AGT 2013 Season 8 Premiere Live Recap: Say Hi To Heidi Klum and Mel B

The AGT 2013 Season 8 premiere starts tonight on NBC and it is time for us all to say hi to Heidi Klum and Mel B, who both are joining the judges’ table for America’s Got Talent 2013. What a change from seeing Sharon Osbourne up there, huh? Sharon may be gone, but Howard Stern, Howie Mandel and Nick Cannon all return for America’s Got Talent Season 8. Let’s check out the Season 8 auditions together during our AGT 2013 Season 8 Live Recap tonight!

America's Got Talent - Season 8

I am very intrigued to see how Mel B and Heidi do as judges on America’s Got Talent 2013. Heidi has been a judge and host on Project Runway, so she has the experience, but this isn’t a fashion show. Mel B has been a judge on X Factor in the UK and Australia, so she has the hang of this thing.

The traveling dog act called Olate Dogs won the $1 million prize last season, but who will take home the crown this season and win AGT 2013? That is a while away, so let’s just focus on the auditions tonight and see who moves on to the next round on AGT Season 8. Our Live Recap for the America’s Got Talent 2013 premiere follows!


This post contains AGT Season 8 spoilers from the AGT 2013 auditions. Please stop reading here if you do not want to know who made it through on AGT 2013 Season 8 tonight!


We start in San Antonio tonight and in order to move on this season the contestants will need three yes votes from the judges.

The first person up is David Weathers, who started working with venomous snakes when he was ten years old! He has been bit three times and almost died each time. Then why continue to do it?!? Howard Stern said if Heidi gets bit by the snake then he will suck the venom out of her himself! David will blow up a balloon and brings out the rattlesnake to pop it. It is some intense stuff and it works, but is that talent? The judges think so and can’t wait to see what he does next, so they all say yes!

David Weathers ~ AGT 2013 San Antonio Auditions by HumanSlinky

Marty Brown: He made it all the way from Kentucky and this is his wife’s favorite song and he sings it for her in the kitchen all the time. He walks out and I think this is a joke audition on AGT 2013, but nope. He has a great country voice and the crowd loves him. Heidi calls out his wife on the stage and she tricked him into coming today! It worked, as the judges give him four yes votes and he is headed to Las Vegas!

Marty Brown, 47 ~ AGT 2013 San Antonio Auditions by HumanSlinky

I guess we head to New York City now.

Miu: she is going to dance tonight with her big flowers on her shoulders and spiked bra. She is a hot mess and wants to help people with the money. The talent is not there, as she dances to a Lady Gaga song, which she must have been trying to channel with the outfit! It is a hot mess, but Howie doesn’t hit his button and keeps the tragedy going! Despite Howie wanting to hear more stories, the other judges say no and she is going home.

Miu, 31 ~ AGT 2013 New York Auditions by HumanSlinky

Now a guy who rips off his shirt and contracts all his muscles and makes noises: it’s a no from the judges! An alien yodels: NO! Avant garde noise music with some funky costumes: NO!

Catapult Entertainment: the use magic and body illusions while they dance and the founder has sacrificed a lot to make this dance company happen. They go behind the big screen and make illusions. They are very entertaining, but haven’t we seen this before? Yup, with The Silhouettes on America’s Got Talent Season 6! The judges loved it though and they move on to Vegas. I don’t know why, but that just ticks me off. Been there, done that before!

Catapult ~ AGT 2013 New York Auditions by HumanSlinky

The next group takes the stage and they came up with their routine the night before, but they flew in from Hawaii and tell the judges they won’t be disappointed. Their name is Hype and they don’t disappoint. They are dressed funky and put on a great routine. They are entertaining and fun to watch and this was all in one night! Mel B said it was sexy and had so many moves in there. Obviously, they get four yes votes and are headed to Vegas!

Hype, 20-25 ~ AGT 2013 New York Auditions by HumanSlinky

An arial strap act with a sexy body: YES! A comedian who does not tell jokes, but he danced a funny routine behind a screen: YES! Kid dancing and doing tricks with his hat: YES!

Successful ~ AGT 2013 New York Auditions by HumanSlinky

Chuck from the Bronx is next and it apparently is very dangerous: three food challenges, which are eating three raw eggs, doing a tequila shot and squeezing lime in eyes and then sitting in a bathtub of ice and eating the hottest pepper in the world available! This is beyond stupid and how is this talent? Howie believe in this act, but the others don’t believe it. Howie then goes and takes a bite of the pepper and then proceeds to make a dramatic scene! Come on now, but it is a no for Chuck.

Chuck From The Bronx, 38 ~ AGT 2013 New York Auditions by HumanSlinky

Alex B. is only 13 years old and a decent singer, but the judges send him home. He is young and can come back! Anna Christine is ten years old and has some nerves coming out, but it doesn’t show when she sings. She plays the piano and sings and nails it. How is she only ten years old??? Mel B said she has depth in her voice and you can’t teach that. It is four yes votes and she is headed to Vegas!

Anna Christine, 10 ~ AGT 2013 New York Auditions by HumanSlinky

The next group doesn’t even hit the stage and Howard Stern wants to hit his button because he hates orchestra music. 3Penny Chorus and Orchestra comes out and they perform “Call Me Maybe” by Carly Rae Jepsen. They totally change the song up and it is fun and entertaining. Howard gives them a standing ovation at the end, so of course they will be going to Vegas!

3Penny Chorus and Orchestra, 20-86 ~ AGT New York Auditions by HumanSlinky

The judges head to Los Angeles on AGT 2013 Season 8, so they should find some talent there! They start with an all-boy chorus and they gave Howard Stern chills and they are headed to Vegas.

Pacific Boys Choir, 9-14 ~ AGT 2013 Los Angeles Auditions by HumanSlinky

Special Head is a little crazy and needs to get into a meditative state, so he hopes the buzzers don’t ruin his state. He comes out with a big rug and a big walking stick, but he seems crazy! Howard hits the button and was annoyed by him, but then the guy starts levitating in the air! How the hell did he do that???? He is headed to Vegas!

Special Head, 28 ~ AGT 2013 Los Angeles Auditions by HumanSlinky

Angela Hoover is a stand-up comedian and impressionist and was getting a career, but then he husband got a new job and Vegas and she left her career in the dust. Why could she not do comedy in Vegas? She did an amazing job and was super funny and the judges and crowd loved her, so back to Vegas for Angela!

Angela Hoover, 42 ~ AGT 2013 Los Angeles Auditions by HumanSlinky

Now a chance for Howard Stern to give Mel B some trouble and compares some acts to the Spice Girls! It was funny.

The last audition of the night on America’s Got Talent 2013 is Tone the Chiefrocca and he wants to be a one-hit wonder! He wrote this song ten years ago, but has let it sit and get better over time. He comes out with lots of energy and I am liking him. The name of his song is “Booty”. The song sucks and is stupid, but the judges dance and the crowd is into it. Howard thinks he is a one-hit wonder, but loved him.

Tone The Chiefrocca, 27 ~ AGT 2013 Los Angeles Auditions by HumanSlinky

That’s it for tonight, so who was your favorite audition of the night tonight on AGT 2013 Season 8?

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