MasterChef 2013 Season 4 Live Recap: Episode 2 – Finalists Named!

The auditions on MasterChef 2013 Season 4 are almost behind us, as we wrap things up tonight on Master Chef Season 4 and the finalists for Season 4 are named by Chef Gordon Ramsay, Joe Bastianich and Graham Elliot. We have seen some talented home cooks so far, but what will the auditions offer us tonight? Find out with us during our MasterChef 2013 Season 4 Live Recap and see who made MasterChef Season 4 tonight with us!

MasterChef 2013 Season 4 - Episode 2

We kicked off the MasterChef 2013 auditions last week during the premiere, but we have some more home cooks to get through tonight before heading into the first challenge of the season! Night 2 of Master Chef 2013 and we are already at the first challenge! It looks like it will involve some lambs, as the previews have pointed out!

I am a huge fan of this show and can’t wait for the challenges to start and the finalists to be named on MasterChef 2013 Season 4! After covering all the competition shows, I have determined I am not a huge fan of the audition rounds on many of the shows, except maybe The Voice (who doesn’t love the Blind Auditions)? I just want to see the finalists and see who wins, so bring it on! Keep up with everything in our Live Recap right here!

Another big dramatic introduction, like we didn’t watch the premiere last week. Come on, FOX! The last day of auditions, so who will we see tonight that will move on to the next round?

Up first is Howard, who is a 26-year-old Army veteran who lived a wild childhood and wanted the discipline of the Army. He wants this opportunity to prove he can do something. He learned to cook from his grandma. He makes Peach Cobbler with Bourbon and Blackberries. Chef Ramsay said it is charming. Graham said the graham cracker adds crunch. Joe said it takes courage to come in and make a dessert. Gordon struggled with the amount of bourbon in there, so he is a no. Graham is going out on a limb and see what he can do, so a yes. Joe takes him for a walk out to meet his grandma and thinks he has potential, so he gives the white apron to his grandma!

The auditions are winding down and the home cooks are not impressing on MasterChef 2013 and a lot of nos from the judges.

The last audition on MasterChef Season 4 has arrived, but will Johnny make it? He makes Lobster Crackerjack with Popcorn and Coconut. Chef Ramsay questions the combination of food. Graham seems to enjoy the dish and the salty and sweet combo. Joe said this is one of those dishes where if he is going to fall he is going to fall hard. Chef Ramsay said popcorn and lobster does not read well on a menu. He goes on to say it worked though and it is a yes for him. They all loved it, so he gets that white apron!

The auditions are done and the home cooks who have been awarded white aprons must now fight their way into the MasterChef Kitchen. They head down the hallway to find out what their challenge will be: Chef Ramsay releases the lamb everywhere, so do you think they will be cooking lamb tonight? The home cooks are given all parts of the lamb to cook and full use of the pantry to create their dish. They have 60 minutes to cook the best lamb dish of their life!

The home cooks go running to the pantry and pushing and shoving goes on, including one of the home cooks falling! Joe said the shopping in the pantry is key. Half of the home cooks will go home, so watch out!

Malcolm will be making a sampler plate and Joe questions if he is making more to try to overemphasize that he really can’t cook. They think James is thinking way out-of-the-box and it is not working…maybe the fall hurt his thinking?

They have 15 minutes left and the judges have seen enough, so Joe is going around and taking aprons away!!! They don’t even get to finish their dishes on MasterChef 2013!!!

The aprons coming back: Gabriella, James and his ribs are gone and Brian and his rosemary wrapped on the ribs are gone. I guess only three of them were out of their league!

Time runs out on MasterChef Season 4 and now the judges will take one last look over the dishes and they will divide the remaining home cooks into three groups. One group is so good and impressive that they are moving on to the MasterChef Kitchen! One group is going home though.

The group moving on includes Krissi and James. The other home cooks head home, but we still have eight home cooks that they are unsure of and want to taste their dishes. They will taste each of their dishes and decide who is in and who is out!

Malcolm: he made a Lamb Trio with Sausage, Rib and Loin Salad. He makes the meat medium rare, as he stated. Graham thinks it all goes together. Malcolm is moving on, but they send home Seymira.

