Big Brother 2013 Spoilers: The New Head of Household Is…

After the CBS broadcast of Big Brother 2013 ended, the remaining houseguests–everyone minus David–continued to compete for the HOH title. As host Julie Chen explained during the live broadcast, the HOH competition’s winner would be who ever could fill their jugs full of BBQ sauce the fastest. Each housemate was randomly paired with another, and at the end of the race, the winning team must choose among themselves the new Head of Household.

Picture provided by Big Brother Live Feeds and Big Brother Leaks

Picture provided by Big Brother Live Feeds and Big Brother Leaks

After about thirty minutes of running back and forth to fill their jugs, the race became close between Jeremy and Aaryn, and Andy and Elissa.  Jeremy and Aaryn kept a slight lead throughout the race. It seems fitting that these two teams would be the ones dying for the new Big Brother 2013 HOH title. Aaryn has just lost her boyfriend. She also lost him by being totally blindsided by the Big Brother 2013 housemates. Jeremy went against his alliance to vote for David, so he probably feels the need to protect himself and try again at getting Elissa out. Elissa just came very close to elimination so she needs to protect herself, and get people clearly targeting her out. Andy may not need to win the HOH, but he may just want that reassurance of safety.

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After about an hour into the competition, Judd and Nick managed to get the big cups and started to gain on Aaryn, Jeremy, Elissa and Andy.  However, Jeremy and Aaryn get to the ball first. They then decide who should become the new Head of Household. But, before they can do that, there is a cheating conspiracy.  Big Brother does not step it to resolve this and lets Aaryn gets the HOH title. She names Elissa, Candice, Andy and Helen as “Have-Nots” for the week.

Oh Brother, it’s going to be a long Big Brother 2013 week.

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