The Voice 2013 Season 4 Elimination Results: Top 6 Live Recap

Tonight on The Voice season 4 things will work a little differently, instead of it ending with two eliminations like they last few weeks have been, only one artist will be going home tonight. Last night we saw two performances from each of our The Voice 2013 top 6 artists, one song picked by them and the other by their coach. If you missed the performances, check out my The Voice season 4 live recap right here! Make sure you stick around to find out who will be voted off with my The Voice season 4 Live Recap!
The Voice - Season 4
Tonight we will say good-bye to one more artist one The Voice season 4, who will it be? Will one of the coaches lose their last artist and get knocked out of the competition? After all, Usher, Shakira and Adam Levine only have one artist left on their teams, Blake Shelton has managed to hold on to his three artists! Do you think this may be another Team Blake winning season? Watch with me as we find out who will be moving on to next week’s episode of The Voice 2013!


This post contains The Voice USA Season 4 spoilers from the Top 10 Elimination Results Show. Please stop reading here if you do not want to know who got voted off The Voice Season 4 tonight!


We start tonight off with a reminder of the performances from last night and a reminder that only one artist will be going home tonight! Now we have Cassadee Pope, the season 3 winner of The Voice from Team Blake. She is debuting She is here to debut her single “Wasting All These Tears” and I have to say, I love this song! I will be downloading this song! She also tells us that her first album will be dropping in October!

We are now chatting with the coaches, Adam is hoping that Amber Carrington will be moving on, but as he said, you just never know! Shakira says that if Sasha makes it, this will be the best birthday present! Happy Birthday Sasha! Usher is pretty convinced that Michelle is going to make it to next week, so am I! Blake is nervous as can be, so far he is the only coach that hasn’t had anyone eliminated in the live shows.

We are now getting a duet from Michelle Chamuel and Sasha Allen and they are singing “Open Your Heart” by Madonna. I have always loved this song, I think that I love their duet version too. They have great stage presence and they sound amazing together, I’m telling you they should just take the remaining girls and make a girl band out of them! We are about to find out the first one to be saved!

SAVED: Michelle Chamuel

We are now talking about the concert that Blake did last week for the victims of the Oklahoma tornado that ripped threw on May 20th. They were able to raise over $6 million for the victims and Team Blake went out to Oklahoma before the benefit concert. They are showing video taken from that trip and it’s really emotional for them all, including their coach. They all sang the National Anthem and performed a few other songs for everyone that went to the sold out show! The next artist saved tonight is coming now!

SAVED: Sasha Allen

Holly Tucker and the Swon Brothers are now performing one of my favorite country songs ever, “Leave The Pieces” by The Wreckers. The really do a great job with this performance, there just amazing together, there is nothing else I can say about this performance. The next person safe is coming up now!

SAVED: Danielle Bradbery

Amber Carrington and Danielle Bradbery are now performing “Eternal Flame” by The Bangles, both of these ladies do an amazing job with this performance. We are about to find out the next person to be saved right now!

SAVED: Amber Carrington

It is now between Holly Tucker and the Swon Brothers! Oh my God, I can’t watch, tell me when it’s over!

SAVED: Swon Brothers

ELIMINATED: Holly Tucker

Make sure to come back and check out the Top 5 on The Voice season 4 perform on Monday at 8/7 c!

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  1. I absolutely love The Voice, and seeing Cassadee come back and kill it like that was just amazing. It’s too bad Holly had to go, but I suppose that’s the nature of the whole thing, right?

    • Tammie Slogeris says:

      Unfortunately, with this season, it is just really hard to say good-bye to some of these artist. They are all really great this season and it is really too bad that Holly didn’t make it further. I have to say though, the people that have recently been voted off will most likely still get deals and I’m sure that this is not the last we have seen of Holly either!

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