Mistresses on ABC Season 1 Recap: Episode 5 – Decisions, Decisions

Last week on ABC’s Mistresses we watched as all the ladies got themselves involved in something they shouldn’t have, Mistresses on ABC is proving to be one of the better shows of this summer’s lineup. April probably got herself into a bit of hot water by helping Miranda out, we also found out that Miranda is working her over a bit anyways. Savi has yet to tell Harry about her infidelity and her pregnancy. Joss finds herself in the middle of Alex and Sally’s breakup when they have a huge blowout about the friendship between Alex and Joss. If you missed any of the excitement, check out my Mistresses recap right here!Mistresses on ABC Season 1 Recap Episode 5 - Decisions, DecisionsThis week on ABC’s Mistresses we get to watch as Joss tries to help Alex through the process of moving out of Sally’s house, Sally is probably not going to be very welcoming to this. Karen gets another visit from the investigator in Tom’s insurance case, this can’t be good, especially because Karen can’t seem to stay away from Sam. Savi is continuing to hide her pregnancy as she is eagerly waiting for the results of the paternity test, I can’t wait to find out who the father is! If you want to know what happened on tonight’s Mistresses on ABC, you better keep reading!

Tonight’s episode starts off Savi and Harry having some morning conversation about a dream Harry had and about Savi’s breathe being “different”. Alex walks into Joss’s room and finds a guy sleeping in her bed, they are talking about how hard it has been for Alex with the breakup and she asks Joss to help her move out. April is meeting with her business partner to talk about how much money she doesn’t have because of all the debts she has accrued over the time after Paul died.

April gets a phone call from Lucy’s school, she never showed up so April runs off to find her. Karen gets a surprise visit from the investigator from the insurance company, he wants her written notes from her sessions with Tom leading up to his death, she refuses to give them to him without a subpoena.

Savi gets a phone call from Harry while she is in her office, he tells her that he has done some research on why her breathe smelled different and one of the typical reasons for a metallic smell to a woman’s breathe is pregnancy! Uh oh, this may not be good for her and her dirty little secret!

Alex and Joss get back to Joss’s room, naked guy is gone and Joss tells her she is going to jump in the shower and to pick a place to have brunch. While in the shower, Joss gets a surprise, Alex strips down and gets into the shower with her! Oh boy!

April gets to the school and when the principle comes in and points her towards her office, Richard is sitting there. Apparently Lucy and his daughter cut class together to see Selena Gomez at an area bookstore. Savi is trying to get her test results early, but she hasn’t had any luck with it. After hanging up the phone, Savi hears a woman giggling outside her office, she realizes its a new worker in the office who is flirting with Dom.

Savi sends the young lady on an errand across town, when she explains to Savi that she is new to the area, Savi doesn’t seem to care. When the young lady leave, she snaps at Dom about her having work to do and walks away.

Back at Savi’s, Joss and Alex are raiding the fridge, Harry walks in and sees them being very flirty and walks back out. They talk a little bit about Joss not being gay and not really the one for relationship. Alex explains to her that she just got out of a five year relationship and isn’t looking to jump into anything either.

Karen meets with Tom’s widow, Elizabeth, to tell her that she got a visit from the investigator again. When Elizabeth asks why he would need all her notes now, Karen tells her that she isn’t sure, then Elizabeth tells her that might explain why he went to visit her housekeeper too. When Karen tells her that her decision to do that was probably not a good idea.

Elizabeth gets angry and walks away in the middle of their meeting when they clearly have more to talk about. Before leaving for work, Savi and Harry are chatting and then all of a sudden Harry tells her that he bought her something, he pulls out a pregnancy test. Joss walks into the kitchen to find Harry there and he is giving her some speech about how sleeping with Alex is probably going to strain their friendship. Joss gets angry and walks out.

Back at the office, Savi is approached by Dom and he asks her about the issue she had with the girl in the office yesterday. She tells him that she is jealous of him because he can do whatever he wants without what they did bothering him and that what they did has effected her life greatly and he doesn’t seem to be effected at all. He tells her how wrong she is and that he doesn’t regret what they did, but the reason he came to talk to her is because it does effect him. Feelings definitely complicate things!

While at Sally’s house, Alex and Joss are talking about what she wants to take and what she wants to leave. Sally shows up early from work, she has a cold, Alex offers to get Sally something but she rejects her offer and Alex goes to get some things out of the bathroom. When Alex leaves the room, Joss gets an earful about how this is all her fault and that before Alex met her she had no problems in her relationship.

Alex comes out of the bathroom and the conversation between Joss and Sally ends. Sally tells Alex not to forget to give her the key back, she hands it to her and walks out of the room. April and Lucy are having lunch, Lucy isn’t talking to April. April talks to her about her cutting school and says that all she had to do was ask and she would have taken her, this starts an argument between them.

At Karen’s office, Elizabeth shows up to talk to Karen about dropping her claim from the insurance company. Elizabeth basically asks Karen to lie to the investigator and tell him that Tom was suicidal, when Karen tells her that she can’t do that because it would raise more suspicion and she could lose her medical license, Elizabeth says that doing this would help both of them out. Elizabeth tells her to fabricate notes and stuff because she can’t risk Sam finding out about Elizabeth helping Tom kill himself.

Back at Savi’s Harry made her a drink to make her need to pee so she can take the pregnancy test, Savi drinks it and then goes into the bathroom. She is obviously scared out of her mind, a few moments later, Savi comes out of the bathroom and tells Harry that she is bleeding. Is she really or is she lying is my question.

The next day at the office, Karen is told that she got another visit from the investigator, well she doesn’t, her partner does, mainly asking about their office policies. Savi goes to the doctor, she is still pregnant, spotting is normal at this stage but she has the problem of high blood pressure and heart rate. She is told that she needs to make some lifestyle changes if she wants to have a healthy pregnancy and baby.

Richard shows up at April’s store and while they are talking April comes clean about the things that have been bothering her and tells him that she is jealous about the rebellious streak her daughter is going through because she has never done anything like that. Just then, she realizes that Richard wasn’t just in the area, he came there in hopes something would spark between them.

Karen decides to change her notes, Joss and Alex are chit chatting, after Joss blew her off for lunch and Joss leaves the guy in her room alone to go see her. April and Richard are having a hot and steamy moment, they totally lost track of the time and think that they need to rush off to the kids, when they both realize that they don’t have their kids for the time being.

Back at Savi’s, Savi is walking in after work and she is looking pretty distraught. Harry asks her what is wrong and she tells him that she is pregnant and that the baby might not be his! Come back next week to find out what happens next in this twisted story! I can’t wait and I know you can’t either!

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