Hell’s Kitchen 2013 Live Recap: Episode 16- Relay Race

With only six chefs left on Hell’s Kitchen 2013, who will make it to the Hell’s Kitchen Season 11 finale? The eliminations get more emotional as the competition progresses.  Who will be eliminated on tonight’s Hell’s Kitchen 2013 Live Recap?


On last week’s Hell’s Kitchen 2013 Jon was rewarded with immunity.  Even though he had immunity, the rest of his team didn’t fare so well.  Anthony and Zach couldn’t seem to pull it together on Hell’s Kitchen Season 11.  After several mistakes Chef Gordon Ramsay pulled Anthony aside to warn him to pull it together.  Even though he recovered, it wasn’t enough for Ramsay.  Anthony was eliminated on last week’s Hell’s Kitchen 2013.

The men’s team quickly deteriorated on Hell’s Kitchen 2013.  First Nedra joined their team to even up the numbers.  After being eliminated, the other women were skeptical about who else should take the blue team plunge.   Ja’Nel decided to step up and join the blue team tonight.  Will joining the blue team be the end for Ja’Nel on Hell’s Kitchen 2013?

Tonight the top six chefs compete in a relay race.  Each team member will have to prepare a meal before the next person can start.  Each team only has 30 minutes to make their dishes!  Who will hold up their team?



On the new Hell’s Kitchen 2013 Zach and Jon and happy to have Ja’Nel on their team and think they will be winning the next challenge.  Cyndi wishes Susan would have gone to the blue team.

For this week’s Hell’s Kitchen 2013 team challenge; the last team challenge on Hell’s Kitchen Season 11, Ramsay tested the chef’s teamwork. The teams had 30 minutes to cook three dishes, but each person would only cook five minutes at a time.  The chefs had to alternate turns and communicate with each other in order to finish on time.

Cyndi and Zach went first.  Zach was slow to start and didn’t accomplish much in the first five minutes. When Ja’Nel and Susan entered the kitchen they both found things a little unorganized.  Both kitchens had pans start on fire which Ramsay put out for them.

Jon and Mary went next.  The ovens weren’t hot enough in Jon’s kitchen and the halibut hadn’t been started in Mary’s.  Then, Jon dropped the chicken.

Zach had to redo the chicken and Cyndi burned the halibut.  With ten minutes to go Susan forgot to sear the chicken.  Jon and Mary were responsible for finishing all three dishes.

Mary left one plate with nothing on it and Jon served raw lamb.  Ramsay wasn’t happy with either lamb dish so nobody received a point.  The men received a point for their chicken dish and their halibut.  Blue team finally won another challenge on Hell’s Kitchen Season 11.  As a reward, the blue team got a helicopter tour of LA and got to indulge in expensive caviar.  Maybe Ja’Nel was the red team’s strongest player after all!

Cyndi couldn’t handle the unloading of the truck and had to see a medic after she couldn’t breathe and had her chest tighten up.  It turned out to be an asthma attack and she quickly returned to the kitchen.

Before diner service Ja’Nel asked what the blue team struggled with during dinner service.  Jon told her that certain people shut down during service; he was talking about Zach.

After tonight’s dinner service the chefs will become on team on Hell’s Kitchen 2013.  Who will make it and who will be eliminated on tonight’s Hell’s Kitchen 2013 Live Recap?

Ja’Nel was confident she could lead the blue team to a dinner service win.  What she couldn’t do was fix Zach’s problems.  He had his numbers wrong but was able to finish his plates without holding up the rest of his team.  The red team also got off to a good start.

When the teams moved on to entrees, Zach started out with mistake once again.  He burned his lamb and had to re-do it.  On the red team, Cyndi started cooking her entrees before the appetizers for the table were served.  She then overcooked her lobster and on her re-fire she served it raw.  Ramsay pulled them all into the pantry to yell at them.  Is the red team falling apart without Ja’Nel on Hell’s Kitchen 2013?

It was just what the red team needed.  After getting yelled at, they pulled it together and continued serving entrees.  The blue team’s weak link was clearly Zach.  Zach wasn’t communicating with Ramsay or his teammates and it was frustrating all of them.

Not only was his communication a problem, but his meat cooking wasn’t good either.  Ramsay warned him to pull it together or get kicked out.

The women finished a successful dinner service first on Hell’s Kitchen 2013.  The blue team wasn’t far behind.  Won is the winning team?

Ramsay decided both teams were winners.  Despite both teams winning, he would only be giving out four black jackets.  Both teams had to nominate a chef for elimination.

The red team debated the weakest player; but ended up choosing Cyndi.  The blue team’s decision wasn’t so hard.  The weakest player was obviously Zach but Ja’Nel knows that it would be better to eliminate her biggest competition, Jon.

The blue team ended up nominating Zach and the red team nominated Cyndi.  Ramsay didn’t agree with the red team’s decision and questioned them on their decision.  Ramsay decided to ask Ja’Nel who the weakest chef on the red team is.

Ja’Nel said the weakest chef on the red team was Susan. The new nominees were Susan and Zach.  Zach was eliminated on tonight’s Hell’s Kitchen 2013.  Who will get the black jackets?

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