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  • Jennifer

    I think Jessica has a great voice but I agree that she is hard to connect with. I can see her doing some work for disney as a princes voice. I DVR the show and fast foward after the first couple of minitues when she is performing. She is not as likable as Philip is! I compare it to selecting a model sure their alot of pretty peolple out there but, you have to pick the one with the looks, talent, character, and certain apeal (man or woman). In my opinoin Jessica just doesn’t have it!

  • The whole idea for Idol winners is to make hit records and sell millions of them!!! Jessica is a great little singer and she will be great someday, but right now she is not marketable, she does not have the stage presence and for her age appropriate songs they have to fit a 16 yr old and that going to hinder her not help!! The songs she has sung on idol we have all heard a gazillion times, she is just not ready!!!
    Phillip is marketable right now I would buy every song he has sang on Idol, they make you smile and they are not boring and guess what I am a country fan!!!!! I love Phillip, he is very original and has sooo much passion that he puts in the music…This in my opinion is why Phillip Phillips will and should win!!!!!

  • I am 58 and I also want Phillip to win. Jessica and Joshua have beautiful voices, but I usually pick
    the person I would actually go to a concert and see. I would be happy for Jessica but I don’t think
    she would make alot of records. I agree that Phillip has breathed new life into the show. he makes me

  • I am not a teenager and I like Phillip Phillips songs. I would buy his music. He makes the song his own. I hate all the bad comments on different sites. Everybody chill if you like Jessica so be it but don’t say bad things about Phillip. I think Jessica has a great voice but doesn’t connect with me. I like Phillip music and that is what it is all about.

  • .I. girlswhojustlikedicks

    I cant understand why girls like Philips? Talent? DUHHHH? I hope he cough when he growled his voice again. and I hope his face freeze whenever he tries hard to hit notes..LOL…I dont see any talent on him. You girls just like his tool LOOOOLLL

  • kristina

    go phillip….i wish people would keep race out of it…i can’t believe how many comments i have read talking about race…angry people that joshua got voted off…give it up…did you see the VOICE…what have you got to say now? silence…yes i thought so…anyways…philip is the best…so what if he is whilte and male…he is the most original artistic musician…i agree with the previous comment…if it wasn’t for phillip i would have turned off the show long ago…there are thousands of technically good artists…but unique soulful musicians… a handful…he will be great whether he wins or not…we are so lucky that he had the courage to venture out…thank you phillip…you have our support…

  • Rosemarie Raqqueno

    I would love to see a Joshua and Jessica fight the finale.. Sorry Philips… really like you too but I think..I didnt see much of your singing potential..just love you final song last week.. I wish youve chosen different songs every week to show your different song capabilities… Your singing the same song almost every week…still good luck… I think that you three will have a great future.. All of you are already a winner in your own right@!

  • Mikah

    I disagree that Philip Phillips is the most original one among the three. For crying out loud, just watch reruns of Damien Rice concerts … that’s exactly his style and the same songs he is singing! Not to mention the Rob Thomas song that he murdered, and the Bob Seger song that he sang completely out of tune. Jessica, on the other hand, promises a big vocal ability that sounds like no other.

  • Philfan

    It’s true, Phil Philips might not have the powerful vocals but he’s an original musician. He’s not a copycat. and it is for that reason that people will go out and buy his records. Last season, everyone was saying that Scotty has got weak vocals but hey, Scotty has been making record-breaking hits, legendary at Billboard. And, I think only Phil Philips has a fair chance of going up there with Scotty. Besides, it would be shameful for AI to pick a winner who would hardly sell a record. If we-re talking of vocal power, Pia, Jacob, and Estefano were amazing-much more amazing than the AI11 finalists, but we’re taking of genuine vocals and PERSONALITY here. And, it is noteworthy that Phil and Scotty have humble vocals and soaring charms!

  • WhoDatGal

    Joshica (Josh & Jessica) are too commercial. Josh is Mantasia. Jessica could be called Beyosica. Duplicate copy. We don’t need another one. Phil is the only artist who has an absolute individual style who can turn ANY song around and make it his own. For those of you who missed it, go back to his audition. Who has the nerve to use Stevie Wonder & Michael Jackson in the same audition? Someone who exudes confidence and talent. It doesn’t matter if he doesn’t get the crown; Jimmy Iovine already said a producer he knows wants to sign P2 as soon as he’s free from AI. Beyosica can walk away with her little princess crown & bouquet of flowers, like Miss America. Make the girly happy to bring home to her little g’friends. P2’s already got a shining career ahead of him. ;-o

  • Marishka

    I love Phillip Phillips! I don’t care what other people say. He is a true artist. He doesn’t only sing but plays the instruments as well. He is original in his interpretation of the songs and he doesn’t have to copy the original singer’s style (unlike the other AI contestant – you know who you are). He is an overall performer. He doesn’t have to grawl or shout just to deliver a good performance. Jessica is good but if you’re familiar with Filipino singers, then you wont be that impressed anymore. All the Filipino singers that I’ve heard sound like her. They all sing difficult songs where they could showcase their “grawls, runs and belt-outs”. It is soooo common for them. Phillip is just wonderful. He could sing popular songs and you will still immediately recognize his “trademark” style. Btw, i’m already in my 30’s and not a screaming teenager.

  • @Bing — That would be entirely the fault of the copy editor and not the original author. It has been corrected, thank you for pointing out the typos!

