Real World Portland Live Recap: Episode 11 – Welcome To The Show!

The Real World Portland is starting to wind down and we are coming up on the season finale next week. So far, since the treaty by Nia was put in place, the drama in the house has been at a minimum. That is, aside from Johnny getting jealous about Averey talking to some guy at the bar who happened to be from the same area Johnny lives in. If you happened to miss some of the events from last weeks show make sure you check out my Real World Portland live recap right here!

Real World Portland Episode 11

This week we will probably see some tempers rise again, after all it wouldn’t be Real World Portland if the roomies didn’t fight, right? Last week we found out that Averey has plans to move to Boston with Johnny after the show ends, however, what will happen to Jess and Tyler? Will they end up back together or will they just go their separate ways like Tyler implied he wanted to do. Who breaks up with someone in an email? I guess we will have to wait and see and I hope you will join in with my Real World Portland live recap right here, right now!

Tonight’s episode of the Real World Portland starts out with Johnny trying to bring Daisy for a walk but it’s raining and she is not having it. Nia and Daisy seem to be getting along really well though. Nia and Jess have a personal trainer in the house helping them release some frustrations. Jess needs this because she is still pretty upset about the break-up with Tyler. Jess and Marlon have been really bonding spiritually and I think it is good for both of them. Jess has decided to take an oath of purity, she is telling Ana about it at work and she doesn’t agree with her decision at all.

Ana doesn’t think that Jess isn’t doing this for the right reasons and Jess is getting upset so instead of listening to it any further Ana goes outside. Ana and Averey are now talking about Jess and her celibacy oath and Ana is telling Averey that she is not buying into this whole thing. Jess went out and bought a purity ring and she is now in the confession booth and preaching. Ana is talking crap about Jess to Johnny and she is telling him that she thinks this is all for the attention. Nia supports her in this and she seems to be the only one in the house, aside from Marlon that thinks she is doing this for the right reasons.

Johnny is attempting to bring Daisy out in the rain again, but she is refusing to go out, he finally gets her out of the house and she is taking her time doing what she needs to. Jess is in on the computer looking things up when all of a sudden Ana goes into the room and tells her that she has something to get off her chest, oh boy here we go! Isn’t she the one who wanted the house to be drama free?

Ana tells her that she can understand where she is coming from but she sees the inconsistencies in her actions and that she can’t be friends with her and that she doesn’t like her. Jess tries to speak her piece but Ana doesn’t really give her the chance to talk before walking out of the room. Johnny, Marlon, Averey, Jordan and Ana are all going out fishing and of course the topic of conversation is Jess and her inability to keep promises to herself.

Back at the house, Nia goes in to do her confession and she steps in dog poop! She is flipping out and she is refusing to clean it up and she plans on making Johnny and Averey do it when they get back. Nia is pretty grossed out and on her way to the bathroom to wash it off she leaves a trail of it all the way to the bathroom. Nia is really refusing to clean it up, she feels that it is Averey’s dog she should be cleaning up after Daisy.

When they all get home, Nia tells Averey and Ana what happened when she went into the confessional. She doesn’t mention that she didn’t pick it up though and Averey and Johnny are too concerned with giving her a bath to go check and see if it’s still in there. Then Johnny goes into the confessional and sees it, tells Nia that she needs to pick it up. Nia tells him that she is not cleaning it because Daisy is not her dog, Johnny is mad about it because it’s smeared in the carpet. Averey is pretty upset that everyone can feed her and take her out but when Daisy poops on the floor no one can put it away.

Ana puts her nose into their argument and Johnny tells her to shut up and that she isn’t part of the argument. She tell him to…well…I can’t repeat what she said, but it wasn’t nice at all. Johnny and Averey tell Nia she is not allowed near Daisy, Ana and Averey are now arguing over Johnny talking to Ana the way he did. Johnny sees Ana crying on the couch and he tries to apologize to her but she is just really fed up.

Jess is talking to Johnny and Averey about everything and how when people start getting along something else happens that starts a fight. Jess and Nia are now talking about it and Nia is telling Jess that she doesn’t even really care about Johnny and Averey being mad at her. She feels bad for Ana being yelled at in the midst of it. Johnny and Averey are yelling at Nia now for trying to call Daisy to her, this is going to get really, really bad!

Ana and Nia go out to eat and Nia is telling Ana about how while Johnny and Averey were eating she started calling Daisy. Jordan, Marlon, Johnny and Averey are all out talking about what has been going on and Marlon is thinking that even though Nia apologized to Johnny and Averey the issues were never resolved. Marlon is still saying that she could be a good person and Averey is just not agreeing with this at all.

Nia gets back to the house and sees that Daisy has gotten into the garbage, Nia then takes Daisy into the confessional and starts talking to it like it’s Averey and Johnny. She has some crude things to say and then she lets Daisy go on her marry way. Johnny then gets all the garbage picked up and they go to bed. Nia then decides that she is going to go into Averey and Johnny’s room while they are sleeping and turns on the light and starts calling Daisy again.