Next two dishes come from Johnny and Brian. Johnny made Lamb Rangoon with Tzatziki Coleslaw. Graham said it is simple, but it is tasty. Joe asks the ingredients, but then says nothing. Brian made Southwest Live & Onions with Cactus Salad. Graham said he likes his liver a little less cooked. Chef Ramsay said it looks like he murdered the lamb, but he feels he will be moving on compared to Johnny’s dish. He was wrong, as Johnny moves on and Brian is sent home!

Next two dishes come from Nanci and Bri. Nanci made Lamb Chop with Red Pepper and Artichoke. Joe said it is a well-constructed dish, but the garlic is too strong in the sauce. Graham disagrees, but wanted the puree smoother. Bri made Four Seasons Lamb with Mashed Potatoes. She is a vegetarian, so she has never cooked lamb! Joe said the dish is intelligent and if she had more experience she could have made it better. Chef Ramsay said less is more and do one way stunning. They were impressed with both dishes, but only will move on to the MasterChef Kitchen. Nanci goes home and Bri is moving on. Do you agree?

The final two dishes are from Luca, who made Lamb Loin Roulade stuffed with Sweetbread, Endive and Goat Cheese. Chef Ramsay said he is playing a dangerous game stuffing a loin with sweetbread. Joe asked if this is the time to take a chance. Beth made Lavender Hay Roasted Loin, Fried Sweetbreads and Celeric Puree. Chef Ramsay said she got the temperature right, but she didn’t cut the fat off. Graham wanted her to cook the lamb less, but then sear it at the end. Chef Ramsay said they are both talented cooks, but will they both be moving on? Beth makes it, but will Luca? He didn’t get this far last season and Chef Ramsay gives him a big speech, but he makes it!!! I may have shed a tear there, not gonna lie!

We are moving on from the auditions and now it is time for the finalists to take their spot in the MasterChef Kitchen 2013! There seems to be way too many home cooks there this season. They take their stations and it is time for their first Mystery Box Challenge: they must create a dish using the ingredients in the box, which includes bacon, tomato, chocolate and potato. They must prove that they can work with the basics in order to move on.

The 60 minutes start and the home cooks start rushing around! Johnny is making chocolate mashed potatoes, which Gordo spits out! Jordan hasn’t figured out his dish yet and making it as he goes. Krissi knows that people in the kitchen hate her, but she doesn’t care. The time runs out and it is time for the judges to taste these dishes!

The judges take one final look to find the three standout dishes. The first dish comes from Bime, who made Poached Egg Over Hash with Tomato Basil Salsa. Chef Ramsay said the poach is sublime and it is seasoned beautifully. Graham said he is very excited. Joe questioned if the plate represents who he is or if it is fake, but then says where he is headed is a good place.

The next dish comes from Natasha, who made Lemon Pie Tart with Bacon Chocolate Ganache and Meringue. She is annoying and will probably be the one I am not a fan of this season. Graham said a lot of finesse. Chef Ramsay can’t wait to see what she has in the next round. Joe said you could buy this dish in a three-star restaurant in New York.

The third dish comes from Krissi, who made a Bacon Potato Frittata with Tomato Basil Salad and the claws come out from Natasha and said anyone can make a frittata. Chef Ramsay said it is delicious and done with honesty. Joe said the flavoring tells them she is a confident cook.

The judges discuss the three dishes and Natasha is ready to walk up to the podium because she knows she won, but do the judges agree on MasterChef 2013? The winner of the first Mystery Box Challenge goes to Natasha….ugh! She needs to be slapped!

She heads to the MasterChef pantry with the judges and find out what he huge advantage is. She is in control of the first Elimination Test. Natasha will not be cooking in this challenge, so she gets to pick what ingredient the others will be cooking with and she chooses langoustine. She is safe from elimination tonight and she gets to choose one home cook that will join her and be safe without cooking. She chooses Savannah, who is surprised but happy.

The 60 minutes start and at least one of the home cooks will be leaving us tonight. They have to make a stunning dish and have use of the pantry for ingredients. This ingredient is very easy to overcook, so the pressure is on! We have some bitterness going on between these home cooks and so early in the competition. They are all angry! Sasha is putting some cheese with the langoustine, which the judges question. I am a fan of her and Krissi. Who do you like?

