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  • Christina Agularia thinks shes all that!!! When in fact she is rude and full of herself
    she looks like an old hooker!!!!

  • Kim

    I think that we all must remember that each of these coaches are really dedicated to the people on thier team and maybe instead of being critics of anyone of them especially cristina which i seem to see a lot of negative comments about we should put ourseves into thier shoes and realize the emotion going on and how difficult it has been for each of them throughout this entire show as well as for the contestants. We have all been there , I am sure there is not one of us who has not made a comment or two like we are saying Christina did in a moment of time when we felt pressure so in my opinion and its just aht Christina showed real emotion during the finals and thorughout the entire show for her people . So did everyone else Adam, Celo, and Blake. Adam did his part with the t shirt bit Hey we live in a world live in a world full of criticism, hatred, look at what most televsion is about today and i am not refering to the voice when i say this this was a competition of talent but look around you tv is all about hatred , violence , whos better than who , who has more , who is cheating , who is more beautiful ,and instead of turing this show into that for myself I would like to step out of the normal human mode and into the one we should all try to be in and just see the good in all that we ar able to and the good in this is that someone with a wonderful voice which they all had will get a chance to go further and just as they thanked thier coaches we should all do he same . May me we all saw the simple beauty in each of ourselves we would not feel then need to turn against oneanother , maybe if we could simply see the good in the world we could find a way to come together and stop more of the bad . I am a realist and we will never get rid of all the bad but we can come together and strive to grow into a world where we truly are one .
    So i wish the best to all of the contestants and i will not vote against chris man just becuase Christina got emotional towards adams contestant or against tony because adam stood up and showed his shirt that would not be fair to the real reason behind this show.
    I think that the performances not only showed the talent of the constestants but of thier coaches who helped them to get there.
    best of luck to all. And by the way I loved your cat Celo! from one animal lover to another.

  • Ann

    Christina got furious when Tony sang one of Brittney’s songs and not hers lol she’s jealous. Don’t care for her she’s so insecure.

  • She really DOES seem to have something against Tony for some reason…

  • Kj

    Why is Christina being such a hater in Tony

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