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  • Stephanie

    GAY. and the DAY. is LONG.

  • Straight Guy

    I don’t care if Drew or Mike are gay (I think they are), nothing wrong with that. But, they have to be there for the right reasons.

  • Steve

    Drew and Michael are so gay they could co-host the Tony awards! Most of the other guys are feminine too. Des could find love if she could only find a guy who was less of a girl than she is.

  • John

    Gurl is gay gay gay!!!! Wow.

  • John

    Gurl is gay gay gay!!!! Wow. Anyone who thinks he’s straight probably also thinks Tom Cruise is straight lol.

  • kelly

    First of all, Drew’s dad is definitely alive and watching the show. I know this because I know the family. Second of all, Drew is definitely not gay. I know this because he would be fine and open with it if he was. Let’s stop the stereotype that suggests that good looking, sensitive, and compassionate men are gay. It is actually quite offensive to straight men suggesting they are all horrid, callous, and brutish.

    • It’s not those things, but the voice and his mannerisms which set it off for me.

    • John Gonzalez

      Kelly chill out, I’m gay and my gaydar has been going off since the show started. The dude definitely gives off a gay vibe, and its not only for the reasons you suggest. The dude is def gay, or maybe I need to take my gaydar in for a tune-up.

    • Petunia Vasquez

      Anyone that thinks the reason Drew is being accused of being gay is because he’s cute, sensitive and emotional..needs a reality check. That opinion is not based on the naive notion that only men that have those qualities are gay. It is based on the fact that the cute boy is FLAMING! Anyone that doesn’t think he is, must be watching another show…or is just plain naive.

  • Victoria Lynn

    What I don’t understand is the “I”m only here for you” comment from Des. That MUST have been taken out of context, huh?

  • Anna Wodlinger

    Drew is not gay. He has effeminate qualities, as do both Michael and Brooks. Not gay either. Drew most likely leaves because his dad has little time left. Also, the Bachelor shows have been known to edit clips to make things look differently.

    Poor Des, these guys really stink this season for so many reasons!

    So glad I can watch the show online from Japan! I am addicted!

  • Rhae Leigh

    I think he hooked up with another guy on the show like “Brooks:0.” Yes, he has gay tendencies, yes they both do. I think he came clean to maybe shine some light on Brooks. We all know how “HONEST” Drew likes to be about others.

  • Corrin

    DREWS NOT GAYY, and YES maybe hes dad dies or maybe he cant have kids, its gotta be somthing with family cuz its soo important to him.

  • Shannon

    I think his Dad died…I can’t take this suspense! I have liked Chris & Brooks from the beginning but Drew stepped it up in the last episode….then the sneak peek showed her saying she is only there for him?? That’s SO not allowed….hopefully they tricked us 🙂

  • Sherri

    Well he also just told her he falls more and more in love with her everyday what the hell happens I cant wait a week why would he leave? When she was crying he showed no remourse or emotion either

    • Yeah, in the clip he said it isn’t going to work.

  • Chayse

    I believe that his dad died, he said in an earlier episode that his dad has cancer.

    • That is a thought, but I don’t think she would get that upset over it, do you? I would think she would be more understanding.

  • Craig

    I am gay, and I don’t think that Drew is. My money is that he hooks up with some local woman and decides that he has to tell Desiree.

  • priscilla

    When I first saw drew I thought he was gay. When I first heard michael speak Ithought he was gay. Anyways I’m wondering if that is the problem because on the next scenes it shows drew telling des straight up that it will never work. I just don’t get why he would wait so long to tell her.

  • sheila

    I thought the same thing is “he gay”, I have a pretty good gaydar

  • Ivana

    Drew is not gay ! I would be so sad if he leaves.

  • Myla

    HE’S NOT GAY!!!! but I would hate to see him leave

  • Renee

    I’ve been saying the same thing about Drew since the beginning. He’s gay.

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