Real World Portland Live Recap: Episode 10 – Sins Of The Flesh

Another week of the Real World Portland is upon us and we are sitting here wondering, what happened last week? So much drama and then a calmness came over the house, but will the peace treaty last? If you happened to miss last week’s episode of Real World Portland you can check out my recap right here and get caught up with the astonishing events from last week! Make sure you don’t miss any of tonight’s events with my Real World Portland live recap!
Real World Portland Episode 10 Sins Of The Flesh
This week on Real World Portland I am pretty eager to find out if the new-found peace in the house is going to last, something tells me that it probably won’t, but with next week being the season finale, anything is possible! Judging by the way the roomies have been from the start, with their forever clashing personalities and Ana’s current issues with her boyfriend, I’m willing to bet that something absolutely crazy is going to happen! Make sure you don’t miss any of the drama and follow my Real World Portland Live Recap right here!

We start tonight’s Real World Portland Averey and Johnny talking about what they will do if there is a zombie apocalypse, this is kind of pathetic but Johnny thinks it’s cute. Jess is spending time with Tyler, they are really cute together, aside from him being like three feet taller than her. Jess is talking to Ana about the lack of sex between her and Tyler but the amount of pent-up energy between them, Jess feels that it is in their best interest to wait until after the show is over. Ana apparently got a really angry email from Mark, Mark is really upset that she didn’t come home with him and she is talking to her mom and her mom just feels that Mark isn’t in the right place for a relationship. Everyone is talking about Marlon and his choice to be abstinent, His dad and grandfather are both preachers and that’s how he was raised, it’s admirable if you ask me and probably really difficult being on the Real World. Marlon really puts his head into his music to deal with the temptations, he finds a local studio and brings them a demo tape that he put together, this is actually really good! I’d buy it! Ana and Nia went with them to the studio and hearing his demo almost brought Ana to tears. Averey and Johnnie are talking about what they are going to do after the show, Averey says that she would move to Boston, it’s closer to her grandmother, her grandmother doesn’t want her to go through the same thing she went through in the past for a guy that lived 3000 miles away from her family. After talking to her grandmother she is worried that Johnny might break her heart and she will be stuck all alone in Boston.

Jess went out and had a bunch of pictures of her and Tyler developed and she is now hanging pictures of them all over her bed. Averey finds a camping trip for all the roomies to go to, it’s a zombie survival weekend. Everyone went out to the bar and Marlon is talking to a couple of the regular girls there and he is getting really flirty and close to one of them. He ends up bringing one of them back to the house, to sleep? Yea right! she strips down and gets into bed with Marlon and they instantly cover up with the blanket. We know what you are doing!

Marlon is now kicking himself for letting his guard down and going against his faith, he tells the roomies and they don’t seem to understand why this is such a disappointment for him and for his family. Jess gives Tyler a key chain with a picture of them in it which is cute, but then you go into her room and Ana and Averey thinks that she is a bit of a psycho. Later on after work while Averey is having drinks, Johnny gets all worked up because they missed their street car to the apartment because Averey was talking to a guy at the bar. Johnny is acting really jealous and he is going on and on while they are on the bus going home. She is feeling pretty disrespected all because she had a harmless conversation with another guy who was from the Boston area.

When they get back to the house, Averey just goes into the confessional and all of a sudden Johnny walks in and tells Averey why he got so upset. Averey doesn’t want to talk to him about it because she feels like he should trust her, she never gave him a reason not to. He follows her into her room to talk to her and he is crying to her telling her that he is trying, he is just used to being hurt in the past. Jess is on the phone with Tyler and she is coming off a little strong, she is telling him all these things like how happy she is, how she told her parents about him, how much she wants to hug and kiss him and then he just tells her that he needs to go to bed. Wow! Jordan, Averey and Johnny are still going to this zombie survival weekend, meanwhile Jess gets an email from Tyler. The email basically tells her that he really cares about her and he is on the brink of falling in love with her, but he thinks that they should stop seeing each other! What?

Jess is heartbroken, Ana is talking to Nia about what happened and she does feel bad for Jess but she saw it coming with the crazy number of pictures around the room. Marlon talks to his dad on the phone, but he doesn’t tell him what happened the other night with the girl from the bar, he doesn’t want to disappoint him over the phone. Averey, Johnny and Jordan get to the zombie camping and things are already really weird, they are throwing hatchets at a melon? Yea, I don’t know…After everyone goes, Averey goes and she is the only one to split the melon in half with this hatchet. Marlon and Jess go to church together, Marlon asks for guidance with the situation that he is dealing with and Jess is dealing with her break-up. It was actually kind of heart warming to watch that.

At this zombie survival camp, they are all walking around the woods looking for the keys to the bus, meanwhile, they are being chased by other people pretending to be zombies, this is kind of funny. Averey and Johnny seemed to have worked through their differences, they are all happy again. Jess is still struggling with her break-up and Marlon has confided in her to talk about being a bad Christian, they are both giving each other some pep talks, this is good for them! They both needed someone to be able to talk to without judgement.

Back at the zombie camp, Johnny, Averey and Jordan are all forced to sleep outside and see if they can survive a night out with the zombies. Averey is killed 20 minutes into it hahaha. Jess goes into the studio with Marlon and Nia, she actually records something that is kind of catchy, she seems a lot happier since going to church with Marlon. Averey and Johnny are definitely back on track and Averey is moving to Boston after the show to see where their relationship is going.

Join me next week to see what kind of drama goes on! Nia turns up the heat next week on Real World Portland, catch it here!

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