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  • I didn’t like Adam at all when I first saw him. I preferred Danny. But after a few weeks of pecrafmonres, I love Adam and find Danny boring. Funny how that can change. Oh and Adam’s rendition of Mad World? Better than the original IMHO.

  • mel

    I don’t care if she is Elvis’s daughter—I can’t understand a word she is singing!!!!! I am sick of children of celebrities getting a free pass when there are so many talented folks out there that deserve and would cherish a break….she is awful. and a perfect example of someone that would not make even the first auditions of AMI if she didn’t have a name.

  • Laven

    if judges would go back and watch all performances…they are all gonna take those praises for joshua and philip. there’s nothing special with philip’s” we’ve got tonight”‘s rendition..it’s flat and facial expressionless..like not really feeling what he’s singing…josh is totally over the top!…annoying and irritating..and jlo and jimm killed jessica with their picks for her .tsk..tsk..tsk

  • ianboy

    i felt scared for Jessica despite her being sick and the judges picking songs for her that doesn’t really have a moment, but guess what despite her vulnerability she still delivered and still sounded amazingly!
    Joshua in the other hand is like a repetition, i know what his gona do and it’s like a church song all the time and the scream and drama that he put into it. But yes, he is a wonderful singer.
    Philips P .. oh he is a sexy man alright and with a voice. He can have the boys and guys and gays(like me) coz of his looks. But his voice is also like a repetition just like Joshua. He can sing the song with groove but hasn’t really shown what he can do with different types of genre.

    by saying this.. it’s not always gona be the Looks and the Screams.. but it’s the talent a meer idol we are all looking for. Don’t want to be bias and all.. but Jessica is in to WIN this season. She has been outstandingly versatile with her songs despite whatever type it is she delivers. Young 16 years old with such talent and control and vulnerability and despite how other people attack her. We all know everyone goes for the looks… and not talent.. it shows.. but Jessica has it all and the best singer they had for this season – no doubt!!! well i think for the entire season of American Idol – she’s the only unique Gem they have ever found.

    First gut has always been Jessica and she will win until these american people see’s what talent is all about!!!

    just like when i first saw leona lewis in x factor.. i know in a instant she will win it and she did.. hmm

    but we all have choices and opinion.. but hopefully.. america will choose wisely! TALENT is what we’re all looking for.. not looks and over dramatising everything.. ^_^

    American idol this year is the best season ever!!!!!!!

  • Sara

    Jessica all the way! Goooooooooo Jessica!

  • Rakenrawl

    Ugghhh…No More Drama! No More Screeching! No more Joshua Ledet next week,pleeease…!!!

  • neon

    Jessica all the way!

  • @iamjery

    lets stop complaining. this is not about who sang better or what. this is all about who gets the most # of votes. so VOTE FOR JESSICA now . shes obviously the best there is!

  • francis

    Joshua is not singing..he’s screaming..i don’t understand why all the judges keep on praising him.. he is good but compare to Jessica Sanchez, its flawless. the lyrics is clear and you can actually feel the message of the song..but when Joshua starts to perform all i can hear is his voice keep on shouting..and why would randy tells the viewer to vote for Joshua?duh!pls vote for the best..

  • redgyne

    why is Phillip keeps on rubbing his thighs during his third performance??

  • Glenn

    Overall, i think the song choices are biased….so I think America should vote for their favorites…

  • scotto

    Randy Jackson needs to be voted off. PP sucked all of the energy and emotion out of the Bob Seeger song and he gives him a standing O? Really? Jessica slays the Jackson Five song and he says its just ok? I can’t believe he’s still judging this competition. Jessica for the win!!!

  • Ria

    Jessica Sanchez delivered! I hope she makes it to the finale and eventually win AI.

  • francis

    vote for the best!and its Jessica Sanchez..

  • Ms Tee

    Josh Rocks, Jessica is simple, Phillip has something different

  • JM Castro

    Josh must be voted off….sorry…..he is soulful but he sounds the same all the time

  • Glenn

    P2 3rd song is a big challenge from Jimmy to him, and I think he did it…

  • pinkypro

    c’mon that was an okay performance from P2 and doesn’t earn a standing ovation Randy…nothing different..hear the original and you’ll see what I mean (only the girls loved it)

  • for jessica

    jessica sanchez for the win!!! please vote for her

  • Glenn

    Jess 3rd song introduces 3 or 4 voices, the highest being the voice of Michael Jackson’s voice and that is not easy to sing! Mistakes are inevitable, I can also hear at some point, when there is a low pitch, Jessica is struggling…but overall, she nailed it! Jimmy is praising her from the audience.

  • aria

    jessica dbest….
    support her for she rocks

  • Ms Tee

    These shows are all about the ratings !!! they know what they are doing and who will be the top 2, Josh and Jessica.

  • Laven

    one reason randy keep praising joshua’s irritating voice..geeez..well, josh will be voted of tom. people are sick and tired of judges praising him..over the top! he doesn’t like jess’s 3rd song..okey then randy, we’ll make jessica number 1 then 🙂

  • JM Castro

    randy is so obvious that he really wanted joshua to win from the very start…yes josh is good but he is not natural…sometimes he is too overrated……

  • pinkypro

    josh thinks of what antics he’ll do onstage ahead of time..the taking off the jacket thing is so rehearsed and too much for me and j lo says everything is natural?!

  • Glenn

    Randy (from Louissiana) is so biased by asking America to vote for Joshua???

  • Ms Tee

    Josh is a performer he is consistent I love to watch him, Jessica can sing but she is boring to watch .

  • Laven

    obviously judges are so bias. i don’t think people would love to hear josh screamings over the radio or over CDs. what would we expect we steven who also screams, jen is not really a good singer but a good dancer entertainer and randy, he never performed solo vocally 🙂 but i am sure joshua will never get the title..either way he won’t

  • pinkypro

    josh performance is always the same…it’s ironic the song he chose is no more drama but his performance is full of big time drama and overacting..I’ve had enough of his epileptic moves c’mon

  • Sara C

    I can’t imagine buying one of Joshua’s CDs. Philip is just OK. I really hope Jessica wins. She is definitely flawless!!! Please do not let the judge’s comments influence you….vote for the best!

  • mel

    I am so sick of the praise to Joshua. I HATED “no more drama”, not just because I don’t like the song–no real melody line- but he manipulated the audience completely and it was obvious. Sick of him and the judges praise.

  • Glenn

    Something is wrong with Joshua, I think he is feeling the pressure of the contest. Jessica has done a good job on both of the songs. Philip is great on the first song, but on the 2nd song…he went back to the old P2…

  • Mr. Bill

    I think it’s to bad that each week the judges pick one contestant to tear down and the next week that contestant is voted off…… Really…. Come on you think us fans are that stupid to think its not a set up…. Please….

  • pinkypro

    told yah jess is gonna be peakin’..and to think she delivered this song with a sore throat..

  • JM Castro

    I cant wait to see jessica’s 2nd performance…

  • pinkypro

    where is jessica’s 2nd song? hasn’t she performed yet? can’t wait…

  • pinkypro

    I think Jessica did a soulful and beautiful rendition. just taking her time and will be peaking in each song and saving the best for last…

  • JM Castro

    jessica is a silent bomb….yeah….

  • Laven

    will do. thanks

  • unknown

    search it on youtube it is posted there!

  • Laven

    why’s jessica’s video not available? 🙁

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