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  • Job

    I don’t think Sasha’s going home, I couldn’t even get through to her line! Not even the next morning, I got sorry the lines busy 5 times

  • Michelle needs to go!

  • MAS

    If we consider the voice, I think that Amber Carrington and the Swon Brothers have the weakest voices – either technically or qualitatively. I think it’s a shame for the Voice to have sent home very talented people such as Kris Thomas, Holly Tucker or – shockingly – Judith Hill. It is also a shame to let people like the formers move on and be supported so strongly – and unknowingly – by fans on iTunes. I just can’t bear that Sasha Allen and Michelle Chamuel are the most likely to go home tonight. But why should I be surprised if this is what happened to many like these two in the previous seasons? I think I have to focus on the UK version because they really appreciate the talent and know that “the Voice” is “the Voice” and not something else. Please, Americans, try to make the real talents that you have feel they can make it through.

    • MENOS

      “I think that Amber Carrington and the Swon Brothers have the weakest voices”

      I would like to see Michelle Chamuel sing an Adele song like Amber did.

      • MAS

        I would also like you to make a fair comparison between both of them and see who deserves the most to stay in the competition. I’ve been scrupulously following the 3rd and 4th seasons of the Voice and I notice that there are many vocalists who had almost the same tone as Amber (many of them didn’t even manage to turn chairs). So far, I haven’t heard any contstant having the same tone as Michelle. She is unique in her style and she has good vocal abilities (I do not say she is excellent).

    • Debra

      Michelle and Sasha are not going home tonight. Sasha and Amber will. Every week so far, the iTunes downloads have been accurate indicator of where everyone stands. The x10 votes are cumulative, so Amber being in the top 10 this week cancels out Michelle from last week. Leaving the “Top 10” out of the mix, Michelle’s songs have charted much better than Amber’s, so Michelle will be safe. Amber and Sasha’s singles have sold the least amount, so my guess is these are the two leaving us tonight. That x10 rule needs to change. It’s unfair and not representative of real votes.

      • The votes are cumulative, but that is for the final vote and not the weekly vote. Each week’s votes are separate and the final three singers will have their total votes on iTunes throughout the season counted toward their final vote total, so Michelle being in the Top 10 last week does not cancel out Amber this week.

        • Debra

          Thanks for the clarification on cumulative votes, Todd! Either way, the cumulative effect saves them in the end, does it not? Lol

  • Jay

    Danielle Bradbery should when this. The Swon Brothers show how much country music means in this country but they don’t have the diversity. If iTunes tells anything it says people that are willing to spend a couple of bucks for a VOTE will do it. Plus if you make it in the top ten that is a huge bonus and the Swon Brothers have two

    • Debra

      Swon Brothers have more diversity than Danielle. Swons have performed their version of country, rock and pop songs. Danielle has only performed country. That x10 voting bonus needs to go away. It is unfair and not representative of real votes, so why add it to the score?



  • Mae

    I am not quite sure if they announce the saved artists by number of votes ranking. It seems to me for the past few weeks. If this is correct, then Sasha Allen might be saved defying Itunes ranking. Sasha has defied Itunes rank prediction several times on this competition. Seems to me she has a bigger text votes based which maybe are largely Shakira’s fans. We’ll never know.

  • Danielle

    Sasha has by far the best VOICE. This show is called THE VOICE – right?
    So I think Sasha should win.
    I don’t like Michelle at all – I think Michelle and Amber should go home tonight.

  • Swon Bros. and Amber Carrington, just OK

  • Susan

    Hope to see Michelle, Danielle and the Swon Brothers as the final three.
    Don’t like Sasha at all and Amber is only ok.

    • SHELLY


  • K

    Danielle should go home, she’s one dimensional. No risk no reward.

    • Danielle

      What do you mean ‘one dimensional’?

      • K

        She doesn’t take risks vocally. She’s 16 and wants to be a country singer, but I think Blake is keeping her safe by not taking risks like the others.

    • Jay

      What show have you been watching? Adam said she hit the hardest note in the competition. Her range is phenomenal. This girl is crazy good.

    • MAS

      Although she is unidimensional, she can be qualified as okay, vocally.

  • Joy D’Angelo

    I sadly agree. However, just for the record. Sasha Allen hit numbers 2 and 3 on the R&B/Soul charts, which will also give her the x10. Being that Sasha’s made it through when she wasn’t even charting on itunes, she’s a dark horse. Her phone votes have to be pretty high!

    • T.K.

      The 10x multiplier is only for the itunes top 100 chart. Sasha won’t get the bonus for the R&B/Soul Charts.

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