Ready For Love Season 1 Updates: Where Are They Now? (PHOTO)

Yesterday was the season finale of Ready For Love, since my recap posted on Twitter I have been getting a lot of questions from people about the guys and girls. Well, I did some digging and I was able to get some information on the three handsome men of the show, Ernesto Arguello, Ben Patton and Tim Lopez, and whether or not their relationships lasted with Shandi Finnessey, Angela Zatopek, and Jenna Reeves! If you missed the season finale of Ready For Love, you can find it right here!

Ready For Love - Season 1

Since the show we have gotten some information on the guys, not much on the girls, but I can at least tell you the basics! I took to Twitter to do some investigating, (or stalking depending on how you look at it, haha) and the guys have all posted some kind of information about the relationships that Matthew Hussey, Tracy McMillian and Amber Kelleher all had a hand it. So here we go!

Ernesto Arguello: Well Ernesto was the first guy to cut to the chase the night before the season finale, he decided that instead of only letting one of the girls go home that night, he sent two packing. This left Shandi to be the last girl standing, former Miss USA, swimsuit model and DWTS season 4 contestant. Well Ernesto took to Twitter last night after it was safe to say most had watched the finale to send this message to his fans, “Thx for d support on RFL, Hard to believe it was a year ago even though it didn’t work out last year after d show, it was a great experience”. Shandi also wanted to tell everyone something, “Thx 4 ur support. I did find love on Ready For Love. My feelings were real but things didn’t work out. Plz respect our privacy on this matter”

Ben Patton: Ben was the second one to make his decision, with the help of a helicopter and an engagement ring, Ben proposed to Angela Zatopek at the winery in Malibu where they shared their first kiss and where the couple first felt the sparks fly. Angela was the only girl that was able to offer Ben the greatest gift of all, purity, she was a fun loving girl and probably the biggest surprise of them all. After the finale Ben took to Twitter and posted, “Unfortunately things didn’t work out and I wish her nothing but the very best.” Angela also decided to clear the air by posting, “The magic of love is real. The time & distance took its toll on our relationship, but I still believe in true love & wish him the best. #RFL”

Tim Lopez: Last but not least, Tim, he shocked us all when he sent Sara home and chose Jenna. Well, I am happy to say that one of these relationships has lasted this far! Tim wanted all of his fans to know and as soon as he was able to, he posted this cute message to us, “After 10 months of hiding, super excited to watch the finale with my baby : )” this came with a link to an Instagram picture that I will be adding in a second. Jenna also had a cute message to send out which was, “Thank you for all your kind words! 9 months later & I am over the moon happy : ) #ReadyForLove”
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As for a season 2, according to Tracy McMillian, one of the matchmakers, it isn’t likely unless every one of the fans of season 1 write in to NBC, and even then it probably won’t be happening but I will keep you posted! So ladies and gentlemen, that is everything! I wish all the ladies, Ben, Ernesto and Tim all the best!

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  1. I loved RFL and was excited each week when it showed. It’s so much more sincere then the bachelor or bachelorette, but I would have liked to see more interaction between the contestants and the guys. I really hope the show will go on!!

  2. buckeyegal says:

    Loved the show and the format. Just wish they would have shown a bit more interaction on the dates, expecially with the final one. The Bachelor/Bachelorette are too superficial, too many air headed “contestants”, and contrived drama. NBC isn’t known for it’s management brains. After all, look at the morons on MSNBC. Total train wreck. I won’t let my dog watch that channel. Says a lot about the management. The show should have been promoted more during periods when the the target audience is watching. Also, it should have been slotted in the Fall or outside the times that The Bachelor/Bachelorette are running. The difference between the ABC shows and this show should have been emphasized more.

