Who Won the American Baking Competition 2013 Last Night?

Last night Darlene, Brian, and Francine baked for the title of star baker, a cookbook deal, and $250,000 on the American Baking Competition 2013?  After competing for the last time in the competition who came out on top?


On the season finale of the American Baking Competition 2013 the final three bakers had to compete in the regular challenges: signature bake, technical bake, and showstopper bake.

In the signature bake, bakers could create anything they wanted as long as the product featured peanuts in a sophisticated way.  Brian and Darlene both made cake rolls that the judges enjoyed.  Francine made a chocolate peanut butter torte that had an over-baked cookie crust and a filling that was overpowered by cream cheese.

For the technical bake, bakers had to make Boston cream donuts.  Darlene shined again by serving the judges favorite donut.  Brian and Francine both had donuts that weren’t proofed enough, making for flat donuts.

Then, the bakers competed in their final challenge on the American Baking Competition.  They had to bake 72 miniature desserts.  Meringues, pastries, and cakes, 24 of each.  Emotions ran high with this being their final challenge.  The emotions got kicked up a notch when the bakers found out their friends and families were there to each the desserts!

Darlene was in the lead going into the showstopper bake, but her miniature desserts were a letdown to the judges.  Francine continued to struggle with her flavors, but Brian stepped up his game and made desserts the judges liked.

After tasting the desserts, the judges deemed Brian the winner of the American Baking Competition 2013.

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