The Voice 2012 Live Recap: The Final 4 Showdown! (VIDEOS)

On The Voice 2012 finals Monday night, the final 4 contestants will battle it out to be the last singer standing on the season 2 elimination results show Tuesday night. Only four singers remain, one each from Team Cee Lo Green, Team Adam Levine, Team Christina Aguilera and Team Blake Shelton. On Monday night, each will have to perform a solo song and a duet with their team coach. Who will be The Voice 2012 winner? Read on in our The Voice 2012 live finals recap to find out who had one last wow moment and who may have ended their run this season on a low note.


Please be aware that this post contains The Voice 2012 spoilers for Monday night’s live finals show. Please do not read on if you do not want to know what happened!

On Monday night, The Voice 2012 live finals feature the top 4 remaining contestants from all four teams competing for the right to call themselves The Voice 2012 winner for season two. Each of the contestants will be required to perform an individual song and to sing in a duet with their coaches. There will also be tribute performances by each of the contestants to thank their coach mentors.

Here are your The Voice 2012 final 4 contestants:

  • Team Blake: Jermaine Paul.
  • Team Christina: Chris Mann
  • Team Cee Lo: Juliet Simms
  • Team Adam: Tony Lucca

And now on to the performances!

Jermaine Paul (Team Blake) — “I Believe I Can Fly” by R. Kelly

Comments: Jermaine looks hot in a white tux jacket and he is singing his heart out, emoting all over the place. He commands the stage and this is one of his best performances of the season and no better time for it! Beautiful!

Judges: Christina Aguilera says Jermaine sings with so much emotion; he even made her give him a standing ovation and he shined like a superstar. Cee Lo Green says it was the perfect song choice and the stage production was awesome. Adam Levine says Jermaine is an amazing singer and so powerful. Blake Shelton is totally emotional and speechless; he says he absolutely loved the song and feels he has learned from Jermaine throughout the season.

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Juliet Simms (Team Cee Lo) performs “Crazy” by Gnarls Barkley as a tribute song to her team coach. She thanks Cee Lo Green for all his support. She looks great but she is the tiniest bit wobbly on the song in my opinion.

Chris Mann and Christina Aguilera hit the stage for a duet of “Prayer” by Andrea Bocelli. Really beautiful performance and they sound quite lovely together.

And now we move on to the next individual performance…

Tony Lucca (Team Adam) — “Ninety-Nine Problems” by Jay-Z

Comments: Kind of an odd mix of rock and blues with some other genres thrown into the mix. I’m not a huge fan of the song but it’s a good performance. Tony is likely to get props for using the song to get back at Christina for all her snarky comments though.

Judges: Blake says he is confused but it was a cool version of the song and it was fun. Christina thinks it is a good performance but it was derogatory toward women and he maybe should have thought about that with his wife and family in the audience. Cee Lo says he loves it and it was hard to pull off. Adam takes the time to explain the song a bit so the ladies listening won’t be offended, he is very proud of Tony’s performance.

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Chris Mann comes on stage for his tribute song to his coach and performs Christina Aguilera’s song “The Voice Within.” Christina runs on stage to hug him. It is quite a nice performance actually. Chris thanks Christina for taking a chance on him.

Juliet Simms and Cee Loo Green come out to do their duet, “Born to Be Wild” by Steppen Wolf. What a stage productions! Totally wild and awesome fun performance.

Next up we have another duet with Tony Lucca and Adam Levine doing “Yesterday” by the Beatles. It is a very laid back, mellow performance and a nice ballad break after the Juliet and Cee Lo rock production.

And now on to our third individual performance…

Chris Mann — “You Raise Me Up” by Josh Grobon

Comments: Such an obvious choice of song for Chris Mann that I’m actually a bit disappointed by it, although he sounds great on it, of course. It is incredibly beautiful, I just wanted to hear something I didn’t expect from him.

Judges: Cee Lo says Chris is one of the most incomparable singers he knows and wants Chris to sing at his next wedding. Christina is in tears during the performance and says she is so proud of him and his amazing raw talent.

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Now we have Jermaine Paul and Blake Shelton coming on stage for a duet of “Soul Man” by Isaac Hayes. Really fun performance and shows off both of their pipes gorgeously. Loved it!

Tony Lucca appears to sing his tribute song to coach Adam Levine, “Harder to Breathe.”

Tony says this is a life altering experience and like nothing else in the world and thanks all of the judges.

Juliet Simms — “Free Bird” by Lynyrd Skynyrd

Comments: Kind of a risky choice if you think about the fact that nearly everyone cringes whenever they hear someone is going to do this extremely overdone song. However, as much as I almost wanted to hate the song choice, Juliet could sing commercial jingles and sound amazing. It’s a hit.

Judges: Cee Lo is literally getting tears in his eyes and he says he has no problem with Juliet on his team. Adam thinks Juliet’s voice is just incredible and she is an original. Christina also totally loves it.

Vote: 1-855-VOICE-02

That’s a wrap for our The Voice 2012 live recap of the finale part one!

Artist Toll-Free #

Jermaine Paul (Team Blake 855 VOICE 01 / 855 864 2301
Juliet Simms (Team CeeLo) 855 VOICE 02 / 855 864 2302
Tony Lucca (Team Adam) 855 VOICE 03 / 855 864 2303
Chris Mann (Team Christina) 855 VOICE 04 / 855 864 2304

Join us again here at Tuesday night for our The Voice 2012 recap of the live finals elimination results show as we find out who won The Voice 2012!


  1. Christina Agularia thinks shes all that!!! When in fact she is rude and full of herself
    she looks like an old hooker!!!!

  2. I think that we all must remember that each of these coaches are really dedicated to the people on thier team and maybe instead of being critics of anyone of them especially cristina which i seem to see a lot of negative comments about we should put ourseves into thier shoes and realize the emotion going on and how difficult it has been for each of them throughout this entire show as well as for the contestants. We have all been there , I am sure there is not one of us who has not made a comment or two like we are saying Christina did in a moment of time when we felt pressure so in my opinion and its just aht Christina showed real emotion during the finals and thorughout the entire show for her people . So did everyone else Adam, Celo, and Blake. Adam did his part with the t shirt bit Hey we live in a world live in a world full of criticism, hatred, look at what most televsion is about today and i am not refering to the voice when i say this this was a competition of talent but look around you tv is all about hatred , violence , whos better than who , who has more , who is cheating , who is more beautiful ,and instead of turing this show into that for myself I would like to step out of the normal human mode and into the one we should all try to be in and just see the good in all that we ar able to and the good in this is that someone with a wonderful voice which they all had will get a chance to go further and just as they thanked thier coaches we should all do he same . May me we all saw the simple beauty in each of ourselves we would not feel then need to turn against oneanother , maybe if we could simply see the good in the world we could find a way to come together and stop more of the bad . I am a realist and we will never get rid of all the bad but we can come together and strive to grow into a world where we truly are one .
    So i wish the best to all of the contestants and i will not vote against chris man just becuase Christina got emotional towards adams contestant or against tony because adam stood up and showed his shirt that would not be fair to the real reason behind this show.
    I think that the performances not only showed the talent of the constestants but of thier coaches who helped them to get there.
    best of luck to all. And by the way I loved your cat Celo! from one animal lover to another.

  3. Christina got furious when Tony sang one of Brittney’s songs and not hers lol she’s jealous. Don’t care for her she’s so insecure.

  4. She really DOES seem to have something against Tony for some reason…

  5. Why is Christina being such a hater in Tony

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