  3. Janelle says:

    Bring Ready For Love Back I LOVED THAT SHOW

  4. I loved this show! It probably didn’t get enough advertising. Please run another season!

  5. Can u please bring back ready for love 2!! I was shocked Jenna worked out with team..i least expected that couple to work!! And Ben i knew because he enjoyed kissing almost everyone….aaah Ernestio just wanted Shandi’s success may be and thought they would some how work

  6. Annette says:

    This show drew me in and kept me right up to the end. I grew fond of the guys and some of the girls and thought I knew for sure how this would end, my surprise.
    I don’t understand why they continue to do The Bachelor and Bachelorette (both are so boring) and won’t continue with another season of RFL. I liked it and would watch again.

  7. chandler says:

    RFL was a good show they just need to re work the footage.

    ernestio and shandi knew they werent gonna work he shoulda picked alba

    ben shoulda picked the other twin cause angela was akward with him

    and even though i thought theyd to break up im glad they didnt cause there a true austinite couple so it works!

    love ATX girls

  8. Why would NBC cancel this show? What they truly do not understand that people pay so much money to have the advice that the match makers were giving. We the viewers who are romantic hopefuls, this gave us that hope.


  9. Where is the Malibu winery where Ben proposed? Does anyone know? I would love to go there too!

  10. What is the name of the winery in Malibu where Ben proposed? Would love to go there! Does anyone know?
    Thanks ,

  11. I’m not surprised about Ben and Angela. Ben kissing her on the finale is the most awkward thing I have ever seen. Seriously no ones gaydar went crazy when watching him? Come on

  12. Karen Ray says:

    I’ve been watching a lot of dating shows, RFL is actually one of the best shows. I watched them on TV ( on demand HD), since watching on laptop decreased the excitement significantly.
    I’m not sure why the rating for the first two episodes were lame. Lack of Advertising might be … I wouldn’t know about the show if I didn’t accidentally turn on radio at the right time.
    Was surprised that Ben and Angela broke up
    :( I feel like they gave up too fast :(
    Wasn’t surprised about Shandi & Ernesto. I really enjoyed watching the moment when Ernesto claimed his love, that’s super romantic!! I watched it over and over again — but I kinda thought that Ernesto didn’t fit Shandi’s image. Shandi will probably marry a politician or another Donald Trump heh..he…
    So happy for Jenna & Tim. Although Jenna was not as articulate as the rest of the girls, she’s stunning and perfect for Tim. congratulations! Would love to see dating shows on TV with similar concept.

  13. I really hope another network ( or NBC – execs change their heart & mind )..and actually do have a Season 2…why….the coaches/ mentors did address individual issues specifically that each women had, and not only helped the ladies to see themselves and make adjustments to small flaws but also gave us the viewers information that could be beneficial in our lives bit in the lives of our female family members and friends. No other show was like it. It deserves to be on TV.
    also note……Topic for future discussions by mentors and criteria to compete should be serious willingness to commute, relocate, and patience with long distance relationships. So sad..Ben & Angela did not work for that reason.

  14. I can’t believe all that and two relationships didnt even work. I liked the show and was surprised at first when it turned into online only but I am not surprised at all that it isn’t returning. It’s not exciting enough and they spend too much time chatting on stage rather than showing date footage. Had they shown more footage maybe we would have understood more why Tim chose Jenna over Sara. Glad they worked out though, but I am so shocked the others didn’t! Lame lol

  15. Gail Bowman says:

    Ready for Love was the best best reality show I haveever seen. So glad I could watch it on Hulu. I miss all the guys. Really hoping there is a season 2.

  16. Tinker Bell says:

    Somebody at ABC should be fired. You didn’t figure out how to market this show. RFL was a great show. I am a bachelor nation fan and have watched all the seasons. Ready for Love is so much better. This show is a great idea and if you don’t tweak it and figure out how to market it, some other network will take this idea and run with it.

  17. Who the heck at NBC made the decision to cancel RFL! R U insane! Bring back Ready for Love!

  18. Who the heck at NBC made the decision to cancel RFL!!! R U insane! Bring back Ready for Love!!!!

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