  • @RuthO All your points are valid. I’m not completely against Philip, I just think “technically” he sings off key and does not have a powerful voice like the other two. But I see what you’re saying. I just prefer Joshua’s and Jessica’s voice to Philips. And I do not think I like traditional voices, my two favorite singers at the moment are Robyn and Jesse J. Both unique voices, without being Mariah copycats.

    And I’m not saying “all” his fans are hormonal teen girls, but if a poll was taken I think statics would favor the teen girls. I like Philip, I would just prefer a different person to win.

    And thanks to the person who pointed out the typos, I do not know how that happened…they’ll be fixed.

  • Mama

    RuthO- I disagree. PP only has looks and no vocal ability . Jessica and Joshua have the AI factor- style, vocals, ability to take any song and own it. Voting for PP as the AI reinforces the stereotype of America as white racists voting for WGWG.


  • Phil

    I would want to see a Joshua and Jessica Finale. Philip Philips if he gets eliminated can star in his own reality show with his Dad, “Pawnshop Stars 2!” : )

  • Bing

    Why does the author keep saying TOP 4? We’re down to TOP 3 now. And I hope Jessica Sanchez makes it to the Finale!

  • Sugey

    I would say not phillip phillips because he not as great t as the other hes great but nowhere near the other something about phillip phillips hes doesnt connect me .I would gave the creait to Jessica or josh the are the best so far .And i woulnt buy jones recording i would buy something like mariah carey.

  • babylove

    Without doubt Joshua and Jessica sing circles around Phillip. Phillip is a younger version of Taylor Hicks and we know how well he is doing.
    I wonder how the public would vote if they had no idea what the contestants look like. It is the only way to level the playing field for those contestants who don’t look like a phillip or Chris or Dave.

  • rich

    People who don’t think Philip Phillips is the most talented BY FAR are the same people who buy Jonas Brothers records.

  • I love idol and hate it at the same time. Every year great emerge and hang out for a minute, but in the end show starts projecting who should win. Believe it or not that influences voters, and the best singer ends up being runner up. Look at Clay Aiken, Adam Labert, Jennifer Hudson I really have today what happened to her. I got it ultimately it is business, but say that up front don’t say it is a singing competition. The reality is who can they market and make crap loads of money. The music business have lost respect for the craft.

  • Karen

    I am a 65 year old greatgrandma and I hope Phillip wins. Guess I better have my hormone level checked. They are all good, but he is best all round performer.

  • i think jessica is going to win because she is the best she sounds like a angel. i know im not america im in new zealand but i watch every show ever since it started and i think that the final three deserves to be in the spotlight.

  • Paulyn

    For me its Jessica and Joshua. Im sorry but I cant get Philip’s style. He sounded the same on whatever song. His level for me is way below Lee Dewyze and Hicks ( lowest from all AI winners) My best bet is Jessica. She may lack stage performance but with her voice I can feel every lyrics on her songs. My second bet is Joshua. He has full of state performance and effects but his voice is not quiet good. Screatching and screaming is not for guys. According to socia media index Joshua might go home today. SMI’s poll is 70% accurate than DI. Last is Philip. His style is not enough to become an AI winner. When he sang his last song yesterday and the judges told him that he has full of passion in that song, I disagree. Why? He just sat there brushing his hand on his leg and closing his eyes because he cant reach the note. In my opinion.

  • Josha Ledel his most support is in the Southern part of the country, due to his own style. Phillips Phillips., he got a beautiful signing style, however his Note-Vocals are not close to Jessica Sanchez’s

  • MDoma

    RuthO, have you not heard of Dave Matthews? Phillip even dances like him with his guitar.

  • DianneK

    RuthO couldn’t have expressed my thoughts any better. I’m also up there at 47 and definitely not a hormonal teenager. My votes are to the best artist– not the person with the best vocal range or the ability to scream. PHILLIP Phillips is my choice for Idol!

  • Nicole

    RuthO I agree with you completely!!!! Love me some Phillip Phillips. His performances make me smile. His songs in my headphones make me relax and takes me to a really nice place. Would love to see him perform live. Wouldn’t be able to listen to Josh for more than a couple songs – although he would bring the house down at church. 😉

  • RuthO

    I couldn’t disagree more. Talent is more than belt out loud, Maria Carey runs, hit every note in book vocal ability. It’s creating, performing, inspiring and touching your audience emotionally. Think of past American Idol winners like Ruben Studdard and Fantasia. Both could sing runs and hold high notes like nobody’s business, but neither became big stars – an ‘Idol.’ (Need we remind you that’s the name of the show?) Yes, Joshua and Jessica have amazing voices. He can sing like James Brown and Mary J., she can sing like Mariah and Michael Jackson. Phillip Phillips sings exactly like Phillips Phillips – he can’t be pigeonholed or compared. His voice is beautiful, it’s just not the typical voice we’ve been brainwashed into thinking equates exceptional talent. Phillip turns other peoples’ songs into something original. Unlike Joshua and Jessica, he is not simply a cover act. He’s like nothing ever seen on AI before, elevating the show above ‘karaoke for the vocally gifted’ and into a search for the exceptional. Without Phillip, I wouldn’t have bothered with this season of AI anymore than I have since the novelty wore off eight seasons ago. He has breathed new life and brought a host of new fans to the show. By the way, at 53, I’m hardly a hormonal teenager and my husband enjoys Philips’s performances as much as I do.

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