Time tuns out and the judges will now taste what they have done. Krissi is first and she made Langoustine Mac ‘N Cheese. Joe said good balance of flavor and rich. Graham said the langoustine is cooked perfectly. Chef Ramsay said he didn’t think he would like it, but she did not fall flat on her face.

Jordan is next and he made a Langoustine Bisque. Chef Ramsay said it is delicious and the balance of flavor is delicious. Graham said visually it looks beautiful.

Howard made Poached Langoustine and Chef Ramsay questions what he has been doing for the last 60 minutes, as nothing is even on the dish. Joe said it is a dish and Chef Ramsay said he is not a rabbit and he is shocked and not going to eat it. Joe said it is a waste of their time and he throws the dish out and he would throw him out of the kitchen right now.

Luca is next and made a Langoustine Fettuccine and Chef Ramsay said this proves he is a one trick pony. Sasha made Langoustine & Grits and Chef Ramsay said that it looks like someone pooped on the plate and it does not taste well at all. Jessie made Tempura Langoustine and Graham said it is perfectly coated and perfectly seasoned and really good. Chef Ramsay said it is beautiful and one of the best he has tasted. Malcolm made Stuffed Langoustine and Joe said the langoustine is rare. Chef Ramsay said he just overstepped a cardinal rule.

The MasterChef 2013 judges discuss all the dishes to determine the best and worst dishes. The two best dishes comes from Jordan and Jessie (she had the winning dish) and the two of them will be team captains next week. The three worst dishes come from Howard (lazy and underwhelming), Malcolm (raw langoustine) and Sasha (total failure and all over the place). Check Ramsay said they have to cook like their life depends on it. They are worried Sasha is a one-trick pony. They wonder if Malcolm has peaked.  They said Howard under-thought it.

Malcolm is safe, so it is down to Howard and Sasha. They were disappointed with both dishes, but they see a glimmer of hope from one of them. That person is Howard, so Sasha is eliminated on MasterChef Season 4 tonight! Chef Ramsay asked who the next MasterChef is and she picks Krissi, which brings out the eye roll from Natasha! I loved Sasha, so I am upset! I think Howard should have went home! What do you think?

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  1. Krissi, You Big Baby! What goes around comes back around. That was so childish and ugly of you.

  2. Krissi is a Big Baby! What goes around comes back around. That was so childish and ugly of you.

  3. D. Harper says:

    It was so disappointing to see the beginning of the show which actually shows the final five before the show even starts. (Don’t read if you don’t want to know) Natasha, Luca, Jessie, Krissi and James are the last five standing when Paula Dean shows up on a tractor. I love this show but the producers blew it on this one. Now I know which of my favorites are not going to make it to the end.

  4. I agree with you about Howard for sure. They didn’t even eat what he made! Sasha was robbed. I have a feeling Howard isn’t going to last very long this season, if this episode was any indication.

  5. A Wenger says:

    Can’t stand Natasha. How does she get that fat head through the kitchen’s wide doors? What kind of person constantly points out that she is pretty. Ahhh, I beg to disagree. Her attitude and close up shots show how unattractive she is. Unfortunately, they already see how she causes drama and will try to keep her on the show “thinking” the viewers enjoy the cat fights. I for one do not. I would have rather they kicked her out when she told the one contestant to shut up and cook. Or point out that her fake boobs won’t keep her in the competition once she fails.

  6. mckenziepr says:

    Natasha needs to have that smirk wiped off of her face. Yes, her tart was fantastic and as the judges said, has the skill of a master technician. My guess is that as a stay at home mom she has the time to perfect her craft. Whereas Krissi, is a single mom that works full-time and cooks what she knows her child and friends and family loves to eat. I’m also rooting for Howard and Johnny and Bri. Oh who am I kidding? Right now, I am enjoying most of the competitors but Natasha is a nasty snatch, albeit a smart competitor who knows who her competition is, and I’m going to watch in the hopes she fucks up.

    • Krissi is Season 4’s Monti Carlo! I am a fan and rooting for her and Natasha is too good for her own britches, but they’ll keep her around for a while because she causes some drama!

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