Who Went Home On MasterChef 2013 Season 4 Last Night? Week 7

After a week off for the holiday, it was time for another two hours of Master Chef Season 4 and another chance to see two more home cooks get eliminated, but who went home on MasterChef 2013 Season 4 last night for Week 7? Find out the answers in our MasterChef 2013 spoilers below!

MasterChef 2013 Season 4 - Week 7 Preview

First Hour: The night starts out with a little Mystery Box Challenge cooking Mexican food with guest judge Eva Longoria! Bri won and was able to pick out the Elimination Test for the remaining home cooks. She gave Natasha a basket of proteins to cook in a half hour and the others received baking items with a one hour time limit. Baking is not an element that Lynn has mastered and the judges send him home, after presenting a dish we didn’t even know what it was!

Second Hour: In the second hour, the remaining cooks headed to the beach to cook for some surfers. Sounds fun, right? Not when it comes to MasterChef 2013 Season 4! The drama happened and Krissi found herself on the losing team…again! In the Pressure Test, the home cooks had to cook chicken three ways for the judges: fried, sauteed and stuffed. There was a lot of raw chicken going in front of the judges, but they decided Savannah had the worst of the worst and she was sent home.

Krissi survives again and we saw Lynn and Savannah go home, which was shocking on both parts. What did you think of the judges’ choices last night on Master Chef 2013?

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