RHOC 2013 Season 8 Episode 14 Recap: The Cold War (VIDEO)

The RHOC 2013 drama kicked into high gear for Vicki Gunvalson last week.  Will RHOC Season 8 be too much for her?  Find out what else happens to Vicki on tonight’s RHOC 2013 recap!


Last week on Real Housewives of Orange County 2013 Tamra Barney went wedding dress shopping.  All the RHOC were invited, including Alexis Bellino and Lauri Peterson.  Gretchen Rossi was not happen to see Alexis at such an intimate event, but didn’t start any drama.

The drama was started by Lauri.  Lauri didn’t intend to start drama but, when she found out Brooks and Vicki broke up she felt the need to tell Vicki a little information about Brooks.  Lauri said Brooks has been seeing a young stripper/porn star.  The news was devastating to Vicki because she still cares about Brooks.  Was it necessary for Vicki to find this out about Brooks on RHOC 2013?

After the Vicki drama the conversation turned to Gretchen, who had left early.  Heather Dubrow told the women she scored a spot on Mailbu Country and Tamra asked about Gretchen getting offered a spot on the show.  Gretchen had told Tamra that she had to turn down a spot on the show just to come to her dress shopping that day.  Heather asked around set and found out Gretchen lied.  She was never offered a spot on the show.  Lying has ruined Tamra and Gretchen’s relationship in the past; are they on another downward slide on Real Housewives of Orange County Season 8?

On tonight’s RHOC 2013 the women go to Whistler, Canada for a vacation.  Things can never be completely conflict free on RHOC 2013; Heather confronts Gretchen about Malibu Country position and Vicki confronts Lauri about the gossip she has been spreading about Vicki’s past.  Everybody else on the slopes better watch out.  The RHOC are not happy with each other!



On the new RHOC 2013 Lydia McLaghlin decided to take all the housewives to her home country Canada. Just in case Lydia needs a little defensive against the women, Alexis got Lydia a little Bible decked out in bling.

Tamra and Heather went shopping for the Canada trip.  While they were shopping Tamra brought up some of the gossip Lauri has spread about Vickie.  Tamra wants to tell Vicki but doesn’t want to betray Gretchen since Gretchen is the one who told her.

On the new RHOC 2013 the women had to take a bus to get to Whistler.  On the bus Heather told the other women she couldn’t stay long because she had to go film.  When the topic of the show came up, Gretchen defended herself and said that she did get offered a role.  It wasn’t the same role and Heather wanted to make it clear that Gretchen didn’t get offered the same role as her.  Then Alexis spoke up and said she also got offered that position.  Heather stuck to her guns and said she was the only one offered the part.  So who’s the liar?

Lydia was very excited for the trip, especially since her uncle, who lives in Canada, came to visit her and the other RHOC.  Can he handle a room full of housewives?  It didn’t take long for the housewives to introduce single Vicki to the single uncle.  The interest didn’t last too long because he dropped the bomb that he has a girlfriend.

The next day the RHOC went skiing.  Everything seemed fine on the surface but the secret about Vicki’s past was festering and Tamra couldn’t hold it in much longer.  Gretchen hasn’t said anything to Vicki, but almost every other housewife knows at this point!

After a few runs on the slope Tamra told Vicki that Lauri has been spreading sexual secrets from her past.  Vicki was upset and Tamra told Vicki to go ask Gretchen what Lauri said.  When Gretchen got to the bottom of the hill and asked Gretchen what Lauri said.  Gretchen was upset that Tamra told Vicki; there friendship could be on the rocks on Real Housewives of Orange County 2013.

In the midst of their conversation Vicki admitted that both she and her ex-husband had fidelity issues.  Their issues are why they are divorced.  Vicki attacked the messenger and the she and Gretchen had a little dispute. But their fight was nothing compared to what happened when Lauri joined them.

Vicki said the incident Lauri was referring to was her in bed fully clothed with another girl and guy watching a movie; nothing sexual.  Lauri then listed off guys and experiences Vicki has told her about.  So Lauri technically didn’t lie.  Vicki admitted she cheated on her ex-husband but Vicki still insisted Lauri was spreading rumors.

Lauri’s words got twisted around and now Vicki, Lauri, and Gretchen are all upset!  Lydia wasn’t happy that her trip turned into such a drama-fest but there was nothing she could do.  Hopefully the rest of their trip goes better on next week’s RHOC 2013.

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  1. Oh Lauri, are you out of money or just bored from your gold digging? Either way, you need to crawl back under your rock. You’re no longer welcome, and your manipulating was just plain stupid and totally backfired on you. Try taking care of your out of control, drug consuming kids. And by the way, as long as we’re all getting “up in everyone’s business”….how many baby daddies for all your kids?

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