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  • Not the Solution

    Nia needs to be kicked out 100% anytime you take a weapon yes a hair dryer can be a weapon i seen people die from a punch to the head and then how would you feel . She took it to the over the exstream and then to punch someone in the back of the head can cause the same result. She definantly should be arrested. She caused the whole thing she even states before anything she was going to harrass them. all over dog poo and boogie toliet paper that kind of violance is wrong,

  • Nexus

    If Nia doesn’t go to jail and get kicked off the show MTV should be sued for damages related to the incident. I have watched since day one, this is so far out of line I was shocked to see it even progress as far as it did without producer mediation. The alarm clock to the head in earlier episodes was creepy….and not addressed.

    Horrible example!!!!!!

  • Sam

    The liquid is quite identifiable, it’s an energy drink. I love the use of the word chemical like they have acid readily available on the bathroom sink.

    • JoshandKimplus2

      You know the contents of a can liquid located in a bathroom (vomit)? Now that is a little presumptuous of you. Johnny is a disgusting, disrespectful, coward that continuously disrespects women. Did he deserve to be beaten in the face- heck no- but Nia didn’t deserve being assaulted either. This situation could have been avoided if Johnny would have refrained from his low class bullying. As far as the dog, why is there even a dog in the house? Also, why does Avery think it is okay to not clean up HER dogs poop? That’s unsanitary and I can’t imagine what her actual apartment looks like but she seems like a filthy person. Nia has made the season interesting- even though her immature behavior is unacceptable and she should be removed from the house (so should Avery for striking Nia first).

      • dBranch

        You are absolutely right. Johnny started the whole thing by demanding that she pick up his dogs feces just because she plays with the dog and stepped in the dogs poop which wasn’t her fault. If I play with your kid; Am I now obligated to clean the your child’s poop? Hell know. You can tell Johnny has degraded women all his life and got away with it. He finally got his head pounded in by one that wasn’t having it. Avery sanctions everything he does and she will soon see the light once she moves to Boston with that A-Hole. And water or whatever he threw on her, is considered a simple assault. His punk ass wouldn’t do that to a man but he sure loves cursing at, degrading and throwing things on women. The they have the nerve to hold a meeting to get her kicked out after they started the whole thing. They should be the on the chopping block along with her. I don’t condone violence but I’m tired of him picking on women and I’m glad one stood up to him instead of running away and crying.

  • TeamNiaaaa

    “Averey and Johnny’s room ” ROFL… wrong. That room belongs to Averey AND Nia, nice try though.

    “This turns into Johnny getting in her face” wrong again boo boo, it results is Johnny dousing Nia in a chemical.

    “Averey grabs her and starts beating the crap out of her” by this you surely mean missing the first three punches right?

    Clearly Easy A and he gargoyle look-a-like boyfriend have no class.

    Nia made the show, without her it would have flopped, kind of like your inability to accurately summarize an episode.

    Bloop! Team Nia

    • Joshandkim

      Agreed. I do believe that Nia, Johnny, and Avery should all go home. I understood Nia hitting Johnny once- on response to the liquid being thrown at her- I don’t agree with her continuously assaulting him. In all honesty, Johnny could have really hurt her, so it was a stupid move on her part.

  • Zbz

    I really don’t like nia she is a terrible person Johnny I give you all the props in the world for takin that like a man omg someone threw toilet paper on me so I’m goin to beat the shot out of them grow up bitch really and Avery way to stand by ur Man U r a down ass chick the chick nia thinks she is when in reality she is just a trashy bitch I really don’t like her

  • itsnotthatseriousdude

    Good recap. If nia came at me I’d just pepper spray her and walk away. NEXT.

  • JoshandKimplus2

    You forgot to add the part about Johnny throwing a can of unidentifiable liquid on Nia- prior to her striking him. The toilet paper also had what Johnny referred to as “boogers” on it- which is pretty gross and disrespectful. So if you are going to do a recap. please be complete in your story-telling.

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