Big Brother 2013 Spoilers: Who Won Big Brother MVP For Week 1?

The fun has just begun on Big Brother 15, as we all saw the Big Brother 2013 premiere last night and see Big Brother host Julie Chen give us more details on all the new twists this season, including the Big Brother MVP, so who won Big Brother MVP for Week 1? Our new Big Brother 2013 spoilers below might give us a better understanding.

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We found out that the MVP will be voted on each week by America and the winner will be announced right before the Power of Veto competition. For the MVP, they will be able to nominate one houseguest to be put up for elimination. The MVP will be told in secret that they are MVP and the person they vote for will not know who nominated them! This is such a huge twist on Big Brother 2013!

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The Live Feeds provided us with some more details last night, as the houseguests seem to think the Power of Veto competition will be today! That means the MVP will be announced and the third nominee will be announced. Who do you think won MVP? And who will they nominate?

I am thinking it could be Elissa Slater winning MVP, since she was getting a lot of pre-show buzz going into Big Brother 15. What do you think?

***Update: The winner of the Big Brother MVP was indeed Elissa Slater, so we are stuck with her for at least one more week. We knew this was coming though!

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