Averey then gets up and so does Johnny, this is gonna go really bad. Johnny goes into the bathroom and puts a piece of toilet paper on her and she puts it down the back of his shirt as he’s walking away. This turns into Johnny getting in her face and Nia flips out! Starts throwing punches and just beating on him and because he refuses to hit her back she just keeps punching him in the face and body. Jordan and Marlon come in and split them up, Nia takes her broken hair dryer and starts to go after Johnny with it!

Johnny is bleeding from his mouth and now Averey is getting in the middle of this and she is putting her hair up! When Johnny opens the door to the room he was in, she attacks him with the hair dryer and Averey grabs her and starts beating the crap out of her! Marlon is so fed up with this that he leaves the house. Johnny is holding Averey back, Jordan has Nia, this is going to be bad! During this, Ana and Jess are bonding in the bedroom and Ana apologizes to her and tells her she is going to be there for her.

Back in Averey and Johnny’s room, Nia is throwing lotion and stuff at Averey but her and Johnny are just cleaning it up and ignoring her otherwise. Nia leaves the room and tries to talk to Ana and Jess, but they don’t want any part of this. I can’t wait to see the season finale next week! Make sure you don’t miss it and you come watch Real World Portland with me next week!

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  1. Not the Solution says:

    Nia needs to be kicked out 100% anytime you take a weapon yes a hair dryer can be a weapon i seen people die from a punch to the head and then how would you feel . She took it to the over the exstream and then to punch someone in the back of the head can cause the same result. She definantly should be arrested. She caused the whole thing she even states before anything she was going to harrass them. all over dog poo and boogie toliet paper that kind of violance is wrong,

  2. If Nia doesn’t go to jail and get kicked off the show MTV should be sued for damages related to the incident. I have watched since day one, this is so far out of line I was shocked to see it even progress as far as it did without producer mediation. The alarm clock to the head in earlier episodes was creepy….and not addressed.

    Horrible example!!!!!!

  3. The liquid is quite identifiable, it’s an energy drink. I love the use of the word chemical like they have acid readily available on the bathroom sink.

    • JoshandKimplus2 says:

      You know the contents of a can liquid located in a bathroom (vomit)? Now that is a little presumptuous of you. Johnny is a disgusting, disrespectful, coward that continuously disrespects women. Did he deserve to be beaten in the face- heck no- but Nia didn’t deserve being assaulted either. This situation could have been avoided if Johnny would have refrained from his low class bullying. As far as the dog, why is there even a dog in the house? Also, why does Avery think it is okay to not clean up HER dogs poop? That’s unsanitary and I can’t imagine what her actual apartment looks like but she seems like a filthy person. Nia has made the season interesting- even though her immature behavior is unacceptable and she should be removed from the house (so should Avery for striking Nia first).

      • dBranch says:

        You are absolutely right. Johnny started the whole thing by demanding that she pick up his dogs feces just because she plays with the dog and stepped in the dogs poop which wasn’t her fault. If I play with your kid; Am I now obligated to clean the your child’s poop? Hell know. You can tell Johnny has degraded women all his life and got away with it. He finally got his head pounded in by one that wasn’t having it. Avery sanctions everything he does and she will soon see the light once she moves to Boston with that A-Hole. And water or whatever he threw on her, is considered a simple assault. His punk ass wouldn’t do that to a man but he sure loves cursing at, degrading and throwing things on women. The they have the nerve to hold a meeting to get her kicked out after they started the whole thing. They should be the on the chopping block along with her. I don’t condone violence but I’m tired of him picking on women and I’m glad one stood up to him instead of running away and crying.

  4. TeamNiaaaa says:

    “Averey and Johnny’s room ” ROFL… wrong. That room belongs to Averey AND Nia, nice try though.

    “This turns into Johnny getting in her face” wrong again boo boo, it results is Johnny dousing Nia in a chemical.

    “Averey grabs her and starts beating the crap out of her” by this you surely mean missing the first three punches right?

    Clearly Easy A and he gargoyle look-a-like boyfriend have no class.

    Nia made the show, without her it would have flopped, kind of like your inability to accurately summarize an episode.

    Bloop! Team Nia

    • Joshandkim says:

      Agreed. I do believe that Nia, Johnny, and Avery should all go home. I understood Nia hitting Johnny once- on response to the liquid being thrown at her- I don’t agree with her continuously assaulting him. In all honesty, Johnny could have really hurt her, so it was a stupid move on her part.

  5. I really don’t like nia she is a terrible person Johnny I give you all the props in the world for takin that like a man omg someone threw toilet paper on me so I’m goin to beat the shot out of them grow up bitch really and Avery way to stand by ur Man U r a down ass chick the chick nia thinks she is when in reality she is just a trashy bitch I really don’t like her

  6. itsnotthatseriousdude says:

    Good recap. If nia came at me I’d just pepper spray her and walk away. NEXT.

  7. JoshandKimplus2 says:

    You forgot to add the part about Johnny throwing a can of unidentifiable liquid on Nia- prior to her striking him. The toilet paper also had what Johnny referred to as “boogers” on it- which is pretty gross and disrespectful. So if you are going to do a recap. please be complete in your story-telling.

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