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  • Rose

    Your wit is appreciated, Ellen, especially since it is difficult to take these celebrities seriously!! Do they realize how they are coming across? And if they are not acting, then Hollywood is more egocentric than I thought!! It’s all about Egos, isn’t it? Loved your insight and glad to have someone following along who can point out nuances like the ones you did!! Thanks for sharing!!

  • Donald Crump

    The entire series from Episode 1 was about who raised more money period….But the finale was more about who DANIEL BOONE wanted to win Wow! Hall comeback has already bombed; not only does he look like an alien he acted like one, the meltdown and abuse he bestowed on Aubrey (talented but way too imature) makes him a bully, a predator, and a pig. His teams finale had more “dick” jokes that a Sasha Baron Cohen movie. Classy; just the meglamaniac Trumps who’s oldest son couldn’t attend “probably due to hunting and mutalating some soon to be extinct species.
    Aiken on the otherhand was sometimes a bit testy but THROUGHOUT showed poise,professionalism, and he’s been charitable prior to his fame not just when it affected him or someone he cared about.Arsenio is just weak and was wealk all year and came off as out of touch and all his make name celebs or (the in crowd) bestowed on him 167K…OBVIOUSLY they don’t want to see a comeback either.

  • Good post. I was happy with the outcome!

  • Your column is pretty forthright but the clear winner was Aiken not the washed up late night talk show host.

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