.

After deliberation, Mary and Ja’Nel had to face the nerve racking door.  They both stood in front of a door and whoever’s door opened would be the winner and next head chef for Ramsay at his new Pub & Grill.  When the doorknobs were turned, Ja’Nel’s door opened.  Ja’Nel won Hell’s Kitchen 2013 last night.

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  2. hissie fitt says:

    I wanted jon or mary to win. I like janel but shes kinda all about herself. Oh dont get me wrg shes knows her stuff alright but im still disappointed : (

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