Babysitter Stephanie Santoro Admits Affair with Jon Gosselin

Chalk up another notch on the bedpost for Jon & Kate Plus 8 star Jon Gosselin. Babysitter Stephanie Santoro has admitted to an affair with the still-married father of eight. Even worse, Santoro says Jon Gosselin asked her to lie to girlfriend Hailey Glassman so she wouldn’t break up with him.

Intouch Weekly

In an interview with InTouch Weekly, nanny Stephanie Santoro claims she had an ongoing affair with employer Jon Gosselin while he was dating Hailey Glassman. Santoro alleges she and Jon Gosselin had sex a total of nine times, while his eight kids slept in the house next door to his garage apartment. Jon Gosselin moved into the apartment above the garage at the home he owns with estranged wife Kate Gosselin after the couple separated.

Revealing far too much information about the alleged affair, Stephanie Santoro said Jon Gosselin “wasn’t terrible, but it wasn’t the best I ever had.” The babysitter claims the affair started one night after Gosselin asked her for a “massage,” which rapidly led to a romp in the hot tub, followed by a turn in the sack. The alleged affair at one point reportedly led to a screaming match between Kate Gosselin and her soon-to-be ex-husband at the couple’s home that got so nasty the cops were eventually called to break it up.

Jon Gosselin allegedly kept bumping nasties with Santoro even as he claimed to the media that girlfriend Hailey Glassman was his “soul mate.” In her own interview with InTouch Weekly, Santoro’s mom Marci says Gosselin asked her daughter to tell Glassman the two were not involved. Allegedly, Jon Gosselin didn’t want Glassman to know about the affair because “there was too much stuff, like the clothing line, that Hailey was involved in” and Gosselin wasn’t ready to break it off with her yet.

Gross. That’s just nasty. No wonder Jon Gosselin’s divorce lawyer dumped him. We wouldn’t want to be within 100 miles of this scumbag.

Of course, Santoro and her mom could be lying through their teeth about the whole affair. Or maybe she slept with Jon Gosselin just so she could sell her story later. What we just can’t get, however, is why anyone would want to hook up with this guy? And if they did, why on Earth they would want to admit to such a horrid lapse in judgment and become a public figure of ridicule for their bad taste?


  1. Jon Gosselin seems like a womanizer to me. I still hope that he would still reconcile with Kate.od couple. *

  2. i dont like Jon Gosselin, this guy is a womanizer and he just likes to have some publicity.

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